300 Crafts for Kids in 2011 Is About So Much More Than Just Crafts

Tired of winter? Tired of being inside the house with nothing new to do? Are your kids bouncing off the walls? Gummy Lump to the rescue with a NEW KIDS CRAFT practically every day! That’s right! This year you and your child can

easy-kids-crafts-2 Tired of winter? Tired of being inside the house with nothing new to do? Are your kids bouncing off the walls? Gummy Lump to the rescue with a NEW KIDS CRAFT practically every day! That’s right! This year you and your child can join GummyLump.com in making 300 easy kids crafts that will entertain your kids while helping them develop a wide variety of key skills!

As the Mom of two 3.5 year olds I am always looking for creative things to do with my children. More than that, I’m also looking for educational activities that will develop fine motor skills, increase self confidence, develop problem solving skills, express creativity, break the boredom, and allow us to more closely bond during one on one time. My answer came as a result of my New Year’s Resolution to my kids: to spend more quality time with them every day. How?

I created 300 Crafts for Kids in 2011! I can’t tell you how much this crafting project has changed me and my children. My preschoolers have become so much more inquisitive and are better problem solvers already – only 24 crafts in! There is a noticeable difference in their interest in arts & crafts, sensory play, fine motor skills, and self confidence.

Best of all, they cherish the one on one time (or in my case, 1 on 2 time) that they get, distraction free, while we’re creating our crafts. They are like little crafting engineers. They especially love to watch me “experiment” with new crafts. They love to ask what I’m doing, why I’m doing it, how is it going to stay together, and so on. I never realized all the skills that develop during arts & crafts projects.

Personally, I was never a crafter. I think the last craft I did prior to this project was a pom pom bear I made in Brownies in the 1970’s! Crafting has changed me too. I’m a more patient, less controlling Mom and my kids greatly enjoy the freedom of expression it gives them. Truly, no one is more shocked than me at the visible changes and growth that has taken place in me and my children since this project began. It’s one of the best things I’ve ever done! We hope that you’ll join us and experience it for yourself.


If you’re a Type A Mom like me, believe me when I say it’ll be good for you! It’s a small period of time each day when even you can be silly and messy! It all cleans up easily and also gives your children the opportunity to be free from so many rules for a little while!

What’s stopping YOU from joining us?

Some MYTHS About Doing Crafts with Kids:

  • You need to have experience doing crafts to be able to follow along. Nope! I don’t. Before this project I hadn’t done a crafty thing since Brownies. Look at me now!
  • You need to have hundreds of supplies on hand. Nope! I use basic kids art supplies and almost every craft will allow for very liberal substitutions.
  • I don’t have the kind of time needed for this. Wrong again! These are preschool crafts so they don’t take a long time. Kids this age can’t handle it. Our craft projects take 15-45 minutes depending on how closely you follow the instructions. I encourage you to do it your own way. Shave off some time if you think you or your child can’t handle the amount of time I’ve said it will take.
  • It has to look like the photo and I’m afraid my child won’t be able to do it. NO! NO! NO! It should NEVER look just like mine. These projects are not at all about perfection in any way! If anything, they’re about the opposite. They’re about being creative individually, doing it your own way, changing it to make it suit your supplies and your child, and about connecting with your child. THE LAST thing to concern yourself with is if you think it looks “good”. Believe me, it looks good to your child because THEY made it out of a few assorted supplies and now it’s “something”. That is amazing. Enjoy that! They are surely relishing it!
  • My child has special needs so he can’t do these kinds of projects. Possibly, but not in most cases. Your child may have different abilities, but that is also true for every single child on the planet. None of us is the same, including our abilities. One of the most fantastic things about art is that each creation is as unique as the person who creates it!

I provide modifications for children with special needs, but you know your child best and can make appropriate adjustments where needed. This can be a wonderfully liberating experience for your child because it’s an environment he they can make all kinds of decisions that are ALL right! There are no wrong choices here! That  can be an incredible self esteem builder. You may even be shocked at how much your child enjoys certain aspects of art, or how good he is at it!

  • Those crafts are cute but my child is older now. Great! I also include modifications for older children! Your older child can join us simple-smile-1-3
  • There are no giveaways! WRONG! You are automatically entered to win a weekly giveaway just for posting your completed project from 300 Crafts for Kids on our facebook page! Our last 3 winners all got $25 in kids art supplies!
  • Crafts are fun but have little if any educational value. NO! Craft projects are extraordinarily educational! Art develops creative thinking, provides means of communication and self expression, increases self understanding, strengthens self concepts and confidence, serves as an emotional release, provides decision-making opportunities, develops appreciation for the individuality of others, aids physical coordination, develops work habits and a sense of responsibility, heightens aesthetic awareness and sensitivity, and generates joy! Crafts also serving as a jumping off point to learn more about the topic!

Ready to start? Join us Right Now!

Our First 24 Kids Craft Projects:

  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #1: Shiny Sequin Design
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #2: Choo Choo Photo Train
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #3: Fuzzy Polar Bear
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #4: Dinosaur Fingerprint Creations
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #5: Coin Art Fruits
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #6: Sensory Dinosaurs Craft
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #7: Hearts Bouquet with Sparkly Vase (Valentine’s Day)
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #8: Making Chocolate with Children
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #9: Hatching Dinosaur Egg in Nest (with baby dinosaur)!
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #10: “Things I Like” Wall Hanging
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #11: Valentine Foil Heart Kids Craft
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #12: I Love My Family Valentine Craft
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #13: Heart Mosaic Valentine Wall Hanging
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #14: Making Brownie Love Pops & Heart Shaped Brownies with Children
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #15: Foil Play Food Cupcakes for Valentine’s Day or any time!
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #16: Three Crafty Bear – Teddy Bear Love
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #17: Fabric Heart Valentine Hanging
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #18: Baking with Preschool Kids for Valentine’s Day
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #19: Valentine Watercolor Flowers in Vase
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #20: Walking Love Bug for Valentine’s Day
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #21: Teddy Bear Hugs Lacing Craft
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #22: Heart Deco Desktop Craft
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #23: Three Valentine’s Day Flower Corsages
  • KIDS CRAFTS PROJECT #24: Pipe Cleaner Vase with Button Flowers

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Each kids craft project also includes modifications associated educational activities including a book recommendation! Come on! Join in on the Fun Kids Crafts and tell your family, friends and neighbors to come along too!

Guest article written and submitted by Linda R. from Gummy Lump Toys at www.gummylump.com. Kids craft images used with permission.