Bachelorette Ali Spoilers After The Final Rose and Men Tell All

frank-and-ali-fedotowsky-bachelorette-season-6 There is only a couple of weeks left before Bachelorette Ali Fedotowsky chooses her supposed husband-to-be, but of course, we already know what the results will be on that front, thanks to Reality Steve’s Bachelorette spoilers. Apparently, for many viewers of the very popular Bachelorette show, this season’s ending will be a big disappointment.

The Bachelorette “Men Tell All” was taped this past Saturday, July 17 in LA. Viewers will likely be surprised and disappointed when they realize that the final 3 Bachelorette contestants were not at the “Men Tell All” taping. Chris Lambton, Roberto Martinez and Frank Neuschaefer did not show up for the tell-all event, and neither did Justin “Rated R” Rego.

The Men Tell All episode sure sounds like it’s going to be rather boring and dull, a complete time-waster, so there’s really no point in even tuning in to ABC to watch a bunch of nothing. Ali barely even talks to the previous contestants from her season, but only answers a few general questions and is then whisked off stage, and she didn’t go to the afterparty.

Even with all the drama surrounding the “Justin Rego has two girlfriends” scenario, Jessica and Kimberly did not show up for the Men Tell All either. Reality Steve explained on his blog that Justin felt betrayed by ABC (no kidding, really?), that there is much more to his story than appeared, and wasn’t going to help them at all by showing up to the tell-all. Future contestants for either the Bachelor or Bachelorette shows need to understand what “Frankenbiting” really means and how Reality TV shows use it to boost ratings, to the detriment of the contestants reputation.

Frank does not appear in the finale as some have speculated, but Reality Steve says Frank is brought to the ATFR taping, perhaps to “make it more interesting” for viewers. It’s all about the ratings, people. Frank won’t be announcing his engagement to Nicole on the ATFR, nor will Frank be proposing to Nicole on the ATFR episode. Ignore the rumors and tabloid speculations that Ali is engaged to Roberto or Chris, or that Ali knew Roberto before the show. Complete, total nonsense.

Future contestants of either the Bachelor or the Bachelorette would be wise to carefully and methodically read the Bachelor/Bachelorette contract, and then go read Reality Steve’s blog from start to finish. ABC puts on these shows for the viewers and ratings, and couldn’t care less about the individual contestants and how the contract allows ABC to create false impressions of people, and give contestants “bad edits” to make the show more interesting.

During the Men Tell All, Ali was not asked any specific questions such as, “Are you happy? Are you engaged and planning on getting married? Makes one wonder why, doesn’t it? None of the questions Bachelorette viewers might expect would be asked of Ali were asked, even as a teaser to tune in to the final rose ceremony. No video clips were shown of the finale either, hmm.

Both Kasey and Kirk were called up to the “hot seat”, and unfortunately, viewers who tune in to the Men Tell All are going to hear Kasey sing another song to Ali. The weatherman contestant gets picked on for his comment about Craig being “dangerous”, and Craig takes his turn calling out some of the other guys on the show. Dull, boring, tedious, waste of time Men Tell All show. Zzzzz.

Anyway, here’s the video clip ABC is circulating of Frank talking to Nicole. Keep in mind, and listen carefully to what Frank says to Nicole, that this conversation was taped after Frank received the rose at the rose ceremony but before Frank left for Tahiti. It was after accepting the rose from Ali that Frank flew to Chicago to tape this little tidbit with Nicole, and then headed off to Tahiti to tell Ali he’s leaving the show.

, Telling It Like It Is

Be sure to go read the play-by-play Bachelorette recap from Monday night’s show and previous episode’s on Reality Steve’s blog, at Steve’s posting delays of a day or so after each episode has aired is tolerable and well worth the wait. The guy has his life to live too. It makes watching this goofy show all the more entertaining, and clears up questions and doubts as to the “reality” of the Bachelor and Bachelorette shows ABC puts on.

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