3 Delightful Ideas to Embellish Your Baby Shower

If you want to reduce the costs of your baby shower and still have a memorable celebration, you can make your own party decorations. Here in this article, I’ll give you 3 delightful ideas to do just that, but don’t forget to check out this other article with tips for an affordable baby shower.

We all know that lollipops are great decorative items. We can simply place them in pails and spread them on foods’ tables. But have you ever thought of making them out of onesies? It’s a really cute and creative idea that you should try out.

Lollipop Onesies


That way, after the shower is over, the expectant mommy will receive the onesies as gifts. To do this, you’ll need striped onesies in the color scheme of your event. For example, if you’re having a Noah’s ark baby shower, you can use light blue, white and yellow striped onesies. The best thing is to choose the colors that will look ‘just right’ with the rest of your shower.

You’ll also need craft sticks, color coordinating ribbons, a pail and flower foam. Jelly roll them up and then put some double sided tape on the inner layer before rolling it into a swirly lollipop. That way it won’t come apart. You can also stitch the layers together with a needle and thread. Tape the craft stick to the back of the lollipop and tie a satin bow on the stick for a finished look. Make at least 6 lollipops and then arrange them all into a matching pail with flower foam in it.

Make a Crafty Baby Shower Banner

Another cool idea is to create a beautiful hand made baby shower banner. You can hang this anywhere, however the entrance way or behind the gifts’ table are great places for it. Ideas for what you can have written on the banner are: the baby’s name, ‘Welcome Baby’, ‘It’s a Boy’, ‘It’s a Girl’, or ‘Baby Blessing’.

If the expectant mommy has something special that she wants to say on the banner, then you can create the banner with that saying too. If the parents already know what they will name the baby then you can simply cut out letters and arrange them on a mural. This is what I did when I planned my nephew’s finding nemo birthday. Keep in mind that each letter will be handmade so don’t make the saying too long.

For a clean look, find a white linen rectangular tablecloth that can be placed behind the banner. To make the letters stand out, use colored construction paper behind each one. Print the letter out in white paper. For a more refined look, each letter can have a Victorian style frame surrounding it. Use stick glue to paste the white letter onto the colored paper.

I’ve even seen people use flowers as the background paper instead of a solid color. Thread the letters onto the string you have chosen for the banner. For a more natural look use a thin ‘raw materials’ rope. A satin ribbon will look good too. Choosing the items that will look the best on your banner really depends on how the rest of your shower is set up. Place wildflowers or matching roses on the extremities of the banner.

Baby Clothesline

I’ve seen a lot of parties where the hostess attempted to embellish the shower with this idea but didn’t quite ‘pull it off’. To make the clothesline look nice, you need to keep a few things in mind. If you put too many different colored outfits on the line, it will look tacky.

The same principle applies when you’re using balloons. When I decorated my son’s disney cars birthday party, I only used 3 colors of balloons so that it wouldn’t look too “busy”.

Also remember that if you place the clothesline in front of certain areas such as stairways, it’ll look cluttered. Using common clothespins instead of pretty decorated ones, will make it all look ‘cheap’. Scrunching a huge amount of clothes onto the line instead of spacing them out will create an imbalanced look.

So you see, it takes a lot of evaluation and refinement to create a pretty clothesline. Use the maximum of 3 (preferably 2) color tones for items on the clothesline. Place it in front of a clear background such as a wall. Use some kind of color coordinating decorative on both ends. By doing these things, you’ll have a delightful wall decoration for your baby shower.

I hope these ideas will help you create a fantastic baby shower! You might also want to check out this article about planning a second baby shower if this is your situation.

This is a guest post by Eren Mckay, who is a work at home mom to 3 boys. She loves to share baby shower ideas and help others with party planning. She is also the founder of Embracing Home which is a website created to inspire, encourage, motivate and provide resources for families.

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