7 Things Meme – 7 Things You May Not Know About Me

I’ve been tagged with the 7 Things Meme by Todd Morris from Success With Todd, so I thought I’d participate in this meme since I forgot to do the 25 Random Things Meme that circulated

7-things-meme-7 I’ve been tagged with the 7 Things Meme by Todd Morris from Success With Todd, so I thought I’d participate in this meme since I forgot to do the 25 Random Things Meme that circulated Facebook pages not too long ago that I was also tagged with.

The 7 Things Meme Rules:

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Okay, here goes. 7 things about me you may not know, or maybe don’t care to know. 😉

1. The first record I ever owned was Mony Mony by Tommy James & The Shondells. I’m aging myself here, since the record was a Vinyl, 7″, 45 RPM, Single of the hit song. For the “last day of school party” in the 7th grade, my image of being a “cool kid” took a serious hit when students were told to bring in their favorite record to play during the party, and Mony Mony was the only record I owned at that time.

2. I’m a music fanatic, and I watch every season of American Idol, once the judges choose their Top list of finalists. I can’t stand watching/listening to the audition shows of people who truly suck at singing, and whose family or friends aren’t honest enough to tell potential contestants they suck, so they don’t embarrass themselves in front of millions of American Idol Fans. For the current American Idol Season 8, Adam Lambert is by far my favorite performer, and I predict the winner of American Idol this season will be a guy.

3. I’ve been on a Baby Shower Gifts shopping rampage lately, since my daughter’s baby shower is scheduled for next month. Checking out baby cribs was the first order of business to check off the baby needs checklist, and we were happy to find a gently-used crib in near perfect condition at a second-hand baby store. I don’t have any trouble coming up with baby gift ideas for my granddaughter that is due in May, and you can bet that having me as a grandma will undoubtedly mean she’ll be spoiled rotten.

4. I spend a lot of time at my computer at home and at work, which is likely the cause of my occasional severe lower back pain and symptoms of Carpal Tunnel, along with a recurring ganglion cyst “Bible bump” on my right hand which may require surgery to remove. Working in the Dental Field for almost twenty years now, as a Registered Dental Assistant (RDA) and Office Manager, I’ve spent many hours working on patients in the dental chair and lifting dental equipment and supplies that were/are too heavy to lift one-handed and now I’m paying for it in more ways than one.

5. My desire to quit my full-time Dental job and get paid to blog as a full-time blogger hasn’t changed, so I’ve been working hard to create more blogs that will help me reach my goal to make money from home and “retire” from my current job. While there is niche money to be made from a niche blog like Telling It Like It Is, I get frustrated when I read “you must have a niche” from bloggers who don’t follow their own “niche or no niche” advice and actually have a no niche blog themselves.

6. Speaking of money, the economy (such as it is) has created a lot of interest in setting goals and becoming smart with how we save or spend our money. Managing debt and saving money continues to be one of the top New Year’s resolutions for many people including me, who are trying to learn how to be frugal because of the economic recession, job layoffs, bank closings and home foreclosures. Even though my job is secure, my husband has been looking at ways to make a few extra dollars just in case he were to get laid off, and he’s been talking about starting a small home based business right alongside me.

7. I do all of my shopping online, except for grocery shopping, and I can’t remember the last time I bought a card or gift for anyone by actually walking into a brick-and-mortar store. Since my daughter announced she was pregnant a few months ago, I’ve been buying baby clothes online (and other cheap baby stuff) and hiding them at a friends house so my daughter’s curiosity won’t get the best of her and she finds the baby stroller that comes with an attached infant car seat that she’s been drooling over. I guess there is going to be a lot of drooling going on soon, and not just from my daughter. 🙂

Whew, I’ve completed the 7 Things Meme and my right hand and arm doesn’t even hurt. Yeah me!

Okay, here are the 7 people I’m going to tag with this meme, and hopefully they’ll all play along.