90 Kitchen Basic Essentials For a New Home

Moving into a first apartment or buying a house for the first time is an exciting time, and along with the excitement of signing that lease or mortgage contract, comes the moment where you’ve got

kitchen-essentials-150x150-5 Moving into a first apartment or buying a house for the first time is an exciting time, and along with the excitement of signing that lease or mortgage contract, comes the moment where you’ve got to come up with a basic list of things you’ll need to supply the kitchen for cooking and preparing meals.

Whether it’s a college graduate moving into their first apartment, house or condo, or maybe it’s a young couple who are purchasing their very first house together, having a complete list of what things you’ll need for a fully functioning kitchen is often at the top of the to-do list.

If someone asked you what basic, yet essential, kitchen items they would need to buy for their new kitchen, how many of the basic needs could you come up with quickly? I was asked that very question recently and fortunately didn’t have any trouble coming up with quite a comprehensive list of what I believe to be must-have essential items for a fully stocked kitchen.

It’s a very frustrating moment to be preparing a meal or special dish in a new kitchen and suddenly discover you don’t yet have one of the very basic items needed for a stocked kitchen. Let’s see if you can think of any kitchen basics I may have missed.

While some of these listed essentials can be purchased at a “dollar store” or thrift store, it’s important to keep in mind not only what your budget is for supplying a new kitchen, but also remember that quality kitchen items may cost a little more initially but will last a lot longer than the cheap stuff, thereby saving you money in the long run.

90 Basic Kitchen Essentials for a New House or Apartment

  • Dinnerware – Plates, bowls, salad/dessert plates
  • Silverware – forks, spoons, knives, soup spoons
  • Kitchen knives set (kitchen scissors, bread knife, paring knife, etc)
  • Storage containers – Plastic or Glass Storage
  • Bakeware – Casserole dishes with lids
  • Pots and pans set with lids – (10 qt. stock pot; 8 qt stock pot; 5 qt. dutch oven; 2 qt. saucepan; 1 qt. saucepan)
  • 2 or more skillets, in different sizes
  • Mixer – hand-held or stand alone mixer
  • Serving dishes – platters, bowls, trays, etc
  • Pitchers (2 or 3 quart size)
  • Cooking/serving utensils (slotted spoons, stirring spoons, soup ladle, wooden spoons, spatulas, etc)
  • Measuring cups for dry and liquids (glass or plastic)
  • Plastic spatulas for scraping bowls while mixing
  • Pot holders and oven mitts
  • Canisters for counter storage (porcelain canister set perhaps?)
  • Cutting boards – (plastic, wood, etc)
  • Salad bowl set or salad spinner
  • Napkins – (cloth napkins, paper napkins/paper towels)
  • Fine mesh strainer or sifter
  • Steamer (steaming vegetables, rice, etc)
  • Plastic wrap, aluminum foil
  • Zip loc bags (quart, pint, sandwich sizes)
  • Baking powder and baking soda
  • Spices/seasonings – (garlic, oregano, salt and pepper, etc)
  • Toothpick dispenser and toothpicks
  • Paper towel holder, if using paper towels

kitchen-basics-150x150-1 When I first began coming up with this list of what I believe to be essentials for a new kitchen, in response to the question asked of me, I thought I might come up with about 40 or 50 items for her list. But I was a roll, and easily added many more kitchen tools and “gadgets” for cooking meals that are great for a brand new cook or a more experienced cook.

Sure, I could have added things like a toaster oven or a George Foreman grill for grilling in the kitchen, but I had to stop somewhere, and the young lady’s eyes were nervously growing quite large seeing the list grow and grow. It makes me remember with fond memories the time years ago when hope chests were the norm.

Also keep in mind that guests who are planning to come to your housewarming party (assuming a housewarming party is planned) will surely want to give you a gift of something you actually need and want, rather than gifting you a house plant or something else you have no interest in. So, not all of the kitchen basics are necessarily things you yourself have to buy for your new kitchen.