Baby Needs Checklist – Basic Baby Needs for Newborn Babies

Baby Needs Checklist for Newborn Babies There are many things a baby needs as a newborn baby and throughout the first few months that you’ll need to have ready and available. It is best to

Baby Needs Checklist for Newborn Babies

There are many things a baby needs as a newborn baby and throughout the first few months that you’ll need to have ready and available. It is best to wait until you are at least three months pregnant before buying baby products, baby clothes and outfits, toys and baby furniture in case of any problems with the pregnancy.

Keep in mind that someone will likely throw you a baby shower once you have completed a baby registry for baby gear, baby clothes, toys and various other baby gifts, so try and stick to buying just essential basic baby needs that every newborn baby needs, and/or just a few baby clothes you feel are a “must have” for your baby such as a special outfit to celebrate bringing your baby home from the hospital.

  • 2-4 packages of newborn disposable diapers or cloth diapers, or set up a diaper delivery service. Don’t forget the diaper bag, diaper cream ointment and baby powder. Cloth diapers, diaper pail and safety pins can save you a lot of money in the long run and are better for the environment, while disposable diapers are easier.
  • Baby wipes and/or extra baby washcloths (4-6 to start), being sure to choose fragrance free wipes that won’t irritate your baby’s skin, or just use a baby washcloth and warm water during the first few months.
  • Burp cloths or extra cloth diapers, which protect your clothes from spit-up and the baby’s skin from your clothes which may have dry-cleaning chemicals or other skin irritants and fabrics/materials that may be bothersome to your baby’s skin. You can never have too many cloth diapers!
  • 6-8 lightweight gowns/kimonos/newborn sleeper outfits with pull-ties are not only comfortable for the baby, but they make changing diapers a lot easier than outfits with a lot of buttons and/or snaps that can be very time-consuming.
  • 3-4 receiving blankets/swaddling blankets for holding the baby, swaddling, changing, bonding and playing with the baby. Be sure to include a few more receiving blankets with your baby registry, as these will need to be washed often. A baby sling/wrap is also an excellent choice for newborns; both you and your baby will love the shared closeness.
  • Car Seat – Rear facing infant safety seat for your baby’s safety and well-being.
  • 6 pairs of socks and/or booties, 2 hats and 2 sweaters to keep the baby comfortable and warm, whether at home sleeping/playing, during a family outing or visiting grandparents.
  • 4 pacifiers (you’re going to lose them), a baby bathtub, baby bouncer, tearless baby shampoo, baby lotion, alcohol swabs (for the umbilical cord), baby brush/comb set, thermometer, baby soap, 2-4 baby towels for bath time, nasal aspirator and baby nail scissors or clippers.
  • Bassinet and/or crib, 4 fitted sheets for bassinet or crib, 2 waterproof mattress pads, bumper pad for crib, 2 crib blankets or comforters (depending on the season)
  • 2 or 3 nursing bras and pads, breast pump and nipple cream if planning to nurse the baby.
  • 6 or more baby bottles with nipples, sterilizing equipment, bottle brush, bottle warmer, 6 baby bibs and infant formula if you are not planning to nurse.
  • Baby stroller with sun and rain cover for leisurely walks with the baby.
  • Soft baby toys, baby mobile and baby monitor to hear when baby starts to cry or wakes up at night.

There are many more things you will need for the baby than what is contained in this list, especially baby clothes in increasing sizes as your baby grows, and more diapers than you can imagine. It’s a good idea to take your time browsing baby products, baby furniture, baby gear, clothes and baby toys, in order that your baby registry is full and complete of everything you want and need during the first year or so after the baby is born. Congratulations and good luck!

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