Easy Beginner Sewing Patterns – Easiest Sewing Patterns for Beginners to Learn How to Sew

As a sewing beginner, it makes sense to learn how to sew different things from easy sewing patterns, whether the patterns are free pattern downloads found online or quick and easy patterns made and bought

beginner-sewing-patterns-2 As a sewing beginner, it makes sense to learn how to sew different things from easy sewing patterns, whether the patterns are free pattern downloads found online or quick and easy patterns made and bought from Simplicity and others. I’ve been making a long list of easy sewing and craft projects I want to make myself with my sewing machine, but I’m also planning on taking advantage of as many no-sew crafts and kits as possible too, for home use or to give as gifts for various occasions that come up.

I recently came across a complete list of sewing pattern companies, with many company names I’ve never heard of. The most well-known, popular pattern companies tend to be Kwik Sew, McCall’s, Simplicity, Stretch & Sew, Butterick, Burda, Amy Butler, Vogue, etc. Since my order for fleece and cotton fabric has arrived from my favorite online fabric stores and so quickly, I’m ready to really jump-start my sewing hobby by making several easy scrub tops, more homemade/hand-tied throw blankets, baby receiving blankets for soon-to-be born grandbabies, etc.

At this point, I definitely fall into the category of beginner/novice vs. intermediate, advanced or expert, so it‘s important for me to choose from the easiest sewing patterns as a sewing beginner for quick results to stay motivated and not become bored or overwhelmed. It was somewhat surprising to find Vogue patterns in the “easy” category, since much of the fashion patterns and crafts I’ve seen made by Vogue don’t look easy at all, and definitely not quick.

Easiest Sewing Patterns For Beginners

As much as I like finding and using copyright free, downloaded patterns for sewing projects and crafts, I actually prefer to buy easy sewing patterns that are not only cheap but by reputable, well known pattern companies known for making patterns with easy-to-follow how-to instructions, pictures and diagrams, as well as detailed information on the amount of fabric needed and what types of fabric to use for what I’m trying to make.

For that reason, I really like Kwik-Sew and Simplicity’s sewing patterns for dummies because of how easy it is make sewing a hobby rather than a boring chore to be avoided, and there are so many great beginner sewing ideas to choose from. Some of the easiest sewing projects anyone can make with even a beginners sewing machine are pillows, door draft stoppers, pot holders, throw blankets, flannel baby blankets, simple tote bags, homemade grocery bag holder, sachets, hats and hood scarves, basic aprons, hair scrunches, pillow cases and shams, fabric eye glass case, wraps, pajamas and nightgowns, cloth napkins and placemats, baby shoes and slippers/booties, soft toys and more.

We’ve gotten more involved with recycling than ever before, and an easy sewing project on my list is to make some cheap cloth, reusable grocery bags out of unused, leftover, recycled fabric rather than asking for paper or plastic at the grocery store or paying for the cloth grocery tote bags at the store. I found a couple quick and easy stretch and sew patterns for tote bags that would make great grocery store reusable totes, and I’ve even been asked to make a few extras for friends and family who have begun recycling coffee grounds and want some fabric grocery bags in an effort to become more eco-friendly.


Years ago I remember hearing about the British Clothkits company mail order business, which specialized in selling silk-screened patterns pre-printed onto fabric – clothing kits for children and adults, containing all the materials needed to cut out and assemble clothes without the need of pinning paper patterns to fabric.

I looked up Clothkits online to see if the company had resurfaced, and if by chance there might be any USA Clothkit stores online or any stores at all that might sell cloth kits, as a quick and easy sewing project for beginners, older kids, moms and Grandma’s like me. An artist named Kay Mawer bought the Clothkits brand in 2007 and relaunched the UK company in 2008, which is great for people who live there but not so great for American’s who don’t want to pay the international shipping costs to have cloth kits delivered to the US.

While browsing Facebook pages “liked” by friends, I happened upon information about a store in Columbus Ohio called Lottie Da, owned and run by Amy Routh. Amy’s online Lottie Da Baby website says she’ll soon be selling Clothkits, but there’s no information yet on exactly when that will begin or how much cloth kits will cost consumers. Considering how popular cloth kits clothes are in other countries, it sounds like a great kids sewing project and a good one for sewing beginners to check out. If the price is right.