Blogging War of Words – Live and Let Live

I’ve always enjoyed writing, whether online or offline. I’ve been writing for several years now, but have only had this online, very public forum to share my views and opinions on a variety of subjects for a little over a year and a half now. The internet is an amazing place for sure, where anyone with a computer can find information relating to their interests or problems from the privacy of their own homes.

Subscribing to and commenting on other blogs that interest me is also something I’ve enjoyed immensely, as there has been a feeling of community amongst fellow bloggers. That being said, there is also a growing trend where some bloggers use their own blogs, as well as other public forums such as Twitter, to criticize and humiliate other bloggers for any number of excuses.

Anyone with any real knowledge of how the internet works realizes that once your words are “out there” on the internet, they are there for the good, or for the bad. That knowledge should, I emphasize should, cause people with any sense of intelligence to be careful about what they say. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case.

We often hear about and are alarmed by cases of online bullying involving teens in various social networking sites, but when it comes to grown adults using their words to humiliate and criticize other adults publicly, not enough is said about it in my opinion. I find it especially disturbing to hear about so-called “A-Listers” (those who have a very popular, highly sought after blog or website) who decide to take it upon themselves to publicly harass and humiliate another blogger, which occurred recently on Twitter.

Just last week one of my favorite bloggers, FussyPants, experienced the attack of the A-Lister MommyBlogger, wherein the unnamed but well-known and so-called A-Lister blogger accused Fussy of copying a half a dozen original blogging themes from other bloggers, including the use of condescending terms such as “parasitic” to describe Fussy.

Mind you, this war of words was carried out publicly on Twitter, with fans of both bloggers having a knock-down-drag-out-fight-fest on Twitter. While I agree the A-Lister has the right to her own opinion (don’t we all?), to express her opinion in the manner she chose wreaks of fear and jealousy as the motivating force behind the whole ordeal.

Another blogger found herself accidentally caught up in a blogging war, where leaving a comment that was intended to compliment and commend a well-written post created a war of words she wasn’t even aware of, unfortunately costing her a number of subscribers.

As bloggers, we all have a responsibility to understand how our opinions can offend and hurt others, and not use our blogs or other public forums to tear down and humiliate others.

There are a number of blogs I subscribe to that include posts and opinions that are sometimes completely different from my own. That’s part of the beauty of having my own blog, where I can express my personal views and opinions, and those who read or subscribe to my blog have the right to disagree with everything and anything I say. There are blog posts that talk about issues relating to whether or not porn is good or bad in marriages, but due to my very strong opinions on that subject (I’m totally against it), I prefer to not participate by commenting on those posts.

We all have our own opinions, and I’ll be damned if I’m ever going to hold back from expressing my opinions wherever I see fit, but we also have the responsibility as grown adults to be mindful of what we say and how we say it, and the impact our words will have on others. Can’t we all just learn to get along and play nice with each other?

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