Dog Magazines – Most Popular Puppy and Dog Magazines in the USA

Avid and enthusiastic dog lovers and pet owners keep up to date with the best puppy and dogs magazines for information on dog health and nutrition, dog care and wellness, grooming, dog breeds, training and

modern-dog-magazine-6 Avid and enthusiastic dog lovers and pet owners keep up to date with the best puppy and dogs magazines for information on dog health and nutrition, dog care and wellness, grooming, dog breeds, training and behavior, and just about everything dog and puppy owners need to know about their dogs.

Dog magazines and subscriptions may be monthly magazines, bi-monthly, or may be 5 or 6 issues yearly. Magazines about dogs and puppies are popular for kids and adult dog owners alike, including fun activities, new dog products and trends, and information on how important treating your dog as part of the family really is.

Most Popular Puppy and Dog Magazines

The Bark Magazine – 5 issues/12 months – this dog magazine called “Bark” is dedicated to everything related to canine culture, including stories, essays, poetry, reviews, interviews and artwork related to the relationship between humans and their dogs.

Chihuahua Connection Magazine – 8 issues/12 months – is a full-color publication mailed to your door bi-monthly. CC features Chihuahua articles, health, training, breeder information, events, dog show results, small dog shopping, plus other fun and informational articles.

CityDog Magazine – 5 issues/12 months – CityDog brings the joys of life with our four-legged friends to dog lovers throughout the West. Each issue of CityDog is packed with informative, insightful and often humorous articles on topics from cool canine products and the latest dog trends, to regional activities.

Dog Fancy Magazine – 12 issues/12 months – Dog Fancy is the magazine for people who love their dogs, treat them as part of the family, and want to take the best possible care of them. The monthly collection of behavior, training, health, grooming, and lifestyle articles, plus the latest canine news, including trends, products, media, and culture, helps readers make the most of life with their dogs.

Dogs Life Magazine – 6 issues/12 months – Information on canine nutrition, training tips, healthcare, behavior for people who love their dogs. Includes five in-depth features for specific breeds in every issue, as well as fun and instructional articles for kids. Designed for anyone who wants to understand their dog.

Modern Dog Magazine – 4 issues/12 months – Modern Dog is a lifestyle magazine for urban dogs and their companions. This magazine features expert advice, dog-friendly travel destinations, full fashion spreads, the latest accessories for your pooch and what’s new and trending in the doggie world.

AKC Gazette Magazine – 12 issues/12 months – AKC is the official magazine of the American Kennel Club, containing articles and information about breeding, growth, nutrition, breed history, health, behavior, development, training, showing, grooming, details on show dates, competitions, club reports, and the latest AKC news and activities.

Dog World Magazine – 12 issues/12 months – This magazine is written for serious dog enthusiasts, including breeders; conformation exhibitors; obedience, agility, herding, and field trial competitors; veterinarians; groomers; trainers; and dog lovers. Articles entertain and educate readers about purebred dogs, canine healthcare, training, conditioning, nutrition, grooming, improving one’s performance in all dog sports and activities, and holistic care.

Fido Friendly Magazine – 6 issues/12 months – Very popular travel magazine for dog owners, and the one magazine your dog will thank you for! Each issue is packed full of travel destinations that welcome Fido as well as fun and informative articles about: Diary of a Dog Chef, Fido Friendly Hotel reviews, Fido Friendly City and State reviews, Dog Trainer in Your Suitcase and much much more!

Gun Dog Magazine – 7 issues/12 months – Gun Dog is edited for the serious upland bird and waterfowl hunters who are enthusiasts of the popular pointing, flushing, and retrieving breeds of hunting dogs. Named “Magazine of the Year” nine times in the last fourteen years by the Dog Writers Association of America, this magazines features articles by top outdoor writers and gun dog authorities.

Just Labs Magazine – 6 issues/12 months – This magazine is the canine magazine devoted to the family Labrador Retriever, whether black, yellow, or chocolate. Every issue includes stories about Labs and their owners, pictures and articles on health, training, dog accessories, supplies and equipment.

The Pointing Dog Journal – 8 issues/12 months – Recognized by The Sporting Dogs Authority as experts in the field of pointing dogs and hunting sports enthusiasts. The only full-color magazine in the world devoted to hunting with pointing dogs: setters, pointers, Brittanys, German shorthairs, versatile breeds, and more. Training, hunting, vet care by the top pros and finest outdoor writers.

The Retriever Journal – 8 issues/12 months – Emphasis is on hunting with a retrieval breed as well as retriever training, health care, conditioning, breeding, hunting – both waterfowl and upland – shotgunning, and wildlife conservation.

Whole Dog Journal – 12 issues/11 months – Provides dog owners with well-researched, in-depth articles about all aspects of natural dog care and training. Whole Dog Journal features unbiased test reports of food, treats, toys and training aids.

DogWatch Magazine/Newsletter – DogWatch is packed with proven techniques to improve your pet’s behavior and ease training problems. Plus, you’ll find keys to better canine nutrition, effective preventive medicine and new ways to add health and vigor to your dog’s life.

Animal Wellness Magazine – 6 issues/12 months – Highly recommended by experts and loved by readers of all ages who want their beloved pets and animals to live a naturally long and healthy life. Empower yourself and celebrate the bond we share with our animal companions through educational and heartwarming articles of hope, health, rescue, and support.

Dogs Monthly Magazine – 12 issues/12 months – Magazine for dog lovers that features a specific breed in each issue, and includes information on the World Show, urinary incontinence in dogs, dog glaucoma, complementary medicine, and more.

Your Dog Magazine/Newsletter – 10 issues/10 months – Provides a monthly report for caring dog owners from Tufts University School of Veterinary Medicine. YOUR DOG is an indispensable resource on the best care, training, diet, and health guidance for your dog.

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