4 Ideas for You to Throw an Affordable Baby Shower

Baby showers are a wonderful opportunity to show support to the mom to be and to bring the family together for a time of bonding and sharing. What if you really want to celebrate but

Baby showers are a wonderful opportunity to show support to the mom to be and to bring the family together for a time of bonding and sharing. What if you really want to celebrate but you’re on a tight budget? There are things that you can do to make a baby shower more affordable and at the same time not look “cheap”. Here are 4 ideas to save while celebrating.

1- Balloons create a fun environment.

pink-shower-balloonsBalloons are a favorite when decorating simply because they are so pretty and very cheap. Find focal points of the party that you want to embellish and fill them with balloons. Some of the best places to put the balloons are at the entrance way of the party, behind the cake, behind the foods tables and near where the mommy to be will be opening the gifts.

Another thing that you can do is have them hanging individually from the ceiling. This creates an awesome effect. To do this, simply fill some of the balloons with helium and place double sided tape on the top of the balloon so it will stick to the ceiling. Tie a beautiful shiny ribbon to each of the balloons for an even more charming effect.

2- Be creative and use plastic bath tubs.

Plastic baby bath tubs are not expensive and make great decorative items. A plastic tub can be a holding place to put the gifts that the guests bring. Decorate the tub with confetti and tie a helium balloon to it. If you’re hosting an outdoors party, you can fill the tub with ice and use it as a place to keep the sodas cold too. If the tub isn’t too big, it can also be used as a punch bowl. Afterwards you can fill it with punch and place floating decoratives such as rubber duckies or plastic lily pads. This rubber duck baby shower post has plenty of ideas that incorporate bath tubs. Plastic tubs can also hold game prizes or even baby shower favors.

3- Use certain gifts as a part of the decoration.

pink-shoes-decorWhen planning your party, you want to be innovative. there are many creative baby shower ideas that you can integrate to your theme. For example: tie a clothesline across a wall that you want to decorate. You can hang baby clothes with wooden clothespins. Ideas for items that can be displayed are bibs, booties, onesies, socks, jumpers, hats and even cloth toys. You can even incorporate these gifts into the favor ideas. For example, wrap a chocolate truffle in pink paper and place inside a pink baby bootie if the baby is a girl.

If you don’t want to display the clothes that will be gifts, you can also cut out letters from cardboard to spell out certain sayings. Another idea is to write out the letter with a permanent marker on disposable diapers. The traditional sayings are: it’s a boy, it’s a girl, welcome baby, or even spell out the baby’s name.

4- Send emails instead of physical invitations.

With the great rise of the digital world almost everyone has an email and access to the internet. This makes it much easier to save money when sending out invitations. You can create a very cute email with images that match the theme of the baby shower that you’re throwing. Make the font of the image colorful and pretty but easy to read. Once you have the email done you can send out a test email to yourself to make sure it looks all right. Once it looks like you want it to, you can send it to everyone at once. Call all the guests to follow up and make sure that they got the email and remind them of the event.

If you really want to have a printed out invitation you can use your own printer and find free invitation templates. For example, if you’re throwing a monkey themed baby shower these monkey baby shower invitations will be a great match for you.

eren-mckay-face This is a guest post by Eren Mckay, who is a work at home mom to 3 boys. She loves to share baby shower ideas and help others with party planning. She is also the founder of Embracing Home which is a website created to inspire, encourage, motivate and provide resources for families.