Early Christmas Shopping Has Begun – Christmas Shopping in July

step2-play-kitchen-150x150-1-2 It’s the middle of July, but early Christmas shopping started a couple of weeks ago. Christmas shopping in July? You betcha! There are many benefits of starting early Christmas shopping, whether starting to shop in July or even May or June. I’ve known people who actually begin Christmas shopping for next year’s Christmas on December 26th, taking advantage of the many after Christmas sales.

Starting Christmas shopping early makes perfect sense for us. When I look at my calendar and see all of the upcoming special events, weddings, birthday parties, baby showers etc, plus Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas, I can’t help but get a jump-start on Christmas shopping as early as possible for the sake of the budget. And my sanity.

I’m not a last minute shopper, last minute Christmas shopper or last minute birthday gift shopper, etc. I’m a big planner, and planning out the next few months and how each holiday or special event may impact the budget just makes sense to me. “But what about the great deals on Black Friday and the great discount sales leading up to Christmas that you’ll be missing out on?”, I’ve been asked numerous times. I simply respond that you might be surprised at the many great deals and special discount sales I come across when I start Christmas shopping in July. Not to mention the many buy one get one free sales I come across, which really helps when buying Christmas gifts for kids.

Christmas shopping for babies and little kids/toddlers is so much fun for me as a grandmother. Finding a couple of nice Christmas gifts for each of our grandchildren to enjoy is one of the things that makes Christmas fun for me. That and the family gatherings and enjoying each others company over a nice meal. Making memories. Seeing the excitement in kid’s eyes and their funny reactions opening their gifts, Christmas wrapping paper flying everywhere of course, is one of my favorite things about Christmas. The fun and excitement of our young grandchildren.

I have a lot of fun Christmas gift shopping for kids toys and baby toys. I especially enjoy searching for new toys that have recently been put on the market, and also the very popular Christmas toys for kids, it’s almost like I become a kid again myself visualizing the enjoyment little ones will have with their Christmas gifts. Melissa and Doug toys is one of my favorites to check out, but there are many other toy brands that I am confident in the quality and workmanship, to cause me to go back and shop for toys over and over again.

Kids toys isn’t the only thing I focus on when it comes to Christmas gift giving for children. Sometimes I’ll buy a couple of toys to give, but I’ll also carefully select a clothing item or two, based on the needs at the time. Sometimes it might be buying new shoes or boots for the grandkids, or a new winter coat etc, to go along with the toys. I always enjoy filling a need first (shoes, boots, coat, clothes), and then gifting them a new toy of some kind from their want list.

I like to find toys that the kids can sort of grow into, where they’ll be able to enjoy the toy for several years, rather than just for a year or two. Since I take full advantage of free two-day shipping, having Christmas gifts shipped directly to the recipients, shipping large toys like a girl’s play kitchen with fake food and pots and pans etc, is a gift girls will enjoy for a few years. I also love the large boy’s tool workshops with plastic hammers etc, that little boys can enjoy for a few years, and pretend they are following in dad’s footsteps tinkering in the garage etc.

This year I’m carefully looking for “all weather” toys, small and large, where kids can still enjoy themselves playing with indoor/outdoor toys during the cold, snowy winter months, rather than being stuck inside the house watching TV or playing video games. I, for one, absolutely refuse to buy video games or video game equipment for any of my grandchildren. I’ve seen enough of the problems associated with video game addiction that I just have a personal rule that I will not ever buy any of those things for children. Not gonna happen.

pedal-cars-150x150-1 The types of toys and gifts I tend to give children, even toddlers, are the toys that require the child to be active – not sitting on their behinds for hours on end. I’ve mentioned before the sad fact that lots of young kids these days aren’t seen outside playing or riding their bikes along the sidewalks anymore, neighborhoods with lots of young kids are virtual ghost towns, because they’re all staying inside their houses in front of the TV or doing thumb exercises (video games). The Christmas toys our grandchildren receive require active participation and action, pushing or pulling or walking or running etc.

If our budget would allow for it, and all the grandchildren had backyards to play in, we’d probably be looking at buying backyard swing sets and monkey bars and sandboxes etc. This year we’re looking at ride on toys like pedal cars, bicycles, tricycles, kids motorcycles, Big Wheels, and other fun indoor/outdoor toys to get those little legs moving and allow the kids to run off some energy. This red Step2 Motorcycle is a perfect Christmas gift for one or more of our grandchildren, and it’s so inexpensive, I just cannot pass up this deal.

Starting early Christmas shopping right now, in July, works well for us. And it’s so much fun for me doing the searching and finding great Christmas gifts for the grandkids. Let the fun begin! Early Christmas shopping has begun! Ready, Set, Go!

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