Closet Purge to Fashionable Working Wardrobe Upgrade

The thought of spending an entire day cleaning out the closet and getting rid of more stuff in a massive closet purging session seemed overwhelming and somewhat depressing. I had the urge to purge nearly

hangers The thought of spending an entire day cleaning out the closet and getting rid of more stuff in a massive closet purging session seemed overwhelming and somewhat depressing. I had the urge to purge nearly 90% of the clothes, shoes and fashionable accessories in my closet that I had accumulated over the last several (many) years.

Having scheduled a few career-changing interviews in my ongoing effort of leaving dentistry completely and beginning a brand new career path, standing in my closet and looking for interview-worthy business casual wardrobe attire that would work, fit well and look amazing on me, my shoulders began to droop as the realization hit me that I have nothing to wear. Sure, those lined wool black dress slacks hanging in the closet would be great for business interviews, but temperatures outside were well into the 90’s and simply not going to work.

Fortunately, I had a full week to figure out what I was going to wear to the interviews, which meant that I had to (grudgingly) go shopping for clothes. Since I’ve been working in dentistry for about 25 years now, my working wardrobe has consisted of medical/dental scrub uniform sets, day in and day out. I’m not a clothes hoarder, I don’t care about what the latest fashion trends are, and I do not enjoy or get excited about going clothes shopping for myself.

I spent an entire day driving from store to store looking for “fashionable” business casual clothing and found a few essential wardrobe pieces that easily mix-and-match and coordinate well with each other, and for the current season. I’m glad that’s over.

Closet Purging in One Day – Get Rid of It!

The weekend after the interviews was my time to overhaul and purge my closet of virtually everything in it, and it only took me one full day. Standing in the closet one morning, I literally tried on every article of clothing hanging in the closet, including a few things I had to sort of squeeze myself into until I gave up, knowing these simply do not fit me anymore. My purge included casual and dress shoes that hurt my feet, high heel pumps, low heels and flat slip-ons, purses I had not used for so long that I had forgotten they were even in my closet built-in cabinets.


My purge pile laying on the floor of our bathroom became quite high, and wide. I filled 3 large black trash bags with clothes, sweaters, blazers, skirts, shoes, sandals, purses to the very top. I wasn’t finished either. I still had to clean out dresser drawers and the closet built-in cabinets, which are intended to be used for “organizing your closet” and not to fill up with clothes and “stuff” that no longer fits; needs repair; stuff you might fit into again some day; doesn’t match your current “fashion style”; tops and t-shirts that make you feel downright frumpy. {Guilty}

What am I going to do with all of the stuff from my closet purge? 4 large trash bags full of clothes and shoes (and and and) by the time I finished purging? I’m still working on what to do with everything I purged, placing articles of clothing in separate and marked bags. Some to consider selling in a garage sale or consignment shop; some to donate to a local woman’s shelter or charitable organization; sweaters to cut up and make into other things for the fall/winter months (ie. boot cuff leg warmers from sweater sleeves! Thank you Pinterest!!!)

Seeing what I had left to wear in the closet after purging nearly everything came a real shock. Lots of empty hangers, and just a few things left that deserve to be in my closet and worn. Fall and winter weather was coming, and other than my scrub uniforms and those very few wardrobe essentials I bought, there wasn’t much of anything left for me to wear during weekends, off work days, and nights out on the town.

Now I have to work on building a wardrobe again, for work and play. With clothes, shoes and accessories that I absolutely love, looks fabulous on me and my body shape and personal style. As an over 50 middle-aged woman, reading recommendations online for women to “dress your age” seems silly to me. Dress my age? Which age, the actual age I am right now (50 Plus) or the age I feel (35)? Comparing images of fashion conscious women in their 30’s, 40’s and 50’s, including those who represent “plus size fashion”, I haven’t really found that much difference, other than what each woman feels looks best on their body shape and personal style.

Fall is my favorite season of the year. Fall weather, trees changing colors, cooler temperatures, and the gorgeous color combinations in “fall fashion” will definitely help in making my post-closet purge wardrobe upgrade easier and maybe even make shopping online for Over 50 Fashion a wee bit fun.