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Hosting a wedding bridal shower is a lot of fun, especially when it’s a surprise shower, where the bride-to-be has no idea that a bridal shower and/or personal shower is being planned in her honor.

surprise-bridal-shower Hosting a wedding bridal shower is a lot of fun, especially when it’s a surprise shower, where the bride-to-be has no idea that a bridal shower and/or personal shower is being planned in her honor. Some women do not like surprises or surprise parties, so use your best judgment when deciding whether or not to plan a bridal shower as a shocking, emotional surprise party or one where the bride is aware and in agreement with all the plans being made.

While the bride and groom-to-be are busy planning a wedding of their dreams, close friends and family get together to celebrate the upcoming nuptials with a personal/bridal shower for the bride, showering the engaged couple with gifts of all kinds for their soon-to-be new married life together.

Some showers are kept separate, such as a bridal shower being held sometime prior to the wedding with kitchen, bed & bath type shower gifts given to the bride, then a more intimate “personal shower” is held on another day with personal gifts given such as lingerie and bath products. Other times a combo shower is thrown, where both bridal and personal type gifts are given to the bride, and/or the groom if he is in attendance.

Bridal Shower Themes

Couples bridal showers are popular parties too, for men and women friends and family to attend, but many bridal showers are strictly for women only. Bridal showers can be thrown in someone’s house or backyard, at a fine restaurant, at an elegantly decorated party venue, or even in a beautiful garden park, just to name a few options.

There are many bridal shower themes to choose from, but some bridal showers have no specific theme at all. Throwing an elegant bridal shower for a bride is not hard, and bridal showers don’t have to be expensive, to the point of breaking the bank. Hosting any kind of party requires being organized and planning well in advance, something that apparently comes quite easy to me.

After initially considering hosting the surprise shower in my home or having a garden bridal shower in a local park with beautiful blooming flowers throughout the park, the final decision was to host the combination personal/bridal shower at a uniquely decorated indoor venue as sort of an afternoon catered tea party, with a catered menu of foods all the ladies would enjoy.

Once I carefully considered everything needed for a perfect bridal shower besides the location, such as the food and drinks, decorations, invitations, a special bridal shower cake, bridal shower games to play, party favors, music and gifts etc, deciding on a catered bridal shower at the chosen venue was a no-brainer. No cleanup necessary!

Planning a Bridal Shower

Planning a bridal shower for the first time can be stressful, but there are many unique ideas and suggestions found online that anyone hosting a party can do and appear to be an expert at planning parties. Probably the most challenging part of the planning process was choosing the bridal shower invites and finding funny bridal shower games that are actually funny.

Many of the traditional bridal shower games I found online or in local stores have been played at bridal showers for so many years that they’re not fun or funny anymore. It’s like the shower games are old, tired, overused and worn out. Not fun at all. There appears to be a real shortage of what I would refer to as NEW bridal shower games, and the typical games commonly played didn’t appeal to me in the least.

I must have created a list of at least ten to twenty of the so-called best bridal shower games to choose from including Bridal Bingo; What the Bride Wore; She Said; Hanging Out to Dry; Guess What’s In the Bag!; I Want to See You etc, but all the ladies were having so much fun talking, laughing and enjoying themselves that we only had time for one game during the entire bridal shower, which was called Finding Mr. Wright.

Having looked at hundreds of bridal shower invites online and not finding any that appealed to me, I ultimately decided on printable bridal shower invitations that I could print on my computer as a do-it-yourself project. It was a simple task to find bridal shower-type poems to choose from, to add a nice personalized poem to the invitations that were mailed to all the invited guests.

Getting the bridal shower invitation wording just right, centered properly on the invitations and printed out was very easy, much easier than even I anticipated. Browsing through the thousands of bridal shower party supplies available online made my job as party hostess that much easier. There was no need to run from one store to the next all over town trying to find bridal shower favors and game prizes, etc.

Bridal Shower Gifts

Choosing a gift for a bridal shower isn’t difficult, especially when the bride and groom are registered for wedding gifts at a store with a bridal registry. Buying a personal shower gift for a bride-to-be is even easier in my opinion, whether the bride’s specific sizes are known or not. I have yet to experience problems selecting a gift for a bride and/or groom, regardless of whether the couple is registered for gifts or not.

The same is true for brides who are getting married for the second, third or fourth time. Even though it is commonly believed that men and women marrying for the second or third time most likely have everything they would need as far as gifts are concerned, that belief is not necessarily true for couples who have been married before.

Some people feel that throwing bridal showers or personal showers for brides marrying for the second or third time etc goes against so-called “etiquette” rules, but we’re living in the era of modern weddings and more modern views, rather than the traditional olden days of the 17th or 18th centuries that are rather archaic in its rules.

Even if a man and woman are marrying for the second, third or even fourth time, the marrying couple is entering into a brand new life together, which deserves to be celebrated by all near and dear to them. Therefore, I see no good reason why such couples should be “penalized” by not receiving gifts and well-wishes from anyone who cares to shower the couple with a gift or gifts of their choosing, whether the engaged couple is registered for gifts or not.

The surprise bridal shower I recently threw was a complete success. Combined with the equally surprising Bachelorette Party I also threw for the bride-to-be the night before the bridal shower, the weekend of surprise parties with surprise out-of-town guests was the most fun we’ve all had in quite some time.

Even though I’m confident that I could handle being a wedding planner if needed, the excitement and anticipation and insomnia during the days and weeks leading up to the parties, brings me to the conclusion that I should just stick to planning personal/bridal showers rather than planning weddings. At least until my sons and daughters decide to get married.