Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels

caution-children-should-come-with-warning-labels-150x150-1 Children should come with warning labels, am I right mom and dad readers? As a parent, do you have times where you could use a good laugh about raising children? Have you ever wished that your children came with warning labels when they were born?

Do you remember those crazy and frustrating times that didn’t seem very funny at the time, but later on you discovered you could laugh about them?

Although children don’t come with an instruction manual for parents, kids should definitely come with warning labels, such as:

  • Caution: Children Have No Warranty or Guarantee
  • Caution: Motherhood Causes Identity Theft
  • Caution: Teaching Children to Talk Will Backfire
  • Caution: Children Cause Hearing Loss
  • Caution: You are Not Smarter than a Fifth Grader
  • Caution: Peace and Quiet Come with a Price
  • Caution: Children are Not Cheaper by the Dozen
  • Caution: GPS Locator Recommended

Patti McKenna’s new book, appropriately titled Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels, is a true and humorous personal story of raising children from birth through young adulthood.


“Children have a natural tendency to explore, and their quest for discovery often takes them to unexpected places. While they may start out tugging on your leg, eventually making one leg of your jeans a few inches longer than the other, they ll wander from the task at hand and wind up in unfamiliar territory. I had never visited the space between the refrigerator and the wall until the day Sam got stuck in there. How she wedged herself in there, I’ll never know, but I had to physically move the refrigerator to free her from her newfound confines.

Then, Heather got her little head stuck between the rails of the banister. I also cannot explain how that occurred, but it is a phenomenon I believe should be added to the seven wonders of the world. The fact that we managed to pull her head out has to be the ninth wonder. Meridith got stuck, too. It’s frightening to know that your child is stuck and needs you, but you can’t pinpoint her location. The kids were outside playing, and their dad was with them, doing odd jobs and going back and forth from the garage to the yard. Walking out of the garage, he heard, Daaadddyyy! I’m cruck! Right away, he knew it was Meridith, because she was the only one who mispronounced the word stuck. Meri was cruck, but just where was she cruck at?”

“The title says it all. Patti has captured a truthful and humorous look at being a parent.” – Greg S. Reid, Author, Speaker, and Filmmaker

Patti McKenna has a nack for words, and her tongue-in-cheek parenting book of just 120-pages is full of hysterical stories about raising children, and is a book that appeals to both moms and dads with kids of all ages. Released in May 2009, Children Should Come With Warning Labels chronicles Patti McKenna’s funny and touching true experiences of everyday life as an average mom.

There is also two bonus sections: Parenting Survival Tips and Tricks, which are realistic, comedic, and on target, and Parenting Group Discussion Topics, which are thought-provoking and invite healthy debate on issues which are important to parents in their journey of raising children.

The story about the “industrial size jar of Skippy peanut butter” one child got her hands on while the parents were sleeping is priceless, as is the story about how Patti’s child nearly got her arrested for shoplifting in the grocery store. It gives new meaning to the saying “out of the mouth of babes”.

Ahh the memories. Caution: Children Should Come With Warning Labels by Patti McKenna is available at Amazon. I’ve read Patti’s book twice already and am about to start reading it for a third time – it’s THAT good!

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