5 Questions About Telling It Like It Is

It appears as though I’ve been shot by a 357 magnum meme. Here I was, just minding my own business, building stumble upon friends and such, and suddenly the shot rang out and Boom! Right

lin-5 It appears as though I’ve been shot by a 357 magnum meme. Here I was, just minding my own business, building stumble upon friends and such, and suddenly the shot rang out and Boom! Right between the eyes with a meme! The devilish culprit is none other than Maurice, from Cayman Host, who did an excellent job answering the five questions, after being shot himself by Josh Spaulding. Will you boys please put the guns away?!

Well anyway, this is me in the picture, my mugshot of choice, that I used to hook my husband almost five years ago after being divorced for ten years. If you don’t know already, my name is Lin and I’m the sole author of “Telling It Like It Is”.

1). How Long Have You Been Blogging?

I’ve been blogging online for almost two years now, although I’ve been writing articles for a number of years on paper, kept safely secured in my garage. Blogging is presently a Part-Time venture of mine, balanced between my Full-Time job as a Registered Dental Assistant/Office Manager and spending time with my family.

2) What Inspired You To Start A Blog and Who Are Your Mentors?

Inspired? Well, I would have to say that I started a blog in order to try and make a difference in other people’s lives who have, are or will experience some of what I have experienced in this life. I often write about personal experiences that most people keep silent about, whether due to shame and embarrassment, or outright fear. The title of my blog aptly fits my evolved personality of “Telling It Like It Is”, and nothing or no one will ever shut me up again. This is what I wrote as an entry for a free review of my blog, entitled “Straight From The Heart”, by AdSense Tracker:

I’ve been “writing” for many years, although kept hidden away in handwritten journals, boxed up in the garage. Deciding to go online with my writings, for all the world to see, is a decision I’ve pondered for quite some time before taking the blogging plunge.

For me, blogging is an outlet like no other, where I can express indignation about many important issues facing society today.

Whether it be by my writing about personal experiences of abuse as a child, spousal abuse, or other aspects of relationships, blogging allows me to help others know they “are not alone”.

I spent a great deal of time searching the internet for others who had experienced similar things as I had, but found near to nothing.

I knew I could make a difference, for others who can relate to what I experienced, as some abuses are extremely difficult to talk about, let alone plaster it across the internet.

The primary reason I began blogging online is to help others find their voice.

3) Are You Trying To Earn Money Online Or Just Doing It For Fun?

I’d be lying if I said I didn’t hope to earn money online. It’s actually been a long-held dream of mine to be able to work from home, making a nice living hammering away on my computer keyboard. While I’ve made a small chunk of change from articles posted on article directories and such, by no means am I making anywhere near what I would want and need to make to fulfill my dream of blogging full-time.

4) Tell Me Three Things You LOVE About Being Online

I thoroughly enjoy learning new things, and I often find blogs that impact me immensely, pushing me to better myself and my writing skills. I also am enjoying the feeling of belonging to a community of bloggers, rather than mindlessly blogging with no idea of who is reading my work, or if it’s even being read.

5) Tell Me Three Things You Struggle With In The Online World

I struggle with technical issues of things like Technorati tags, building Google rank etc. And since moving my Blogger blog to WordPress, I’m struggling to learn as much about WordPress as quickly as I can while still maintaining a regular posting schedule. And lastly, I would say I sometimes struggle with balancing blogging with my job and family life. Many bloggers say posting every day is optimal and necessary to build readers and return traffic. Well, Bah Humbug! I’m going to do what’s best for me and my family, and I honestly believe my readers will understand.

Now, Who to tag? I was going to choose Frank over at Optempo, since he’s about to publish a review of my blog tonight, but I can’t now since Maurice chose him. I’ll get ya back, hehe

I’m going to pick Heidi over at VirusHead. She’s got some great stuff over on her blog.

I’m also tagging AdSense Tracker, but I’ve yet to learn her real first name. Hey, what’s up with that?!

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