Dating Safety Tips For Women

Dating can be a fun and exciting time in your life, with hopes of meeting your special someone, building a family together, and spend the rest of your life in marital bliss. Dating can also

dating-2 Dating can be a fun and exciting time in your life, with hopes of meeting your special someone, building a family together, and spend the rest of your life in marital bliss. Dating can also be disappointing and downright dangerous, much like trying to safely walk through a minefield with nary a scratch. While I have previously written articles about dating and online dating, sharing a few dating safety tips for women, along with some personal dating experiences might help you to better understand the magnitude of protecting yourself in this rather crazy world.

First let me emphasize that it matters not where you meet someone; at a club, your job, grocery store, church, or local library. What does matter is the importance of paying utmost attention to what is going on around you, using what some refer to as your “intuition”. Knowing when it’s time to walk away, or perhaps even run away, can make all the difference in the world. Ignoring that little voice in back of your mind, informing you that “something just doesn’t feel right”, can easily get you into serious trouble. Consider these personal experiences I had while in the dating arena, as I offer you dating safety tips for women. At the conclusion I will ask you to share your own experiences.

bipolar I met Mike at a local club, while out with my girlfriends one evening. Mike approached me, and after talking for close to an hour, we arranged to meet a few days later at a restaurant. I arrived before he did, and waited at our reserved table. Shortly after his arrival, our waitress came to get our drink orders. As soon as the waitress left, Mike reached into his shirt pocket and pulled out a slip of paper. He informed me that he had prepared a list of “dating requirements” that I would have to agree to, if we were to begin dating each other. I’m not kidding! I stared at him momentarily with raised eyebrows and started to chuckle sarcastically. He slid the paper over to me, and it’s contents not only shocked me, but also told me I wouldn’t be staying for even my iced tea.

I don’t recall each of the ten items he listed, but the ones I do remember were that 1) I was not to ever wear anything pink or red. Not clothing, lipstick, nail polish, not anything in those colors. 2) I would have to agree to have sex with him every other day, without fail. (Are you laughing yet?!) Number 3 was his informing me that he was Bi-Polar and “usually” takes his medicine. By this time I was laughing out loud. I didn’t even finish reading the entire list, but simply slid the paper right back to him, got out of the booth and laughed my way right back to my car and went home. Yikes!

daterape2I met Jake at the same club some months later, and arranged to meet one evening at a local coffee house. Both arriving at about the same time, we settled in at the counter bar and ordered our preferred coffee. We had pleasant conversation over coffee, generally getting to know each other’s interests, hobbies etc. At one point I excused myself to the ladies room, where I found several woman hovering over a young lady who was obviously very sick, looking almost green. This very sick woman was adamantly warning us to be extremely cautious about what might be put into our coffee, saying someone slipped a drug into her drink without her noticing.

I returned to my date, and he offered to buy me another coffee. Having just seen this very sick woman in the ladies room, I carefully watched Jake as he approached the nearby creamer stand, and specifically requested a different creamer than I had asked for. These creamers were in steel restaurant containers, where a “bartender” would spoon out your creamer of choice. Jake returned with the coffee, and seemed irritated when I didn’t begin drinking it. With only a moments hesitation, I told him that I saw him order what I did not ask for, and told him about the woman in the bathroom. I then dumped the steaming hot coffee on Jake’s lap and walked out without another word to him. I bet he still remembers me, ya think?

self-defense-for-women Last, but not least, was 6’5″ David. We met on my favorite online dating service. After corresponding for awhile online, we arranged to meet at a nearby restaurant, where we enjoyed great conversation over dinner and drinks for five hours. Finally it was time for me to go home, so we said our goodbyes and I walked to my car, parked as always right under a brightly lit light nearest the entrance. Suddenly I heard footsteps approaching, and saw it was David, who had parked his car right next to mine. He invited me to go to his place, saying he “didn’t want the evening to end so soon”. I declined, and immediately knew there wouldn’t be a second “date”. He persisted, ultimately grabbing my arm and attempted to pull me into his car. After freeing my right arm, he received a swift jab to the face. He also received a kick to his “nether region”, which immobilized him on the ground. Seconds later I was driving away in my car, safe and sound. I am certain HE will never forget me.

Although these true dating experiences may not have happened to you, they hopefully shine the light on what possibly could happen, and the importance of staying keenly aware of your surroundings in order to protect yourself. I eventually met my husband online, and soon we will celebrate our fifth wedding anniversary. For more tips and articles on dating, please visit my Dating Category.

I’d love to hear about your dating experiences, good or bad. Please share them with us by commenting on this post.

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