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Have you started your Christmas shopping yet? Christmas will be here before you know it, and if you haven’t yet gotten any ideas of what to give as Christmas gifts to those on your list, the sooner you start gathering your thoughts about affordable Christmas gifts the better off you’ll be.

We are firm believers in early Christmas shopping, getting in on the many discount deals available online as early as possible. We don’t wait until Black Friday comes, and we do the great majority of our Christmas shopping online, and it’s very rare that we ever step foot in any of the popular stores in search of xmas gifts, Christmas music, lights or decorations.

“The best of all gifts around any Christmas tree: the presence of a happy family all wrapped up in each other.” – Burton Hillis

affordable-christmas-gifts-2 We feel fortunate because the vast majority of those on our list of people to give gifts to have Amazon wish lists full of gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays, anniversaries etc, which makes buying Christmas gifts affordable and easy. Throughout each year, friends and family add gift ideas to their wishlist of items they need or want, editing and updating as needed, and since we are Amazon Prime members, gifts or items purchased on Amazon arrive in just two days with free shipping.

Time will tell how much the current economy situation will affect Christmas shopper’s spending habits this year and the growing number of requested Christmas gift donations for needy children, and that’s just one reason among many why beginning Christmas gift shopping early is very helpful and budget friendly.

Will you be spending the same amount of money this year as in year’s past on Christmas gifts? Less? More? Will you be buying new Christmas decorations for inside or outside your home, or be satisfied to decorate your home this year with lights and decorations from year’s past? Will you buy Christmas gifts or use your learned skills and make homemade gifts by sewing, knitting, crocheting, crafting, painting, pottery, canning, woodworking, candle-making, etc?

Quality handmade gifts to give as unique Christmas gifts (or any other occasion) is a personal favorite, as it shows the gift is well thought out for the intended recipient and handmade by loved ones in our lives we hold dear to our hearts. Even if you don’t yet know how to make crafts by hand, there is still plenty of time to start learning how to make gifts from kits for beginners and build on your ability and skill at making homemade gifts, which make wonderful inexpensive gifts for Christmas year after year.

Buying Christmas gifts for kids or adults that are unique and new depend a lot on what they like or what interests they have. For babies or young toddlers, it’s usually best to stick with well-known toy makers that make strong and durable toys that are less likely to break or be recalled. If you’re good at wood crafting for example, making wooden toys for little girls and boys on your list (or as Christmas gift donations to low income children) are gifts that will be enjoyed, appreciated and remembered for many years.

Personalized Christmas gifts are very special and unique in themselves, which is why we often browse the website called Personal Creations for gift ideas for Christmas, baby showers and birthdays, for those on our list who don’t have an Amazon wish list and even those who do have a wishlist. We have always been able to find unique personalized gifts for men, women and children on that website and the prices are very affordable to anyone’s budget, but we also really enjoy gifting people with Experience Gifts that will never be forgotten.

What would Christmas be without Christmas music? While we certainly enjoy listening to the many classic Christmas songs over the holiday season, we also enjoy buying new Christmas music by artists we like and singing along during holiday gatherings with family and friends. Browsing Amazon’s Christmas Corner is a great place to start looking for anything and everything Christmas, whether we’re looking for new and unique Christmas decorations, indoor or outdoor Christmas lights, Christmas stockings and stocking stuffer ideas, music, Christmas tree ornaments or nativity sets etc, we can always find what we’re looking for by Christmas shopping online at Amazon with free shipping.

By Christmas shopping online, we’ve found many of the most popular Christmas yard art decorations to display over the holiday season, but we’ve also found many unique one-of-a-kind Christmas yard decorations that have not yet been seen in any local yard displays that make the top of our list of affordable Christmas decorations to buy.

Have you ever made your own homemade Christmas wreath to display on your front door or in your home hanging over the fireplace mantel? Several years ago my children and I made a large handmade Christmas wreath and we had lots of fun making it and it turned out looking great and lasted a long time. If you’re not that adventurous and would rather buy a Christmas wreath already made, you can find many varieties and many colors of wreaths with prices to fit anyone’s budget by shopping online.

Do you buy Christmas cards to mail to family and friends or do you prefer to just send Christmas “ecards” that are emailed to loved ones? We prefer to stick with the traditional, so-called old-fashioned way of buying cheap Christmas cards and mailing them via snail mail, although there was one year awhile back where we decided to skip sending Christmas cards at all that year.

Many people are talking about and writing about what is often referred to as the economic meltdown in America and abroad, so when buying Christmas gifts this year, use your best judgment on deciding how much money you can afford to spend on gifts. Always remember that it’s the thought that counts not the price tag, so if you must shop for gifts less then $50, $25 or even less than $10, you can still find inexpensive Christmas gifts online that are thoughtful gifts to give, or make your own Christmas gifts.

I’ve seen many offline and online articles over the last year or so talking about the importance of remembering and always keeping in mind the true meaning of Christmas, spending time with family, friends and loved ones, enjoying holiday meals together, rather than focusing primarily on what you hope to “get” for Christmas gift-wise. The idea of not giving Christmas gifts at all, but rather enjoying the holidays together with loved ones, seems to be a growing trend out of sheer necessity.

Homemade Christmas gifts from your kitchen might include homemade holiday breads, muffins, tarts, Christmas cookies, brownies, candies, food ornaments made from dough, baking mixes or soup mixes with recipe card included, etc. These kitchen gifts are often referred to as Gifts in a Jar, where ingredient mixes are added to cheap wide-mouth jars in layers, the lid or entire jar is wrapped and decorated with inexpensive ribbon, and the recipe card attached. You don’t have to guess on how to make gifts in a jar, because there are many easy to follow recipe books with details on how to make jar gifts and how to decorate the jar for gifting purposes.

Put some thought into the Christmas gifts you give, even if it means making or buying cheap Christmas gifts or giving gifts from your kitchen. If possible, remember those less fortunate than yourselves and consider donating Christmas gifts to children who will otherwise go without, volunteer your time serving holiday meals in shelters and homebound elderly. Christmas is about loving and caring for the needs of others as best we can, sharing what gifts we have to offer, and spending time with our families, friends and loved ones – not keeping up with the Joneses.

“From home to home, and heart to heart, from one place to another, the warmth and joy of Christmas brings us closer to each other.” – Emily Matthews

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