Big Pharma vs Natural Health – Natural Health Remedies vs Drugs R Us

big-pharma-150x150-2-3 It’s great to have goals. Everyone should have them. Maybe you don’t have one this very minute, but are working that area of self-development. In creating a goal for yourself, however, have you ever set out to be greedy, insensitive to others, deceptive, lying, cheating or manipulating to reach that goal? It would be hard to believe anyone would be like that, isn’t it?

About ten years ago I heard that the drug companies had a goal – seriously – to get every single man, woman and child on some kind of drug for some kind of reason. (Check out the movie trailer linked below – it is “officially” their goal!) Seems they figured out uninformed, naïve and trusting people would rather pop a pill for every little thing than actually deal with it.

People trust doctors. Doctors write prescriptions. Lots of them! It doesn’t matter to the drug company if it is curative or not, or if there are side effects, or if it actually kills a good number of people. They can screw around with the numbers in their “trials” – no problem.

If there is profit to be made (and of course drug company profits are in the billions) all is well for them. Not so much for us. But with the marketing geniuses creating advertising campaigns for drugs, and medical doctors writing prescriptions for every little symptom, real or imagined, that one could have, and outrageous contests being held for drug sales, it is way past due time for us to wake up and take responsibility for our own health. When there is this much money involved with drug company profits there is no limit to the deception and lies they create.

Sometimes it’s hard to know which is scarier – the drug company’s marketing or the fact that doctors are as much their victims as we are. “Prescription death” is a very real statistic. Patients who suffer adverse drug reactions are very often victims of drugs that they should not have been taking that way in the first place. I had a personal experience with this in the late 1980’s. I have been vigilant about researching ever since and I encourage everyone to get involved in their health care.

A 1992 study published in Medical Care examined prescriptions given to people being discharged from a community hospital. It focused on those who were prescribed three or more drugs to treat chronic illnesses.

The results of this study are quite disturbing, both in what they say about the doctors’ prescribing practices and as evidence of the potential damage that these prescribing practices can do to older adults. Of the 236 people intensively studied:

• 81 percent had one or more prescribing problems with the prescriptions they were given, including inappropriate drugs, doses or schedule; • 60 percent had been given one or more prescriptions for a drug that was an inappropriate choice of therapy because it was either “less than optimal medication given the patient’s diagnosis” or there was no established indication for it; • 50 percent were given either too high or too low a dose of the drug; • 44 percent of the patients were given a combination of drugs that can result in harmful drug interactions;

• 20 percent were given drugs that unnecessarily duplicated the therapeutic effect of another drug they were taking.

Fortunately, a consultant pharmacist involved in the care of more than half of the people was able to reduce the risks to the patients by making recommendations to the prescribing physician.

As a health therapist myself, I often work with people who are taking prescription medicine. At no time do I ever tell them to quit taking their medications, but I do ask them to get more information from their doctors about the drug, and if they would be open to considering any natural alternative. This inquiry is not received well by most physicians. The majority react with a scary hubris, anger, paranoia or all of the above. Such a pity!


To marry allopathic medicine with alternative would serve in the best interest of all. That would be TRULY Health Care – like let’s do whatever is BEST for the patient, even if it is only herbal, or tweaking their diet. History shows the present day set up in the medical community was originated for total control and big profits.

In the early 1930’s the Rockefeller family privatized the US healthcare industry resulting in a cartel that controlled:

All medical textbooks – all scientific research into the causes of disease, all scientific research into the creation of medicines, all published information about medical issues in popular and professional literature, all national and international laws governing medicine and medicines.

Buzz through the book “Assault on our Medical Freedom”. You’ll quickly see the power of the AMA (American Medical Assn.) and the extent to which they try to protect themselves from any competition whatsoever, blasting away at alternative, holistic or natural doctors. Did you know the AMA was found guilty in 1987 of an organized conspiracy to destroy chiropractic? They appealed three times and the Supreme Court denied them, and ordered the AMA to cease and desist.

This still goes on today but now they are sneakier than ever. Now they have “clinics” set up all over the country that do “independent research” – the kind you hear about on the news when you’re told “Independent studies show Vitamin D does NOT prevent disease.” It is simply appalling to anyone with a background in nutrition, holistic or natural medicine, to hear such raving lunacy! It certainly gives me, personally, a lot to blog about.

pill-popping There is empirical evidence of clinical healing from alternative methods but it is continually dismissed as insufficient, anecdotal, and/or unscientific. The mass media and press that takes in lots of Big Pharma advertising money, churns out this put down of anything natural or alternative consistently. All the media has to do for “news” is read the press releases given to them from their income source. If you follow the money trails, this all gets very clear, very quickly.

The truth is, there is no truth. At least not in “that” system. If you still believe the FDA will protect you, test thoroughly before passing any drugs for public consumption, pay attention. That is what “they” want us to believe, but it is so far removed from the truth. The FDA is a clearing house for the food and drug industries corruption.

Dr. Marcia Angell, MD, author of The Truth About the Drug Companies: How They Deceive Us and What to Do About It, is also the first woman editor of America’s most prestigious medical journal, The New England Journal of Medicine. You know what she has to say? “It is simply no longer possible to believe much of the clinical research that is published, or to rely on the judgment of trusted physicians or authoritative medical guidelines. I take no pleasure in this conclusion which I reached slowly and reluctantly over my two decades as editor.”

Anywhere from a third to one-half or more FDA internal committee members have Big Pharma or Agribusiness financial ties. Often, key industry execs act as FDA consultants. (The fox is guarding the hen house!) Add to this the FDA’s user fee policy, where Big Pharma is allowed to fund their own drug trials after PAYING the FDA. This financial codependency promotes more manipulation of the already faulty “evidence based medicine” tests and trials.

People are beginning to wake up to the manipulative and deceptive practices that have previously been accepted as simply a part of our health care system. I know it doesn’t feel good to think we are all puppets in some grand financially controlled system. Or that we, as individuals with “health issues” are being lumped together into disease categories and fed drugs like barnyard sheep. What exists today is not health care, but disease care.

Education in proper nutrition and disease prevention could potentially put the drug companies out of business. They worry about losing their billions in profits. Which is why they will never tell you the truth(s) about their magical laboratory products. Everyone needs to wake up, see the money trails, and question just what they are doing in the name of health. This isn’t dress rehearsal for another life, so let’s get it “right” this time! Use the plethora of information available, both online and from natural health professionals. Do your own research on any medications you may be taking.

Sources you may find helpful are Natural News, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Hyman, Dr. Andrew Weil, and The Skeptics Health Journal Club. (The latter is written by a doctor who USED to work for the FDA – very interesting!) The time for change is NOW and as Nike says “Just Do It!”

Sources: Paul Fassa, Natural News 11/22/2010 Sidney M. Wolfe, M.D. http// Christopher Gussa, Natural News 3/2/2011 Assault on Medical Freedom, P.Joseph Lisa – 1994

Video on YouTube: “The Marketing of Madness” (movie trailer & movie available)

Guest Post Author:  Susan Blake is a certified Health and Wellness Consultant, certified Nutritional Counselor, free-lance writer and blogger at Susan is passionate about health and wellness, and has spent 40 years doing research. She received training from the Institute of Responsible Technology by Jeff Smith to present information on GMO’s and is currently enrolled in studies to become a Master Herbalist. In addition to speaking and teaching, she works with clients, families and small groups to find optimal health by learning to increase nutritional savvy, lose weight, and feel great!

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