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dog-in-the-garden-2 Dogs and gardens don’t mix, and even though dogs are a man’s best friend, keeping dogs out of the garden was the reason why the idea of creating a fruit and vegetable garden seemed impossible. As any dog lover knows, dogs love to dig, and our large Lab is no different.

It’s natural for dogs to dig and chew, but how do you keep a dog from digging in the garden and ruining all your hard work gardening? I’ve wanted a fruit and vegetable garden for some time now, and after reading article after article about dog friendly gardens and dog repellents for gardens, we finally decided on a solution that works best for us.

There are many varying ideas about how to keep dogs out of gardens, regardless if the garden is a flower garden, vegetable garden and so on. One recommendation was to separate the yard with a dividing fence, thereby creating a “dog run” for the dogs to do their thing, without being able to access or trample the garden.

The dog run idea would have suited me just fine, since our backyard is large enough for us to enjoy spending time outdoors without the dogs on top of us at all times. Our dogs have had the run of the entire backyard, doing the natural thing of digging and playing and running at will.

But, at least for me, spending very much time in the backyard just for the sake of sitting outside and enjoying the warmer weather with or without guests over lost its appeal. Our once beautifully landscaped yard, with young fruit trees growing, flowers and shrubs etc, was eventually destroyed due to over-exuberant digging dogs. Fig tree, demolished and gone. Plum tree, chewed to pieces and now gone. Flowers? Don’t ask.

We needed a dog repellent garden, where our dogs would understand and know better than to even think about going anywhere near our vegetable garden and newly planted fruit trees. Spray on repellents and granule/powder garden repellents need to be applied on an ongoing, regular and routine basis. That can become quite expensive over time, and some so-called repellents aren’t necessary good for a pets health if consumed, and can actually be toxic.

We then did some research into natural, homemade dog repellents for garden use and found this article offering some good tips on how to make organic dog repellent from household items such as citrus fruits, chili pepper, ammonia, vinegar or rubbing alcohol on cotton balls or sponges, etc. Better Homes and Gardens magazine suggested several possible ideas for keeping your garden safe and secure from trampling, digging dogs by dog proofing the garden with herbs, pungent flowers, pine cones and mulch, etc.

Creating a separate area in the yard for a garden can get very expensive, and then there is the costs of buying vegetable seeds and plants, and all the other things that gardens need for growing organic produce. Since we wanted to keep costs down to a minimum, and not spend needless amounts of money on this or that gardening product, plus items necessary for keeping dogs or rabbits or other stray pests from invading our garden, we ultimately decided on putting up a wire fence around the perimeter of the fruit and vegetable garden.

Namely, an electric wire fence for dogs, cats and other pets, about three to four feet tall. Using a wire fence as the dividing line to separate a garden from the remaining yard, eliminates the need to buy expensive long wood planks and other things to build an elevated garden from scratch. Having a nice garden doesn’t have to cost a lot of money, unless buying some fancy looking decorative wood fencing matters to you for aesthetic reasons.

I read somewhere the suggestion to use chicken wire around the perimeter of a garden to keep dogs out. Please. Large dogs would easily step right over chicken wire fencing, and if dogs could laugh, our dogs would be laughing hysterically at us for installing a chicken wire fence as if that would keep the dogs out of the garden.

Another great dog repellent idea of how to keep dogs out of the garden came after we already put in the electric wire fencing. A motion detection sensor activated sprinkler system! Genius! I was so curious about the motion-activated sprinkler system and wanted to read customer reviews as to its effectiveness, and I was amazed at how great this electrical gadget appears to work. Several hundred positive reviews for the scarecrow motion-activated sprinkler system left me in awe. I wish I’d known about it before the wire fence was put in.

The garden dog repellent electric wire fence doesn’t harm pets, as it only puts out a mild shock if pets touch the fencing. Once a dog touches the fence wire and receives a mild jolt, dogs learn immediately to stay away from that area in the yard. And our Lab stays away from the garden. It works great, and we don’t have to spend a bunch of unnecessary money on things for keeping dogs out of the garden.

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