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The Christmas gift-giving season is upon us again. The holidays tend to bring along with it the stress and worry about how to afford giving traditional material gifts of more “stuff” for Christmas, and the ever-growing Christmas wish lists for Santa to deliver the latest and greatest toys, gadgets and electronics, all neatly wrapped and placed under the xmas tree.

The Christmas Day foray begins with children, teens and adults tearing through gift wrap as they experience the excitement and anticipation of receiving their wanted gifts. If the gift giving includes unwanted gifts, things that don’t fit or just stuff you don’t like, then you have to figure out a nice way of expressing appreciation for the unwanted gifts received. The after-Christmas bills start coming in the mail, and before long, many are left wondering why Christmas is always so expensive and they may even vow to begin making changes in their holiday spending the next year.

Throughout each year there are occasions that call for giving meaningful, thoughtful gifts, whether it be birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, holidays, high school and college graduation, baby showers etc. These special occasions give us unique opportunities to not only give a great gift to someone we love and care about, but we can create experiences with a unique gift that has real meaning, one that will be cherished and remembered for a lifetime.

Experience Gifts

Out of all the gifts I have ever given or have received over the years, experience gifts are by far my favorite gifts to receive and to give those we know and love. My husband and I enjoy gifting each other with romantic gift experiences for birthdays, holidays and anniversaries, and we have yet to run out of ideas. Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day and Father’s Day can be made extra special when fun experiences are given as gifts versus the typical gifts, candy and cards so commonly given, enjoying the special events and fun adventures together.

Giving gift experiences to friends and family, as opposed to gifting loved ones with more material stuff, may include a variety of fun activities and adventure-type gifts that fits into anyone’s budget. The price of giving gift experiences are often much cheaper than giving traditional gifts, these gifts stand out as being extra special and not forgotten, and the dollars spent on giving people unusual experiences as gifts virtually eliminates the high cost of shipping gifts to loved ones that live far away.

Giving uncommon gifts of experiences to couples getting married for the second or third time or more is a perfect wedding gift, especially since many of these couples already have everything they need to start their married lives together and don’t want or need more “stuff”. Choosing the right experience gift for someone takes some thought just like when giving any other kind of gift, knowing what their hobbies and interests are, what sports they enjoy if any.

Very popular experience gifts include fun events like lunch or dinner cruises; skydiving; stock car or race car driving experiences; hot air balloon rides; massage and spa packages; deep sea fishing; hang gliding and paragliding; whitewater rafting; golf lesson packages; being a fighter pilot for a day; a romantic weekend at a luxurious lakeside cabin; gondola cruises; flying lessons; helicopter rides; wine tasting; art and cooking classes and much more.

There are thousands of unique gift experience ideas for children, teens, adult men and women of all ages to enjoy fun activities that will be remembered for many years to come. Movie tickets, zoo passes, season passes to Six Flags or trips to Sea World are always good ideas for kids, but there is no limit to the fun and excitement that can be shared by opening your imagination to the possibilities you may not have thought of.

Have you ever wanted to take dancing lessons? There are private dance lesson gift experiences available. Are you or someone you know interested in Culinary Arts? There are cooking classes, chocolate-making lessons and all sorts of food and wine experiences that can be given as gifts. Pottery classes, glass blowing lessons, bungee jumping adventures – the list goes on and on.

Whenever we are looking to buy an experience gift for someone, the first place we go to is Experience Gifts from Cloud 9 Living and we browse through the list of categories or price range we’re looking for until we find the perfect gift. Between the great ideas found at Cloud 9 and the absolutely amazing gift ideas from Great American Days website, we are always able to find wonderful gifts of experiences for whomever we are shopping for, and the memories of these gifts will stand out for many years to come.

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