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edge-chronicles-book-1-beyond-the-deepwoods1-thumbnail-4 The Edge Chronicles book series by Paul Stewart and Chris Riddell is a children’s fantasy novel series (commonly referred to as “Edge Chronicles”) originally published in the United Kingdom but has since been published in the United States and Canada.

The Edge Chronicles book series 1-10 is a successful and enjoyable storyline (albeit scary at times) about the adventures of “Twig” living in the fantasy world of the Edge, sitting on the edge of the abyss. The list of 101 children’s classic books doesn’t include The Edge Chronicles as of yet, but Paul Stewart/Chris Riddell books certainly deserve to be included amongst the best children’s books ever written.

Older children and adult fans of fantasy novels such as Harry Potter or Lemony Snicket will surely enjoy the Edge Chronicles series filled with weird characters such as the Woodtrolls, the Caterbird, the foul-breathed halitoad, the Rotsucker, the Termagant Trogs, the Spindlebug, the gyle goblins, flesh-eating trees, the Gloamglozer, the wonderful Banderbear, Sky Pirates and their flying ships, and many more.

Note: Very young children may be frightened by the Edge Chronicles, so use your best judgement by reading/reviewing the edge books yourself prior to giving to them to young children.

The Edge Chronicles Books:

Edge Chronicles Book 1:

Beyond the Deepwoods 13-year-old Twig’s wood troll mother tells Twig he isn’t really a wood troll and that she found him as a baby. Twig begins an adventurous and mysterious trek to discover who he really is and where he came from, taking him far beyond the deepwoods to discover his ultimate destiny.

Edge Chronicles Book 2:

Stormchaser picks up a few years after Twig’s adventures in Deepwoods. Forbidden to accompany his recently-discovered sky-pirate father on an adventure to save the famed sky city Sanctaphrax from breaking it’s mooring and taking off forever, Twig stows away aboard the skyship “Stormchaser” on a quest for more stormphrax and discovers the secret of phraxdust.

Edge Chronicles Book 3:

In Midnight Over Sanctaphrax, young sky-pirate Captain Twig has been sent on an important mission (by his father Cloud Wolf) to save his world the Edge by severing the Anchor Chain of the floating city Sanctaphrax before the Mother Storm arrives. The aftermath of the storm leaves Twig’s ship blown apart and his crew scattered, leading Twig on a quest to find his crew members and save his homeland, accompanied by a loser named Cowlquape.

Edge Chronicles Book 4

The Curse of the Gloamglozer goes back in time to tell the story of Twig’s parents, Quint and Maris. Quint is the teenage son of a sky pirate and apprentice to Maris’ father, Linius Pallitax, who is the Most High Academe of the floating city of Sanctaphrax. Quint and Maris must brave the mysteries and horrors of the stonecomb to learn the terrible secret that Linius has been hiding that may put Sanctaphrax at serious risk and set out to save the city.

Edge Chronicles Book 5

The Last of the Sky Pirates follows the adventures and dangerous mission of young Rook Barkwater, a young under-librarian who is destined to become a Librarian Knight, doing research on the secret gatherings of banderbears. Rook meets Captain Twig during his exciting adventures, beginning a whole new adventure to rescue Cowlquape from the prisons of the villainous Most High Guardian of Night.

Edge Chronicles Book 6

In Vox , the young knight librarian, Rook Barkwater, attempts to stop the dark might of the Most High Academe but is taken prisoner and held captive as a slave at the Palace of the Statues by tyrant Vox Verlix, after losing his Stormhornet sky-craft while on patrol. Here he meets Speegspeel the goblin servant, Amberfuce the ghost-waif, and Flambusia, Amberfuce’s nurse. Fans of Harry Potter will thoroughly enjoy the quick-changing storyline found in The Edge Chronicles books.

Edge Chronicles Book 7

Freeglader Undertown is destroyed by a massive storm, while the residents flee for their lives during a perilous trek to the Free Glades in hopes of building themselves a new home, which is threatened by Master of the Foundry Glades, Hemuel Spume. Rook temporarily loses his memory, Rook’s friend Xanth faces trial for previous crimes as a former Night Guardian, culminating into one of the most spectacular battle scenes so far seen in The Edge Chronicles.

Edge Chronicles Book 8

The Winter Knights In the great city floating on a rock called Sanctaphrax, Quintinius Verginix (AKA Quint or Cloud Wolf) enters the prestigious Knights Academy as the protégé of the Professor of Light during a time of great turmoil. Quint and his friends (the so-called “White Knights“) set off in their ships to save the great city of Sanctaphrax by retrieving precious stormphrax, without which the great rock would break loose of its moorings and be lost forever, in the most gripping, action-packed cliff-hanger so far in the edge series.

Edge Chronicles Book 9

Clash of the Sky Galleons As the last book of the Quint Saga, Quint and his father Wind Jackal are Sky Pirates in command of the sky ship The Galerider. Their adventures take them from The Edge to the Deepwoods fighting the weather, carnivorous Bloodoak trees, vicious Shryke warriors or various other mortal enemies, as they endeavor to track down and bring to justice Turbot Smeal, the man who started the fire that killed their family. Wind Jackal’s judgment is flawed by his vengeful desire to capture Smeal, endangering the lives of his crew and his son Quint.

Edge Chronicles Book 10

the-immortals-thumbnail-4 The Immortals is the new Edge Chronicles book 10 and can now be ordered for its release on March 24, 2009. It’s sure to be just as exciting and chilling as each of The Edge Chronicles books have been thus far.

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