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amazon-wish-list-for-all-occasions-140x150-1 What is on your Christmas wish list this year? Do you have a birthday, wedding anniversary, or any other special occasion coming up soon or in a few months? Do you know someone that is getting married soon and you’re trying to decide what to get the happy bride and groom as a bridal shower gift or wedding gift? Do you know someone who is pregnant and expecting a baby soon and you’re trying to figure out what to buy for the upcoming bundle of joy?

Many first-time brides and grooms create a wish list of wanted gifts commonly referred to as a wedding registry, but engaged couples marrying for the second or third time often decide not to create a wedding registry. The same is true for parents expecting a baby for the second, third or fourth time, especially when a baby shower is not desired or needed.

How many times do you find yourself asking family, friends or other loved ones “What do you want for Christmas?” Or, “What do you want for your birthday?” Or, “What do you need for the baby?” If you struggle to come up with gift ideas for any or all special occasions, there is an easy solution. Think of how much easier it would be to buy a high school or college graduation gift is the graduating senior had a wish list created at Better yet, think of how much easier it would be for everyone that buys gifts for you if you had an online wish list of the gifts and gadgets you want, rather than having to repeat your wished for items over and over.

Create an Amazon Wish List

Suggest to everyone you buy gifts for, or those you plan to buy a special occasion gift for, to create an Amazon Wish List at and provide you the url link to bookmark their wish list into your browser favorites. I’ve had my wish list on Amazon for quite some time now, where wanted items are periodically added that either my husband or I wish for at Christmastime, as birthday gift ideas, or even to give me gift ideas of what to get my husband for our anniversary.

It is very easy to make a wish list on Amazon, by doing a search on Amazon through the various departments for items you want and click on the “Add to Wish List” button shown, and the wished for items are instantly added to your wish list. If you later decide you don’t want an item listed on your wish list, it is easy to remove whatever item you don’t want anymore. Log into your Amazon account and click on the link to your wish lists and change, add to or delete whatever you like.

You can create more than one wish list or shopping list if you want to; make a Gift Idea List of recipients you want to remember including gift ideas for them; or make a wish list for your child(ren) and add toys, books, games, clothes, shoes etc to your children’s wish list to help keep track of things your child or teenager wants and buy them whenever you’re ready. A friend of mine created a Christmas wish list on Amazon and named it “Santa Wish List”, which helps immensely in keeping track of the various toys, gifts and gadgets the kids say they want for one reason or another.

You can create an Amazon wish list for any occasion, including a wedding registry or baby registry, or make a “thinking of you” wish list of special people in your life that you enjoy giving “just because” thoughtful gifts to throughout the year for no other reason than to let them know you’re thinking of them and love them. If there is someone special you know that will be celebrating a momentous occasion like a tenth anniversary, twenty-fifth anniversary, or a milestone birthday, having an Amazon wish list as a gift buying guide helps remove the stress and guesswork out of what to buy as a gift.

Universal Amazon Wish List

What are your favorite brick-and-mortar retail stores you like to shop at? Target? Walmart? Macy’s? Nordstroms? JCPenny? Best Buy? Sears? Home Depot? By dragging the Amazon universal wish list button bookmarklet to your Firefox, Internet Explorer, Safari or Google Chrome browser toolbar, you can add wanted products from any website to your Amazon wish list with just a click of your mouse.

I’m an organization freak so to speak, a planner. I organize and plan for things well ahead of time, rather than being a last minute, fly by the seat of my pants sort of person. It is not uncommon for me to begin Christmas shopping for the young kids on our Christmas list in August, and having bookmarked links to Amazon wish lists to go buy gifts makes shopping for Christmas, birthdays and all other occasions much easier and stress free for us.

It is rare for me to step foot into a brick and mortar store to go Christmas shopping, or for any other occasion when we choose to buy a gift for someone. Shopping online for gifts, clothes, shoes, electronic gadgets or other stuff for ourselves saves us a ton of time. No standing in long lines, no dealing with the hustle and bustle of impatient crazy shoppers, and no problems finding parking space. From the comfort of our home, gift buying is quick and easy and painless because of the Amazon Wish List feature we use and love.

Having a wish list for everyone on our gift list not only makes shopping online fast and easy for us, but it allows us more time to relax and enjoy the fun and excitement of the holiday season, listening to our favorite Christmas holiday music, watching our favorite classic Christmas movies, and driving through entire neighborhoods decked out in Christmas lights from top to bottom. And yes, add a little spiked eggnog to the mix and we’re good to go until it’s time to pop the champagne bottle at the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve.

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