60th Birthday Gift Ideas vs Birthday Gag Gifts for Men Turning 60

60th-birthday-party-gift-ideas-1 The 60th birthday party that I’m hosting in a couple of months is well along in the planning stages. The custom birthday party invitations have been received, the very unique and uncommon birthday cake has been ordered, the party decorations have been chosen, the birthday menu is completed, so now my thoughts have shifted to what do you get as a birthday gift for a man turning 60 years old?

Every birthday is special of course, but milestone birthdays like the 50th, 60th, 70th and 80th birthdays should be treated as extra special, and a lot of thought put into the selection of a good birthday gift for someone entering a milestone year. I mean, it’s the Big 6.0.! Thoughts of retirement, getting older, enjoying time spent with grandchildren, hobbies, etc are typically on their minds. The 60th birthday is a big deal and should be treated as such.

Since I’m hosting this very special birthday party, coming up with my own ideas of what I will give this guy as a gift has had me scratching my head for unique gift ideas, but I’m also the go-to person for everyone on the invitation list to ask what they could get him as a birthday gift too. More head scratching and raking my brain for things a man about to be sixty years old would want or need that someone could give him as a birthday gift.

What about gag gifts? Does he have a wishlist of things he wants? I must admit that I’m not really a fan of giving anyone the typical gag-type gifts, regardless if it’s a man or woman. Gag gifts are mostly a waste of money, perhaps funny and humorous for the moment, but more often then not end up being thrown out or put in a box in the garage. For a 60th birthday party, some of the gag gift ideas might work well being used as party props and table centerpiece decor, like using the inflatable “over the hill” walker for old timers and men’s cane as party props. But gag gifts as actual birthday presents? Umm, no.

Some of the traditional gifts for someone turning sixty, like a diamond ring or diamond watch, sporting event tickets and various other experience gifts would be well received gifts. I found this cool wooden tabletop baseball game for adults that could play off of the “diamond” idea, rather than actually buying a man diamond jewelry, for the sports enthusiast. This guy loves the Duck Dynasty TV show, which offers a few fun gift ideas for him, but he also loves his movie collection.

I did a search for movies from 1953 and then narrowed the Wikipedia list of films down to the top grossing movies of that year, and came up with a list of the top 12 award-winning movies of 1953. For the movie buff and collector, making a gift basket or box containing these great films in DVD or Blu-Ray, perhaps with a couple packages of popcorn and candy from the year 1953, would be a great nostalgic birthday gift idea.

Guys are typically into cars, especially classic cars. If you’ve ever been to a classic car show and seen the huge number of men in attendance, you can understand how popular cars from the “old days” are for car buffs. Which got me thinking about the various model-building kits for 1953 cars that even 60-year-old men would love to put together and collect. A definite possibility as an unusual and uncommon birthday gift idea for men, “toy” cars from the year they were born.

Pinterest can often be a great place to find unique and non-typical gift ideas. Unfortunately, at least for my search for 60th birthday gift ideas, most of what I’ve found so far on Pinterest is the usual, overdone and worn out birthday gifts that lean heavily towards gag gifts. I did like the idea someone posted about making an arrangement with 60 lollipops or suckers, and making a little sign that stands out above the candy that says “60 Sucks!” – That’s a cute idea, inexpensive and funny. It could be used as a party decoration, table centerpiece idea, but a usable gift as well.

Depending on the guy in question, sometimes t-shirts, coffee mugs, baseball caps and various other personalized 60th birthday gifts can be fun and useful gifts. Does he ever wear t-shirts? Some guys don’t wear t-shirts at all, so I wouldn’t spend money buying a man a custom t-shirt for his 60th birthday or any other birthday if he doesn’t own or wear t-shirts. Like gag gifts in general, it just might end up tossed into a corner in the closet, or the trash bin. You really have to know the man you’re buying the gift for.

To make it easy for the party attendees to choose a birthday gift, or at least to have some idea of what this birthday boy would like, I had him create a private wishlist on Amazon. Using the universal wishlist browser button on his computer, he was able to add things he likes and wants from any and all websites to his personal Amazon wishlist. Using the same items he listed, I created a public wishlist in his honor but without his actual name (for privacy purposes), that I could send to party invitees that ask for gift ideas. Doing that is a lot easier than working with a handwritten list, or getting really lame and saying “Just give him a gift card from….”.

Gifting a 60-year-old man with a Kindle, Kindle Fire, or the new Kindle Fire HD tablet is a great birthday gift befitting the special occasion. Yes, even for 60 year old men who don’t appear to be interested in the latest tech advances and electronic gadgets, nor have actually said they want one. It’s amazing how quickly someone will decide that they’d like to have their own Kindle once they’ve had the chance to play around with someone else’s for a few minutes and can check out the many different games and apps users enjoy with their Kindle.

If the guy has his own Kindle, gifting him with various magazine or newspaper subscriptions that he could get in the mail almost becomes obsolete, since most if not all of them would be available for him to read on his Kindle.

Memory gifts, like making a scrapbook of the person’s life from birth onward, including their high school and college days, their children and grandchildren etc, are very special gifts. It takes time to put together a memory scrapbook, especially if you’re going to include personal messages from family members and friends and old buddies from the past, as well as lots of photos. The Shutterfly website helps to make a memory scrapbook or memory book turn out very nice and not very expensive either.

Another gift idea that I really love for a man turning 60 is a new professional photo of his children and grandchildren together, taken by a professional photographer, presented to him in a nice quality frame and matting. I’m not too keen on gifting him a digital photo frame, unless he doesn’t have one already. Chances are good that dads and granddads already have enough digital frames filled with photos, and don’t need another one.

Websites like Things Remembered, Uncommon Goods, Zazzle, Cloud 9 for Experience Gifts, are all great places to check out for unique gift ideas that aren’t already worn out and overdone. The milestone 60th birthday is a very special one, and the typical standard gifts that might be routinely given as gifts for other birthdays or Christmas etc are NOT the gifts to give a man turning 60 in 2013.

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