Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game Review and Giveaway

blurt-the-uproarious-word-race-game-150x150-1 Do you and your family enjoy playing fun board games? If so, the new Blurt! game is a must-have for family game night and parties with friends. Blurt! The Uproarious Word Race Game is back with a brand new 2009 edition, after having been sold by the original publisher and taken off of the market for several years.

The first and original Blurt! game was the brain-child of Tim Walsh in 1990, as he was trying to help keep 3rd grade students quiet in their classroom, and failing miserably. Tim was dating a teacher at the time (who he later married) and says, “My job was to quietly entertain a few kids in the corner of her classroom while she worked with the rest of her students on year-end projects.”

Browsing through some books with the students, Tim opened a dictionary and began to read aloud to himself, “The nut of an oak tree.” The 8-year-old students didn’t stay quiet for long. One child mumbled, “Oaknut”, but Tim smiled and said “No, it’s an acorn”. Continuing on with more word clues and seeing the children get more excited as they guessed at the answer, a light bulb went off in Tim’s mind and he knew he had discovered a great new game.

Blurt! was originally released as “Blurt! The Webster’s Game of Word Racing” in 1994 by a small puzzle company in Wisconsin, going on to win numerous awards and entertain families, selling its 1,000,000th copy in 2000.

“Blurt! was invented for kids, obviously, it came out of a classroom”, says Walsh. “Families and kids love it because it’s fast and fun, but go on YouTube and you’ll find more than a few school and college-age kids playing it and having a blast too. It’s not intimidating like trivia and it’s hilarious what people Blurt on in the heat of play.”

The newly updated Blurt! game is better than ever, with new words and clues that make game night fun for all, which now includes a Junior version of the Blurt game for children ages 7-9. Here’s a test of your “blurting” abilities: Think fast. What word means “a partially dried grape”? Hurry! If you are the first player to blurt out “raisin”, you’re well on your way to winning this uproariously funny board game of rapid word recall called Blurt!

How about another test of your blurting skills? Think fast. What would be your answer to “a person living in total solitude by choice”? Drumroll please…..If your answer is ‘hermit’, you are right. When we were playing Blurt and I was given that clue, I said ‘monk’.

What would you blurt out to clues like “a large, hairy spider”? Or, “dirt that is wet and sticky”? How about, “an ice cream holder you can eat”? or this clue, “the daughter of a king or queen”?

This updated Blurt! game comes with:

  • 6 game pieces, die, and guide

How to play Blurt!:

Roll the die. Read the corresponding clue. All players (3-12 players, ages 7 to adult) blurt word guesses. The first player to blurt the correct words moves ahead on the board. How simple and easy is that?! As the race heats up and the rapid-fire blurting gets excited players tongue-tied, a fun game night becomes a hysterically funny game for children and adults alike. The first person or team of players to circle the board wins the game.

Blurt!, the world-famous board game, is now published by Educational Insights and is celebrating the game’s 15th year of fast-paced fun, with OVER ONE MILLION SOLD. Not only is Blurt a great vocabulary building tool for kids, but Blurt! is a great addition to adult parties, social gatherings, family game night and even schools! I especially like how Blurt! is a multi-generational game that even grandma and grandpa will have fun playing, and is educational and fun all at the same time.

And guess what? Tim Walsh is offering autographed copies of the newly updated version of Blurt! to three (3) winners, which includes the Junior version of Blurt!, by way of a giveaway contest right here on Telling It Like It Is! How cool is that?!

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