What Are The Best Single Serve One Cup Coffee Makers?

keurig-b70-platinum-single-cup-brewing-system-150x150-2-3 Single-serve coffeemakers, coffee makers that make one cup of coffee, are very popular nowadays. Enjoying a good cup of coffee depends more on the coffee brands consumers choose to buy rather than the coffeemaker itself, says Consumer Reports.

Tests completed by Consumer Reports on single cup coffee makers and two cup coffee makers helps consumers choose the best coffeemaker for their needs and price range.

CR reviews and ratings show that coffee drinkers don’t have to spend a lot of money on a coffee making machine to get a good cup of joe, plus CR reports that features on some of the higher priced coffeemakers aren’t worth beans. One single cup of coffee in the morning wouldn’t come close to jump-starting our day, since we can easily finish off a twelve-cup pot of coffee with our large coffee mugs, and a two or four-cup pot would be laughable at our house.

Many hotel coffee makers are now either one cup or two cup coffeemakers, compared to the large coffee making machines from past years. We were not impressed with the hotel room coffee maker we discovered during a Chicago vacation trip, but only because one or two cups of coffee just won’t cut it for us.

One cup single coffeemakers rank high for travelers and office use, especially for regular coffee drinkers trying to cut back on their daily coffee and caffeine consumption.

Best One Cup Single Serve Coffeemaker

I’ve been considering buying a single cup coffee maker with a travel mug to use at the office on occasion, so I read Consumer Reports and several customer reviews to help me decide which coffee maker to buy. Consumer Reports rates the Black & Decker DCM18S Brew ‘n Go model as the best single cup coffeemaker, and since it’s currently listed amongst the best selling single serve coffeemakers today, that’s probably a good enough choice for some.

The Keurig Special Edition B60 Gourmet Single-Cup coffee maker has received rave reviews by customers who love the Keurig pod coffee machine, and even though it is more expensive than the Black and Decker model, the additional features have me sold on a Keurig. I just have to choose between the B60 3-brew size options and the Keurig B70 Platinum single cup coffeemaker with 5-brew options, but I haven’t made up my mind yet.

Consumer Reports also ranks the two travel-cup Toastess TFC-42T coffeemaker very well in test results, and several Toastess coffee makers make the list of top coffee makers on the market today, plus they’re cheaper for budget buyers. The Nespresso D290 is said to be the best luxury pod coffee maker, for consumers who prefer espresso and want the convenience of its fast brewing time and 16 varieties of high-quality coffee, at a hefty price.

Programmable pod coffee makers are great and easy-to-use, but the Aerobie AeroPress is considered by reviewers to be the best manual one cup coffee maker and is cheap, compact and very easy to use.

When shopping for coffeemakers, consumers will find there are several different types of coffee machines to choose from, including manual-drip coffee makers, coffee presses, coffee percolators, espresso makers and “pod” coffeemakers that brew individual cups of coffee using ready-to-use packets of coffee. Consumer Reports says consumers buy more automatic-drip coffeemakers than any other small kitchen appliance—about 14 million a year.

Even though the most basic, inexpensive coffeemaker can make a good cup of coffee, some features make a machine easier and more convenient to use. Before buying any kind of coffeemaker, consider what features and options you want and need, and carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages of each model prior to making a final selection. Reading unbiased single serve coffee maker reviews, and understanding the rating systems applied, helps a lot in choosing a coffee maker for home, travel or office use.

An unbiased review of the Keurig Special Edition B60 has me leaning towards choosing the Keurig Special Edition Home-Brewing System, and considering the fact that it can make a perfect cup of coffee in less than 60 seconds flat, that means I’ll be enjoying great coffee at the office whenever I want to drink coffee.

If you are still undecided about what coffeemaker is best for you, check out this brief Consumer Reports coffeemaker buying guide youtube video, which explains the various types of coffeemakers and some interesting features available you might want to consider.

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