Cool Ideas For Decorating Your Kid’s Birthday Party

If you’re planning on having a kid’s birthday party, the best thing to do is to decide on a theme first. All of the decorations that you purchase and even the invitations will tie into the theme. Throwing a kid’s party is a bit different from throwing a 21 year old birthday party. There’s a lot more room for creativity so you can have fun while decorating… not just when the party begins.

Choosing the theme.

circus-party2The best way to choose the theme, is to talk to your child and find out which one he or she would enjoy best. Here to the right is a picture of a Circus themed party. When my kids didn’t know which themes to choose, I suggested several options for them.

Some ideas would be sports themes, animals or a preferred hobby. You can also use a favorite movie or cartoon such as the finding nemo birthday party which has become a family favorite.

Some parents have even opted for holidays birthday parties. For example, if the birthday is in the month of April, then you can make it Easter themed and use these kids Easter basket ideas when decorating your party. Once the theme is picked out, you can go onto the next step of decorating your party.

Choosing the color scheme.

circus-party1Children love bright colors so make sure you choose a color scheme that is happy.

Some ideas for contrasting colors that look great together are: purple and green, blue and orange, and pink and yellow. It really depends on the theme you end up choosing. All of the napkins, cups, plates, banners, streamers and balloons should complement each other.

For example, if you were to purchase backyardigans party supplies, the best color combination would be purple and yellow. Use your creativity and fill your party with fun decoratives.

Make a cool entrance way and add streamers.

Create an entrance way out of cardboard and make it tie into the theme. If you’re doing a princess theme party, you can make the entrance way castle doors. It’s always a good idea to have a friend helping you when you do this. Also, use different colored streamers in the ceiling of the living room. Prefer to buy shiny and glittered materials. Children love things that sparkle. This is a sure way to create a fun environment.

Another great way to impress the guests right when they arrive, is by having a balloon arch in the entrance way. Make sure to use at least 2 different colors in the arch. (One-colored arches are a bit bland.) This post on how to decorate with balloons will give you practical tips on saving time and headaches when setting up the balloons.

Don’t forget the walls.

For the walls, you can buy posters and banners with the theme of the party. There are lots of already made banners with the happy birthday saying for you to choose from. One of the focal points of the party is the cake table so make sure to put the best banners and balloons behind it.

Get inspired when decorating the tables.

circus-party3The great thing about children’s themes is that you can use toys and stuffed animals as table decorations and they’re so easy to find. Everyone loves a themed cake so don’t forget to order one of those. You can also use Christmas white lights on the foods tables.

Lighting always adds a special touch to any decoration. Make little paper flags that tie into the theme of the party and stick them in sandwiches or sweets with toothpicks. Put confetti into plastic bowls that match and add paper flowers to it.

I hope you enjoyed these tips for decorating your kids birthday party.

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eren-mckay-face-2Eren Mckay is a work at home mom to 3 boys. She loves to share baby shower ideas and help others with party planning. She is also the founder of Embracing Home which is a website created to inspire, encourage, motivate and provide resources for families.

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