What Are Some Easy Ways I Can Get A Divorce?

how-to-get-divorce-150x144-1-4 If you are planning to get a divorce there are many ways through which you can get it done. The traditional methods of divorce can drag it into endless litigation, and will also burn a hole in your pocket with the huge attorney bills.

However, there are many easy ways through which you can get the divorce done, and that too quite economically. With the introduction of new types in divorce in the legal system taking a divorce is no more a tough process to go through. However, make sure to consult an attorney to understand the divorce laws of your state.

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Given below are some of the easy ways to get a divorce.

  • No fault divorce: This divorce is suitable for those couple who want to get a divorce done on a mutual consent . If you think that there is nothing left in your marriage and there is no point living in a relation in which you have nothing to offer, it is better to get a divorce done rather than dragging a dead marriage. In a no fault divorce all you need to do is file the divorce papers in the court, and wait for the court to give the decision. You do not need to blame your spouse for the break down of the marriage. You don’t even need to hire the services of a divorce attorney to get the divorce done. You can choose to represent your case in the court. However, you will need to draft a common settlement agreement in accordance with your spouse which should cater the best interest of both the spouses. If you have children in the marriage then you are required to make child custody and support plan as well. These documents will be required by the court while taking the decision of divorce.
  • Uncontested divorce: In an uncontested divorce you can opt to represent your case in the court. To initiate the process of divorce you will be required to fill the divorce papers in the family law court. You will be required to complete the divorce papers and then file them in the court. You can hire the services of a divorce lawyer to get the legal paper work done for you, and can also get it filed in the court. Make sure to draft a settlement agreement that should match the interest of both the partners. If you have children in the marriage, then you will also need to make a child custody and support plan. The court will need these documents while giving decisions on divorce, property distribution and child custody. If the court find these documents good for all the parties involved, then they are implemented along with the divorce orders.
  • Online Do It Yourself Divorce: Just like uncontested divorce
  • you can get this divorce done without using the services of any divorce lawyer. The biggest problem people face in divorce is getting the divorce papers done in order to initiate the process of divorce. Filing divorce papers is the first step to start the process of divorce. To get the papers done you will need to hire the services of an attorney, which could prove to be costly. However, you can avoid this hassle by getting the paper done by yourself;sitting at the comfort of your house. There are hundreds of websites floating on the Internet who offer to file the divorce paper on your behalf. All you need is to provide the required information on the Online software. Once you provide all the information, the software will compile it for you. It will present you an option to either get a print out of the divorce papers or you can choose to get the divorce papers filed for you at a nominal fees. Online do it yourself divorce saves a lot of hassles as you do not have to run to the court house to file the divorce.
  • Summary divorce: Summary divorce is a very convenient type of divorce through which you can easily obtain a divorce in very less time. However, this divorce is not for every one. There are certain guidelines that you will need to follow to get the divorce done. If you looking for marital property division or spousal support or there is a minor child in the marriage, then this divorce is not for you. Apart from it, this type of divorce is applicable for those couples who are married for less than 5 years. Some of the states of America offer legal documents for summary divorce. To get a summary divorce all you will need to do assign the legal documents stating that you wish to break out of the marital bond, and have agreed to certain terms such as giving up your rights to sue the other partner for property distribution or for spousal support. Once these documents are filed in the court, divorce is granted.

Some of the best features of summary divorce are

1.Very less paper work required. 2.Cost and time effective. 3.No negotiation with your spouse about division of the property. 4.No running after attorneys to get the divorce done.

5.No lengthy court hearings.

Before opting for divorce make sure that you educate yourself on the divorce laws of your state. It is very important to understand the legalities involved in the process of divorce as there is no point going for divorce if you are completely unprepared. Also consult a divorce lawyer if you have any doubts regarding divorce.

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I am Sarah Wood. I work as a divorce lawyer and like to help people in getting information about divorce. Before filing for divorce, you can educate yourself on the whole process. For detailed information about divorce, you can log on to edivorcecourt.com.

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