A WordPress Dental Blog – My Newest Ambition

I have been considering the possibility of starting a dental blog for quite some time now. There really aren’t very many dental blogs, and those that I have found are primarily targeted towards getting people

I have been considering the possibility of starting a dental blog for quite some time now. There really aren’t very many dental blogs, and those that I have found are primarily targeted towards getting people in need of dental work to choose their particular dental office for treatment. I have yet to find any dental blogs with topics discussed in a conversational manner as I try to do here, with helpful information about various dental products, treatments, procedures and options.

Plus I thought it might be fun to sometimes talk about the various goings on in our office, since we usually have a really good time every day. Some of our patients are real “characters”, and keep me in stitches whenever they come in. Have you ever gotten the “hard sell” treatment from a dentist, where you are told you need tens of thousands of dollars worth of treatment in order to have a “perfect smile”? Are you terrified to go to the dentist?

Some of you may know that I work in the dental field as a licensed “R.D.A.” (Registered Dental Assistant). I haven’t discussed my profession much at all on this blog, even though it’s an important parental responsibility to care for the health of our children in all areas. In my office, I’m often referred to as the “everything, everywhere person”, because my job requires me to “wear many hats” all at the same time.

I handle everything at the front desk (phone calls, scheduling appointments, computer data entry, correspondence with doctors, insurance and claims), taking and processing x-rays, sterilization of dental instruments, OSHA regulations, as well as assisting the doctor with each dental procedure, and keeping up with the state-required continuing education courses on an annual basis. And to top it off, guess who patients call after-hours when they have a dental emergency? Me.

The dental blogs that I have found are strictly technical, using the dental lingo and terminologies that would likely make many people wonder, “What does that mean?” What is the difference between a “cap” and a “crown”? What is sedation dentistry? What is the cost of veneers? Does it really matter what kind of toothbrush I use? If it does, why? Why are there so many different toothpastes, and is one really better than another?


(I couldn’t resist this one)

There may be occasions on this blog where I might touch on topics relating to dental hygiene, such as a previous post I did discussing the anti-smoking drug “Chantix”, but having a dental blog would allow me to link out to posts that further develop the topic being discussed in a conversational manner. While the dental blogs I have found target specific dentists pushing their wares, I’m not so biased in that area. There are many skilled dentists that do an excellent job in treating patients with needed dental work.

The problem I have is what appears to be a very fine line between what is considered “needed” dental treatment, versus patients being given a laundry list of work to be done amounting in the tens of thousands of dollars in order to have the “perfect smile”. I’m sorry but, “Mr. and Mrs. Not-from-Beverly-Hills” just wants good dental work that won’t cost them both of their arms and legs. There have been numerous patients over the years who have begun coming to our office, after receiving sticker shock from an itemized list of “needed” treatments such as dental implants, when they simply wanted to get their teeth cleaned.

I have utmost respect and admiration for my boss. I’ve worked with him for almost fifteen years, plus the few years I worked for a dentist in Chicago when I lived there. Working so closely together, he and I have developed a close friendship, so close in fact that he was the one who walked me down the aisle when I married my husband a few years ago.

I know what he needs from me in the operatory before he ever has a chance to signal me; we are in sync with each other and dental procedures on patients are completed flawlessly. Patients especially love the fact that when they call our office about anything, that I not only know them by name (I know some of them by their voices), but I also know their treatment history and upcoming procedures. Patients don’t have to keep track of which staff member they spoke to last about their treatments, because I’m all there is. It’s just the Doctor and I, and a Hygienist.

I recently read a post asking, “How does anyone do this?”, in regards to keeping up with posting to our blogs on a regular basis, while maintaining our family lives and jobs. Speaking only for myself, I’m an organization freak. I multi-task in nearly every area of my life, and I have found a way of pacing myself with my own rhythm. If I don’t post for a couple/few days, I don’t sweat it. I have a notebook with me everywhere I go, jotting down a brief outline of posts still to come, or even just subjects I want to talk about at some point. I also read “Whether you know it or not, you already have a niche”, which really helped push me in the direction of starting the new dental blog. Thank you Pearl.

Fortunately, I don’t have to look very far for blog hosting help, and the new dental blog should up and running very soon. Are you looking for a new dentist? I’ve got some tips for you on things to consider when trying to find a good dentist.