Christmas Wish List: My Top Christmas Wish List for Christmas

My Christmas Wish List


Coming up with my Christmas wish list for Christmas is always a challenge for me. I’m very good at crossing off everyone else’s Christmas wish lists, as I start my Christmas shopping very early. When it’s time to tell friends and family about my Christmas wish list, that’s where I often get stuck. “What do you want for Christmas?”, “What is on your Christmas wish list this year?” are the questions everyone wants to know.

My Christmas wish list is more like an online wish list, since virtually everything I buy is online anymore. Since many other bloggers have posted a Christmas wish list of their own, I guess it’s not too crazy an idea for me to do the same. So, here goes my Christmas list of gifts I hope to receive for Christmas, and hopefully Santa Claus will grant me everything on my wish list this year. I’ve been a very good girl all year long, just in case you didn’t know. simple-smile-4

My Christmas Wish List

BUNN Coffee Pot
Airbed for Camping
Airbed Cover
Amazon Gift Cards
Chronicles of Narnia
David Cook CD
Digital Picture Frame
Josh Groban “Awake”
Josh Groban “Noel”
Kindle Reader
Maxine Calendar
Portable DVD Player
Sony Headphones
More Gift Cards!

Well, there goes my Christmas wish list for Christmas 2008. I can’t get enough of Josh Groban or David Cook, so I’m really hoping for some CD’s for Christmas.

The Digital Picture Frame would be great for family pictures on my desk at work, and the Portable DVD Player and matching headphones would be great each time I fly to visit my grown kids and grandson out of state, or when I finally get the opportunity to travel to Olongapo in the Philippines. Plane rides can be very boring to say the least.

What is on your Christmas wish list this year? If you could name your Top 5 Christmas gifts you hope to receive, what would they be? Did you make a Christmas wish list?

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