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baby-keepsake-gifts-143x150-2-3 When I’m planning to attend a baby shower or a child’s birthday party, or when I’m throwing a baby shower for a happy mom and dad-to-be, one of the first gift ideas that comes to mind are keepsake gifts that last forever.

I like to think outside the box and find gifts that are not commonly found on a baby registry, but gift ideas and baby keepsake gifts for parents to cherish precious moments spent with their new baby, like baby handprint kits and baby footprint kits and organizer keepsakes for baby’s health records, birth certificate, birthdays and keeping track of important milestone events.

Baby handprint and footprint kits are canvas or plaster/clay mold kits for making an imprint of the new baby’s hand and footprint after birth that can be put in a photo frame or hung in the baby nursery with decorative ribbon, as a keepsake reminder of the precious days when baby’s hands and feet are tiny and small.

By thinking outside the box, gifting new moms and dads with some things babies need from baby registries, but also giving unique gifts that are special keepsakes for the new baby girl or boy, are often considered the most thoughtful gifts new parents enjoy receiving.

This is especially true for second or third child baby showers where parents may already have much of the basic needs like nursery room furniture, crib, bassinet, clothes, etc, where beautiful keepsake gifts or baby gift baskets that newborn baby’s, moms and dads would most appreciate and enjoy.

Baby Keepsakes For Baby Girls and Boys

There are literally thousands of baby keepsake gifts for girl or boy babies and toddlers to choose from, including personalized baby keepsakes with the baby’s name, date of birth, baby’s weight and length at birth, cute and adorable storage chests that become family heirlooms, memory books and storage boxes for the baby’s birth certificate, first tooth and first hair curl clipping.

Keepsake gifts are especially appreciated as birthday gifts to celebrate a child’s first birthday and beyond, and keepsake family heirloom gifts for mother’s and father’s to cherish the many special occasions, photos and family events with their children throughout the years are my favorite kinds of gifts to give.

Newborn baby keepsake gift ideas include baby keepsake chests, brag books, scrapbooks, baby briefcase organizers, personalized baby quilts and blankets, 3D baby handprints and footprint kits, decorative keepsake plates, keepsake frames and boxes, personalized bracelets and locket necklaces for mom, pewter baby shoes, baby christening gifts and baptism gifts, layette sets, engraved or embroidered gifts, sterling silver baby gifts, personalized children’s books, and many more.

Make Your Own Keepsake Gifts

If you are the crafty, do it yourself type, you can create your own keepsake gifts with your own creative imagination by making your own baby quilt or baby blankets, easy flannel personalized throw blankets from a kit for mom and dad, homemade bronzed baby shoes (bronzed baby rattles, booties, rattles, etc), memory boxes or shadow boxes, sketched or painted baby portrait, personalized photo albums or picture frames using clip art or stickers found in craft stores or online.

Baby gift baskets for newborn baby girls and boys come in all colors, styles and prices, but do-it-yourselfer’s can make their own gift baskets for babies that match the boy or girl nursery theme and style the parents want for their precious little bundle of joy, perhaps cheaper than the cost of buying a gift basket, of course depending on what baby items are included in the homemade gift basket.

If you don’t know how to make homemade baby gifts of one kind or another, or don’t know how to make a baby blanket or other do-it-yourself craft projects for babies or kids, there are easy-to-make craft kits and online instructions with detailed directions of how to make just about anything you can imagine making yourself, even if you don’t think of yourself as crafty.

The gift ideas are endless, whether you make your own homemade baby gifts or buy keepsake gifts for baby showers, birthdays, weddings, anniversaries or other special occasion gifts. Keep in mind that whatever keepsake gift you give or make yourself should be something gift recipients will want to display and treasure for many years to come, rather than your gift ending up tucked away in an old storage box in the attic, basement or garage.

Take your time, plan ahead, and put some thought into what gift(s) you want to make or give, so your chosen gift is a well-made, good quality, thoughtful gift that you would be happy to receive if the situation were reversed and the occasion called for such gifts.

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