Best Baby Names: Choosing Unusual Baby Names for Girls and Boys

Choosing baby names can be a tricky business. How long should the name be? Should he/she have a middle name? Should you name her/him after a sibling or grandparent? There are a lot of questions that come along with choosing a baby’s name, and having both parents agree to it!

I know when my sisters and I were born, my father wanted to name each of us 3 girls after some of his relatives – Martha, Rosa, and Teresa. It would’ve worked, if my mom hadn’t put her foot down and said “No” when my Dad suggested it. I know my oldest sister was named after family members on my mom’s side of the family, so however or whoever came up with the final ideas of baby names for each of us kids, each name was mutually agreed upon by my parents.

I don’t know how my other sister got named, but I do recall hearing the stories on how I was nameless the first 2 days after I was born because my parents couldn’t agree on what to name me. I don’t know any stories on how my 3 brothers were named, but I’m betting they were somehow easier to name than us girls.

best-baby-names-for-girls-and-boys-150x113-1 It was easy to name my daughter Sophia. Her father and I had suspicions for a good month (before I took a test) that I was pregnant and immediately went online and started looking at baby names for girls and boys. We both decided pretty fast that if we had a girl we would name her Sophia. We both liked the name, so it was a done deal. Since He has a 9-letter last name, I thought it best that if we gave her a middle name, to keep it short.

Unusual Baby Names

My mom found me a MASSIVE book that had 100,000+ baby names and their meanings for girls and boys, to help us in our quest to name our first child. As I stumbled and turned page after page of names for both genders, I had told my boyfriend (Sophia’s father) that I like the name Isabelle, or even Isabella. After thinking about it and saying the full name I figured it best to go with a short version of Isabella, and shortened it down to Bella.

Luckily when it came time that I was deciding on a middle name, we already knew we were having a girl. So for a girl Sophia Bella was what we decided to name her. We didn’t even need to bother with really cracking down on boy’s names, thankfully! This time though, since I’m pregnant again with my second child, now I REALLY have to decide and consider baby boys’ names, as I’m still in the 1st trimester of my pregnancy.

Of course my boyfriend wants nothing but girls, so he already decided on another girl’s name if we have another girl, but once again we have to struggle to find a boy’s name we can agree on that we both like. What better way of looking for baby names than the trusty internet? While looking online, I’ve managed to run into some VERY interesting names for boys. What’s even more interesting is the meaning of said names!

Unique Baby Names

For example, the name Aeron is a Welsh name. The meaning of Aeron is: An unusual boy’s name. Now, knowing the meaning of that name, how much more/less likely am I to name my son Aeron? When I started looking at different names, I started drifting away from the point, and started looking more at the meanings of the different boy’s names. I had started looking behind the meanings of my 5 sibling’s names as well as my parents.

I found one of my brother’s name-meanings very interesting (as it fit him very well) and told my boyfriend about it. Right after, he said he wouldn’t mind naming our son (if we have a boy) after my brother. Ok, so there’s ONE possibility. I wouldn’t mind it, but I like to have different options. My father, of course, insists that we name our son after him, which is fine, if that’s what I wanted and if my boyfriend would agree with it, but I’d rather keep looking.

Celebrity Baby Names

Having my daughter’s middle name being Bella, I surely DON’T want to name my son either Edward or Jacob! Those are very nice names, as well as very popular, but I don’t really feel like answering tons of questions about Twilight and whether I’m a fan, etc. I like the name Damon, but again, with the rise of excitement over The Vampire Diaries, I don’t know if I’d want to name my son that and thus answering questions about the show.

baby-boy-names-150x101-1 Maybe I’d have Damon as a middle name, but not a first name. So it gets harder and harder to choose a boy’s name, and feeling like my options are growing smaller and smaller. Obviously I still have A TON of time to get this all figured out but, really, the sooner the better!

So I think just to make it easier on me and my determination to find a good name, we agreed if we have a boy we’d name our son Erik (after one of my brothers). I don’t know and haven’t decided yet if I want to give a middle name, or just leave it as a first and last name, so there’s my second struggle. First one down, one more to go! My boyfriend said he’d want Anthony as a middle name, but I don’t know how I feel about it, so I’m still looking at other names that would fit a short first name, but semi-long last name.

We’ve looked at our favorite anime shows for “inspiration”, but haven’t come to a definite conclusion. I have a friend whose middle name is from a video game character, so there’s another possibility. Why does naming a child have to be so difficult?! Naming girls is DEFINITELY easier than naming boys, hands down! There are so many girls’ names that are cute and fun like Selena or Selene which means “the goddess of the moon”, while boys’ names are more serious like Erik, which means “eternal ruler”.

Cute Baby Names

A girls’ name can be cute and fun with the first and middle name, while I guess for a boy’s name to be fun, the fun has to be in the middle name? It gets complicated with boys’ names. Luckily we have a start with Erik. I think if I spend a little less time concentrating on what the best baby names are, then the perfect name will come to mind. Whether it be a middle name, or a whole new idea for a first name, or a combination of.

Time will tell, and since we did such a great job naming our first child, I believe we’ll have just as much success naming our second!

Guest post written and submitted by Heather P. If you’re on Twitter, you can follow Heather P, and engage with her and fellow Hush Hush fans and Twilight book fans.

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