Fallen and Torment Books by Lauren Kate – Book Review

The Fallen book series is a very interesting series. It still fits my genre of fiction, but it puts a slightly different twist to it. Fallen keeps the same general “forbidden love” between human and

The Fallen book series is a very interesting series. It still fits my genre of fiction, but it puts a slightly different twist to it. Fallen keeps the same general “forbidden love” between human and fallen angel, and now it’s not solely based on that. The main character’s soul is in jeopardy!

Fallen, in a sense, is more of a prelude to the next book ‘Torment’. Luce (the main character) ends up at Sword and Cross, which is more of a Psych Ward, then a school. All the students there are crazy, one way or another and all of Luce’s friends (except 1 – Penn) are all fallen angels.

fallen-by-lauren-kate Throughout all of Luce’s past lives, her soul had been “claimed” by the fallen angels who still fight for God’s side. Suddenly, they realize in this life, that something is different about Luce. As Arriane (good fallen angel) talks to Luce to get some background details, she then uncovers that Luce hadn’t been baptized, or anything, thus leaving her soul free to be swayed either way for good or for bad.

Daniel Grigori is literally Luce’s soul mate and a fallen angel, but one who still supports Heaven. Throughout every life, Luce and Daniel have been together. In Luce’s current life, despite her clear attraction to Daniel, he’s trying to stay as far from her as he can. What she doesn’t know is that there’s a curse on their relationship that only lets her get to a certain age, before she spontaneously combusts.

During Luce’s entire life she’s seen a strange black shadow. Every time the Shadow appears, a disaster happens like when Luce’s ex-boyfriend spontaneously combusted, or when her and her friend Penn were in Sword & Cross’ library and the library caught on fire, killing a student (Todd) in the flames. She doesn’t know why the Shadow’s randomly appear, or what purpose they/it serves, but one thing’s for certain, she doesn’t want anything to do with it!

The weird thing with this book is that instead of telling you important details about who Daniel Grigori is along with Arriane, Cam, Roland and Gabbe, and their past about being a fallen angel etc. Lauren Kate leaves it as “You have to discover it on your own”. Daniel isn’t allowed to tell Luce much of anything about any one of the “fallen angels”, so it leaves a lot of unanswered questions, as well as some confusion. There isn’t much that happens in the first book, Hence why I say it’s more of a giant prologue to the second book Torment.

torment-by-lauren-kate In Torment, Luce is transferred from Sword & Cross to Shoreline where she can be well protected. As the news had traveled down the line that Luce’s soul is up for grabs, a group of different fallen angels made it their mission to capture and kill Luce. The Outcasts are fallen angels that neither Heaven nor Hell want. As a way of dealing with the Outcasts, Cam (a fallen angel who supports Hell) and Daniel make a truce that for 18 days (the holiest number in Heaven) they wouldn’t attack each other, and they would work together to defeat the Outcasts and protect Luce’s soul.

While at Shoreline, they teach all kinds of things in regards to Angelism. They can reach extremely far back into history, but history that deals with past lives, forget it. The Shadows that Luce sees, they teach students that they’re actually called Announcers and they serve a very interesting purpose. They get summoned to show the “user” something about the person’s past, whether it is a matter of days, or entirely different lives altogether. The Announcers work as a type of TV, they get stretched as far as you can make them, and then project an image depending on what you want to see. Of course it’s a dangerous task working with Announcers, as the information they give isn’t always true.

Once Luce learns what she’s capable of doing with Announcers, she seeks for her family in past lives to learn what she can about herself and the life she lived to figure out if there’s a way of reversing her curse. Of course it’s hard to reverse what you don’t know too much information about. As the 18 days slowly pass by, Luce is able to learn more and more about how to handle Announcers and different things she can do with them like travel to varies places and time periods.

When Thanksgiving rolled around, Luce was allowed to go home to her family in Georgia, but with a ton of fallen angels for escorts. All the happiness ends just as quickly as it began when the Outcasts found everyone and unleashed Hell. Despite her strong urge to help her friends fight the Outcasts, there’s not much a human can do. On top of that, everyone wants to keep her safe and unharmed for their own reasons. The Outcasts want to capture her, because she is their only way to get back into Heaven. Her staying alive is important to all 3 sides, because her existence will ultimately decide the fate of everyone.

As Luce got more and more frustrated with the situation, her friend Miles (who is a Nephilim) was able to project a mirror image of Luce. With the Real Luce safe, Miles was able to make the fake Luce look like she had given up, and sided with the Outcasts. Before the Outcasts left with “Luce” Cam shot an arrow aiming and killing the mirror image of Luce. Once everyone thought and believed that Luce was really dead, Daniel started threatening Cam until he caught a glimpse of the real Luce in his peripheral vision opening an Announcer. Little did Daniel know, Luce had learned how to manipulate Announcers so she could use them in any way she wanted/needed.

passion-by-lauren-kate Once the real Luce saw that Cam had intended to really kill her instead of the fake her, Luce had gotten upset to the point where she just wanted to escape from the last of the lies and everything that she had just witnessed. She opened an announcer, looked to see every one watching her, and jumped inside the Announcer not caring where it would take her and where she would end up.

Ultimately, these books by Lauren Kate are really good books. It’s somewhat difficult to explain some of the things that happen in these books without having to go into a huge explanation about them. Although I was surprised at how the first one turned out, I couldn’t help but go and buy the second book, and then the third book called Passion. It really makes you think about your own past lives, the people you know now, the people you’ve dated etc, and makes you consider the possibility of past lives, and even reincarnation.

What if the people you know right now, you’ve met over and over and over again through thousands of years? Would you want to find a way of exploring you old selves, and learning about your past self? Your likes, your dislikes, if all the problems you’ve dealt with now in this life, if you’ve dealt with them over and over and over again? It truly makes you think, and consider all these different things. These are really amazing books, and I highly recommend them to anyone who’s interested in fallen angels and the like.

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