Dog Friendly Dog Parks – Off Leash Dog Parks in Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen, Fort Worth

As any dog lover knows, dogs love to run free and play with other dogs without having to be on a leash all the time. Off leash dog parks are extremely popular places to take

dog-friendly-dog-parks As any dog lover knows, dogs love to run free and play with other dogs without having to be on a leash all the time. Off leash dog parks are extremely popular places to take dogs of all sizes, where small, medium and large dogs can get some needed exercise and playtime at an outdoor or indoor dog park without being tethered to a leash.

Even though our dogs have lots of room to run and play in our large backyard, it’s easy to understand the popularity of taking dogs to local dog parks, whether it’s an indoor or outdoor, on leash or off leash park for dogs. We’ve heard a lot of good things about our local Dallas and Fort Worth area dog parks, as well as the dog parks in Plano and Frisco TX and other nearby cities, that we’re considering visiting a couple of the dog parks to see what we think about them.

While we have heard good things about various local dog parks, we’ve also heard and read stories of personal experiences that give us reason for pause and concern about dog parks, so we’re still unsure about taking our large Lab and small Chihuahua dog to even “dog friendly” dog parks until we know more. Our Labrador can hold her own when playing amongst other dogs, including dogs and their owners we’ve heard about that don’t understand the term dog park etiquette.

Are dog parks safe? I’ve read enough reviews of dog parks to recognize the reality that some so-called dog friendly dog parks are rated as quite unfriendly and unsafe for dogs, kids and dog owners. I’m not convinced that taking our Chihuahua puppy to any kind of dog park would be wise, so for the time being or until we find a dog park suitable for small dogs, she’s staying home and will keep enjoying the fun benefits of going on walks.

Dr. Dara Johns of Parkway Animal Hospital in Niceville Florida is quoted in a Veterinary News article about dog parks saying, “viruses and parasites — including those transmitted through feces Parvo virus, hookworms, roundworms, coccidian and giardia — pose a great threat since not every dog owner cleans up after their pup at dog parks. But there also are air-borne concerns like distemper, kennel cough and canine influenza, she says. Leptospirosis will lurk in urine and is commonly found in wet areas, posing problems for dog parks with ponds or pools. The zoonotic nature of leptospirosis makes virus a double threat, Johns says.”

Dr. Johns listed the most inherent danger of dog parks as a behavioral one. “She recently treated a small poodle attacked at a local dog park and says owners must be made to recognize that they must always be in control of their dog and be on guard for others owners who are not”.

Dog Friendly Dog Parks in Dallas, Plano, Fort Worth, Frisco and Allen

The ASPCA website has an excellent article on how to choose a dog park for your dogs the right way, the many benefits of off leash dog parks, the health and safety concerns many dog owners like us share, the importance of dog owners constantly observing and watching their dog’s behavior and many other general guidelines about using dog parks.

It’s easy to find off leash dog parks in the Dallas – Fort Worth metroplex, or just Texas dog parks in general. To find off leash dog parks in Texas cities including Dallas, Plano, Frisco, Allen and Fort Worth are cities and neighborhoods, visit dog park finder websites like and

Dog Goes is my personal favorite website to locate the best list of off leash dog parks, which includes maps of where the dog parks are located, and dog park reviews explaining why some dog parks are considered unfriendly by people who took their dog(s) to certain parks for dogs.

Below is a list of 22 dog parks in and around the Dallas/Fort Worth Metro area. It is strongly advised by veterinarians and fellow dog owners to visit dog parks without your dogs a couple/few times before finally choosing a dog park, to see what typically goes on at any dog park you may be considering.

  1. Bark Park Central in downtown Dallas, the Deep Ellum dog park, under Central Expressway (Hwy 75) at Good Latimer and Commerce. 214-671-8001
  2. Boone Family Dog Park, coming in 2012, is located at Olive Street and Woodall Rodgers Freeway in Dallas.
  3. Central Dog Park (managed by Central Christian Church) is located at 4711 Westside Drive in Dallas.
  4. Frisco Dog Park is in process of being built as a fenced dog park at the B.F. Phillips Community Park, located at 4th Army Memorial Road in Frisco Texas.
  5. Les Lacs Trail Dog Park is located at the south end of Les Lac Trail at Les Lacs Linear Park, corner of Sidney Drive and Woodway Drive in Addison Texas.
  6. Railroad Dog Park is a 6-acre fenced dog park in Lewisville Texas near the Trinity River at 1301 S. Railroad Street. Valley Ridge Blvd and Bennett Lane. 972-219-5077
  7. Rockwall Paws Dog Park is a fenced dog park located at Harry Meyers Park, 815 East Washington in Rockwall, TX, and is scheduled to open May 2011.
  8. Villages of Bear Creek Dog Park is a 3-acre unleashed dog park located at 1951 Bear Creek Parkway in Euless Texas.
  9. White Rock Lake Dog Park is located at 8000 Mockingbird Lane in Dallas, TX, at Mockingbird Point Park. 214-671-8001 or 214-670-8895
  10. The Pooch Patio is a private dog park located at 3811 Fairmount Street in Dallas.
  11. BooBoo’s Buddies Dog Park is located at Bob Jones Park, on North White Chapel Road in Southlake TX.
  12. Canine Commons Dog Park is located at 190 East Stacy Road, corner of HWY 75 and Stacy Road, in Allen TX.
  13. Central Bark Grand Prairie Dog Park (Paw Pals) at Veterans Park, located at 2222 West Warrior Trail in Grand Prairie TX.
  14. Fort Woof Dog Park is located at Gateway Park, north of Interstate 30 between Beach Street and Oakland Boulevard, east of downtown Fort Worth. See for more information, hours of operation, dog park rules etc.
  15. Irving Dog Park is part of the Irving Texas Animal Care Campus, located at 4140 Valley View Lane. 972-721-2256
  16. Jack Carter Dog Park in Jack Carter Park is located at 2199 West Spring Creek Parkway in Plano TX, corner of Spring Creek Pkwy and Pleasant Valley Drive.
  17. Main Street Garden Urban Dog Run is a basic dog run located in downtown Dallas at 1900 Main Street
  18. Waggin’ Tails Dog Park in Plano Texas is located at 1151 West Parker Road, corner of Parker and Alma – behind the Flowerama. 972-398-6008
  19. Redding Trail Dog Park at Dome Park in Addison TX is a small dog park located at the far east end of Redding Trails.
  20. Tails and Trails Dog Park is located at 950 SE Green Oaks Blvd in Arlington TX. 817-459-5898
  21. Wiggly Field Dog Park at Lake Forest Park is located at 1400 East Ryan Road in Denton TX. 940-349-8731
  22. Wagging Tail Dog Park located at 5841 Keller Springs Road in Dallas. 214-670-4100

All leashed or off leash dog parks have their own rules and regulations dog owners must follow, so do an online search for the specific dog park in your local area and see if there isn’t a website listing for directions, maps, rules, hours of operation, phone numbers, etc may be found.