What Is The Best Computer Monitoring Software For My Children?

Do you know what your kids are doing online? Do you really know? If you feel you need to know what your children or teens are doing online, you will need a computer monitoring program, also referred to as computer filtering programs.

Maybe you want to help keep your kids safe from sexual predators online due to advances in technology for children, or perhaps you want to know what your spouse or employees are doing online when they are on the computer. Whatever the case may be, computer and Internet Monitoring Programs run invisibly in the background of your computer while your kids, spouse or employees are using the computer.

With computer monitoring software, you can know what your kids are doing online, on MySpace, Facebook and other social networking sites, as well as instant messaging and email conversations that may be causing you concern. The Online Safety Site has a chat example of what your kids may be doing online without your knowledge, and parents need to know what their kids are doing online in order to protect their children.

The computer monitor and filter programs listed below offers a variety of features, so be sure to carefully review the information to help you in deciding which internet monitor program is right for your situation with your kids, spouse or employees.

Spector Pro 6.0 is the best spy software that money can buy. Spector PRO was awarded the coveted Editor’s Choice by PC Magazine, also offering Spector for Mac OS 3.0. Records emails, chats, IM, web sites visited, keystrokes typed and ALL MYSPACE. PLUS includes Internet time Blocking and danger alerts! Web Site Recording tool monitors every page accessed and saves a record of the URLs chronologically – Last Visit, Duration on Site, Active Time on Site, Total Number of Visits and more. Record every program (or application) and program window run on the computer being monitored.

eBlaster 5.0 is the ONLY software in the world that will capture their incoming and outgoing email and then immediately forward that email to you. eBlaster also captures BOTH sides of chat, instant messages, all keystrokes, websites and screenshots. Dependable, full-featured remote surveillance software; Records Internet and PC activity; comprehensive email reports sent right to your inbox. Easy for computer novices to install and use effectively.

Net Nanny 5.5 will allow you to manage your family’s Internet policy and from anywhere you have access to an Internet connection-even from work or on vacation! Review detailed interactive charts and graphs that provide information about where, how long and how often your family members are spending on certain web site. Manage access to Instant Messaging applications and see the full text of all Instant Message conversations.

Kidswatch Internet Security Parental Control V5 is a 2008 Award Winning Internet Safety and Parental Control software package that can meet the challenges facing parents on how to protect children from the negative aspects of computer use. Help your kids stay away from trouble and take the next step in parental supervision and computer supervision! Limit Internet surfing, chatting & game play. Receive email notifications when suspect words or phrases are encountered in chat conversations. Monitor chat, websites visited, programs used and computer use.

Telling It Like It Is fully endorses WiredSafety.org as a leader in Internet safety and help group on issues including social networking, cyber bullying and protecting kids from online predators of all kinds.

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If your children know more about technology and computers than you do, this post is for you. If your children or teenagers are nearby, now is the time to usher them out of the room because this is for your eyes only. If it’s not possible to read this in private right now, than be sure to bookmark this page and come back to it when you can read it without ‘inquiring minds’ hovering nearby. You’ll understand why in just a couple of minutes.

Do your young children or teenagers know more about technology and computers than you do? Do you scratch your head in amazement and utter confusion when your children discuss the latest and greatest technological advances that you know nothing about? How about this: Do you really know what your children or teenagers are doing while they are online? Do you know and understand the dangers of webcams? If that in itself doesn’t concern or worry you, it should.


Advances in technology play an ever-increasing role in our lives today, with much of it being positive, and it will only increase in the future. While there are great potential benefits with technology and computers for learning and discovery, there is also tremendous opportunity for misuse. According to the NAEYC (National Association for the Education of Young Children), “early childhood educators (and parents) carry the responsibility to critically examine the impact of technology on children and be prepared to use technology to benefit children”. That begs this question: How can the non techno-savvy parent “critically examine the impact of technology” on their children if they are clueless about technology and computers?

Most parents tell their children not to talk to strangers, not to open the door if they are home alone, and not to give out personal information to persons unknown. Most parents keep track of where their children are, who their friends are and where they live, etc. However, many parents do not understand or realize that this same attentiveness and supervision must include critical examination and supervision while their children and teenagers are online.

Children and teenagers are not protected by a parents assumption that online service providers are supervising and regulating what goes on in “chat rooms”, “news groups”, or social networking sites like MySpace. Websites like MySpace “require” users to be at least fourteen years old to join, however there is no way that MySpace can verify the truthfulness of age. Therefore, someone who is well into their 30’s or even 50’s and older can easily pretend to be someone in your child’s age group and communicate with your child.


So, what can a non techno-savvy parent do to guide and protect their children?

Educate yourself-

Recently a news story was published about a young girl named Megan who was a victim of online bullying, which unfortunately lead her to commit suicide rather than continue struggling through this horrific ordeal. I dare say that if her parents’ were closely monitoring and supervising Megan’s online activities with the tremendous help of commercially available computer monitoring software, Megan would likely be alive today and her tormentors in jail where they belong.

“Get It? Got It? Good!” is a free download booklet on the topic “family guide on getting to grips with technology”. It’s an extremely useful booklet offered by a children’s charity called NCH, full of information for the techno-challenged parent. You may even want to print off several copies for family and friends, or email them the link so they can benefit as well.

Closely monitor your children’s online activities-

I am very grateful that I found computer monitoring software that allowed me to track everything that my children do online. Being able to track all incoming and outgoing email conversations, instant messages, MySpace comments, and all other communications online helps ensure that my children are kept safe. With personal effort and practice, parents can do much to ensure their children’s safety, and hopefully this has been a wake up call for you.

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