What Are The Best 21st Birthday Gift Ideas?

21st-birthday-gift-ideas-150x150-1-2 Turning 21 is an exciting and fun milestone birthday for anyone about to turn twenty-one years old. The 21st birthday represents the beginning of a whole new life as a full grown adult, a life of freedom and responsibility never experienced before. Milestone birthday gifts for someone turning twenty-one should be special, given the significance of the day, personalized to the wishes, needs or wants of the person celebrating their 21st.

Since 21 is the legal drinking age, a lot of emphasis is put on turning 21 with a birthday party celebrated with alcohol. ALOT of alcohol, followed by a memorable yet head-pounding hangover. Celebrating a 21st birthday without alcohol at all, or very little alcohol for a special birthday toast with champagne or wine, can still include all the fun trappings and gifts for a unique and special birthday party.

Celebrating a 21st birthday in Chicago and surrounding suburbs is great place to celebrate a 21st birthday. Chicago has so many fun things to do for kids and adults alike, including the many nightclubs in downtown Chicago and outer areas for dancing to music of all genres into the wee hours of the morning. Dance clubs in or around Chicago are a typical hot spot for 21st birthdays, but if dancing and nightclubs aren’t of interest to the birthday girl or guy, there are many fine dining upscale restaurants and party venues to throw a 21st birthday party that will be remembered for years to come.

Coming up with ideas for twenty-first birthday gifts for her or him can be challenging, especially if you don’t know or aren’t sure what the guest of honor’s wish list includes for their 21st birthday. Twenty-first birthday gifts don’t have to be expensive or extravagant, because thoughtful gift giving simply requires putting some thought and time (not a lot of money) into choosing a meaningful and memorable gift for him or her. It should go without saying that many people feel that giving money as a 21st birthday gift tops the birthday wish list, with gift cards or certificates to their favorite store, sporting event, concert, restaurant, etc coming in at a close second choice.

21st Birthday Gift Ideas

Traditional 21st birthday gifts and parties focus much attention on the new freedoms as a legal adult, including gifts like gold or silver, a special key that is engraved and embellished with fine jewels, or even the tankard which symbolizes the person’s legal right to consume alcohol and visit a bar if they choose to. Another popular traditional gift is for parents to present their son or daughter with gold sovereigns or silver crowns on the twenty-first birthday, where the coins are often mounted on fine jewelry and pendant mounts. There are also gift shops that will engrave the birthday girl or guy’s name on the coins, adding that extra special personal touch to the gift.

Travel agencies are now specializing in what might be called alternative twenty-first birthday gifts, offering travel and fun adventure trips at exciting destinations for white-water rafting, bungee jumping, flying lessons, camping, exotic cruises, glorious spa treatment centers etc, for those able to afford a more expensive and unique-type 21st birthday gift. Although any thoughtful birthday gift can be special and appreciated, the best 21st birthday gifts are those that will be remembered and treasured for many years to come, if not a lifetime.

Good-quality gold, silver, diamonds or pearl jewelry is always a great idea as a 21st birthday gift for her. For gift shoppers on a budget, choose a smaller item that is still of good quality, or go in on a gift with someone else to help with costs. Small antique pieces are an excellent and appropriate 21st birthday present, perhaps a good quality piece of antique jewelry, a small carved and engraved box, or even some antique silverware or family heirloom item to be treasured.

If you are turning 21, or you are throwing a birthday party for a soon-to-be twenty-one year old, check out information online for 21st birthday party themes for ideas on choosing a theme for a very special and unique birthday celebration. Get creative with your ideas for a great birthday party, which of course includes picking the perfect 21st birthday cake, food, party decorations and the guest of honor’s birthday gift.

Twenty-First Birthday Presents

Personalized gifts have always been one of my favorite gifts to give someone, for birthdays, Christmas and any other special occasion. One of my daughter’s recently turned 21 years old, and after a few minutes of careful thought and reflection of things I know she would like and want for her birthday, I knew her gifts would be appreciated and valued. She not only had a spectacular 21st birthday party in Chicago in a reserved room at Bucca de Beppo, but her birthday gifts took an entire day to present to her. If you haven’t ever planned a birthday celebration with personalized pampering for a young lady lasting an entire day, I highly recommend it.

You name it: breakfast at a nice restaurant catering to ladies, followed by the nail salon, beauty salon for hair and facial treatment, day spa for a full body massage including head and shoulders, then a quick change of clothes and we’re off to the 21st birthday party planned just for her. If that wasn’t enough, especially when partying in Chicago, then you leave at the end of the birthday party late in the evening and head off to a nightclub for hours and hours of dancing, or to a swanky downtown Chicago hot spot to finish off the day and night of birthday fun and entertainment.

Birthday flowers, spas, hair and nail salons etc are not just for “girly girls”, so don’t discount massages, manicures and pedicures or similar ideas for girls turning 21, even if she is more of a “tomboy” type. Turning 21 is a big deal and it should be treated as such. Gift shops are a great place to find cheap 21st birthday gifts for him or her, or if you’re the crafty type and are good at making homemade gifts, your personalized gift made by hand with perhaps monogrammed detail would be a great gift idea for someone’s 21st birthday.

Gift baskets, food baskets, cash money, shopping sprees, electronic gifts like iPods, computers, laptops and cameras for him or her are all great ideas for someone turning 21. What gift you choose depends on the individual likes and dislikes of the person you are buying a gift for. If you’re not at all sure what to get someone celebrating a 21st birthday, ask the birthday honoree what they would like or enjoy as a gift. Don’t forget the funny 21st birthday card!

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