Chihuahua Rescue in Dallas TX – Dallas Chihuahuas Adoption and Rescue

Until recently, we had no idea there were so many Chihuahua Rescue and Adoption options for Chihuahua lovers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It’s heartbreaking to learn that Chihuahuas and other dog breeds are in

chihuahua-dog-rescue-and-adoption-150x138-2-3 Until recently, we had no idea there were so many Chihuahua Rescue and Adoption options for Chihuahua lovers in the Dallas/Fort Worth area. It’s heartbreaking to learn that Chihuahuas and other dog breeds are in need of adoption and rescue, but there are many Chihuahua dog lovers and lovers of all dog breeds wanting to adopt a dog for a pet.

Fortunately, there are many “No-Kill” animal shelters in Texas for puppies and dogs of all breeds, not just Chihuahua dogs. Just the thought that our adorable little Chihuahua might have been put to sleep by euthanasia, if we had not bought her when we did, is incredibly sad but all too common.

Chihuahua rescue shelters and adoption centers in Dallas and nearby Texas cities are plentiful, so checking with any number of these animal shelters in search of Chihuahua puppies or adult Chihuahuas will not only bring dog lovers joy, but just might save a Chihuahua’s life.

Be sure to check with a dog shelter first in order to insure the shelter or center is currently “No-Kill”. For personal and private reasons, some dog owners find they are unable to keep their dog(s) any longer, but how upsetting it would be for these previous owners to learn their loved family pet had been put to sleep by euthanasia for no medical reason whatsoever.

Shelter or rescue group status is subject to change without notice, so make that phone call before you go. Some animal shelters DO practice euthanasia when medically indicated, or shelters may send aggressive dogs and other animals to animal control.

Chihuahua Rescue Dallas TX Adoption and Rescue Centers

In the Dallas area, there is a Chihuahua Rescue group called “Chihuahua Rescue & Transport, Inc.”, whose sole mission is to rescue and rehome Chihuahuas and Chihuahua mixes, most of which are pulled from shelters prior to euthanasia. More information on this Chihuahua rescue group can be found at their website, The website lists photos and information about Chihuahuas available for adoption in Dallas Texas, Oklahoma and nearby states.

Although not specializing in Chihuahua adoption or rescue specifically, here is a list of other Dallas area puppy and dog rescue and adoption centers, that may or may not have Chihuahuas available to adopt. It would be best to call ahead and see what kinds of dogs or puppies are available for adoption, especially if wanting a Chihuahua specifically.

Lexee’s Legacy in Carrollton, TX, has both dogs and cat adoptions available. Lexee’s Legacy is located at 1437 Halsey Way, Carrollton TX, 75007. Their phone number is 972-245-0900. Their website is

Straydog Inc in Gun Barrel City, TX, is very convenient for Plano TX residents in search of a dog to adopt in the local area. The address for Straydog Inc., The Arnold Family’s Happy Home for Strays, a No-Kill Dog Shelter, is P.O. Box 1465, Gun Barrel City, Texas, 75147. 903-479-3497. The Straydog website leaves much to be desired appearance-wise, but it can be found at Straydog Inc is on Facebook too, so do a Facebook search for “Straydog org” and you’ll find them.

East Lake Pet Orphanage in Dallas is located at 10101 E. Northwest Highway, Dallas, TX, 75238. 214-349-ELPO. More information can be found on their website at

Humane Society of Dallas County apparently established the first “No-Kill” animal shelter, Dog & Kitty City, whose mission and goal is to place healthy and rehabilitated animals into loving and responsible homes. The dog & kitty city is located at 2719 Manor Way, Dallas, TX. 214-350-7387. The Humane Society of Dallas Co’s website is at

Operation Kindness in Carrollton, TX is a nonprofit animal welfare organization that cares for homeless or unwanted cats and dogs in a no-kill environment. OK never euthanizes an animal to make room for another, and takes care of all the animals taken in until the puppy, dog, kitten or cat are adopted. Operation Kindness is located at 3201 Earhart Drive, Carrollton, TX, 75006. 972-418-PAWS. More information can be found on their website at

DFW Humane Society in Irving, TX is another nonprofit no-kill animal shelter dedicated to giving homeless and unwanted pets a second chance in life through adoption. At any given time, the DFW Humane Society houses between 80-100 animals and takes in strays and owner released pets from the Dallas/Fort Worth Metroplex. They are located at 4140 Valley View Lane, Irving, Texas 75038. 972-721-7788. More info on pet adoptions can be found at their website,

Animal Refuge Foundation in Sherman, TX (ARFhouse) is said to be the third largest no-kill, care-for-life dog sanctuary in the United States, with over 340 dogs on site. ARFhouse provides refuge and tender love and care for unwanted, abused, and/or physically challenged dogs and puppies no matter the size, breed, temperament, age or physical disabilities. The ARFhouse adoption program allows some of the dogs to be adopted by suitable owners, whereas other dogs remain under their care and attention for life. ARFhouse is located at 3377 Spalding Road, Sherman, TX 75090. 903-564-7056. Further information can be found on their website at

There are more dog and puppy rescue shelters in and around the Dallas and Fort Worth area for Chihuahua dog lovers and all other dog and puppy breeds, and anyone in the DFW area looking for a family pet should check out the shelters to see pets are available for adoption.