Favorite Entrecard Card Dropping Discoveries

Since joining Entrecard, I have paid very close attention to whether the traffic brought to my site would bring more subscribers and comments or just a flood of useless card dropping with rarely a return

logo_and_header-thumbnailSince joining Entrecard, I have paid very close attention to whether the traffic brought to my site would bring more subscribers and comments or just a flood of useless card dropping with rarely a return visit, and I must say I have been somewhat surprised by the response. Not only have my subscription numbers increased, but many card droppers have returned often to read and comment on various posts. An added benefit is that I have personally discovered some amazing sites that I likely would not have found by any other means.

One thing I would like to see on Entrecard is a Search feature added, where users can search for blogs by URL or by Site Name. It is sometimes difficult to find notable blogs looking through the Categories, since some blogs I would think would be found in the “Parenting and Family” category are actually located in the Self-Improvement or Personal Diary categories. Perhaps I’ll drop in on Graham and give him the suggestion and see where it goes.

There has been a Entrecard Meme floating around the Blogosphere, originating from Dane and Alan over at Chain Drop, with the idea to create a post, linking to eight different blog sites where the Entrecard widget is above the fold. I’m not quite that picky about where the widget is actually placed, except when found at the very bottom or virtually hidden amongst a mass of ads, award images and various other widgets.

My intent with this post isn’t to create a meme, but to highlight some blogs that I have discovered through Entrecard, or are simply high-quality Entrecard blogs of which I visit often and well worth your time. If you are looking for some informative tips on improving your success rate with Entrecard card dropping, I highly recommend you check out “Ten Entrecard Traffic Tips for Success” over at Technet News. Hopefully Rob will seriously consider adding an RSS Feed option for would-be subscribers, since I am personally not willing to subscribe to blogs by email anymore due to high levels of spam.

Sam Freedom has a large selection of articles relating to Entrecard that I believe are well worth your time to check out for yourselves. His article “Drop 300 Entrecards Per Day” is definitely a must read. I especially like Sam’s suggestion to create different bookmark folders to make card dropping simpler.

My Favorite Entrecard Discoveries-

saphrym-thumbnailSaphrym’s Blog-I would be remiss not to first mention Saphrym and his weight-loss blog, since he was kind enough to make my very cool Entrecard icon. Thank you Saphrym! I enjoy dropping in on Saphrym (aka Michael White) to keep up with his ongoing efforts to lose weight, sharing in his joy with each achieved goal, as well as his stories about being a husband, father, writer, teacher, etc. I enjoy reading blogs where the writings include a personal touch, personal real-life stuff, as it helps to show the human side of the writers themselves.

kidazy-thumbnailKidazy– Here you will find Toy reviews of all kinds, informing readers of toy recalls and the latest new toys, as well as offering subscribers to the weekly newsletter a chance to win a free toy package with no strings attached. My advert stats show a pretty nice click-through rate, so I’ll definitely be looking to advertise there more often. The only thing that I think may hurt adverts on Kidazy is the widget is a bit too far down on the sidebar in my opinion, and I’d like to see it raised a bit higher.

grizzlyblog-thumbnailGrizzly’s Blog– I like hanging out on Grizzly’s blog, reading through the current posts as well as his informative archives. I recently learned from him how to get double indexed in Google, so that was really cool! I’m saving up some Entrecard credits to hopefully be able to advertise on his blog, as opposed to just staying within my niche. Grizzly gets loads of traffic to his site, and well deserved I might add, so getting my ad on higher trafficked sites is definitely something I’m looking into more.

southernfairytale-thumbnailA Southern Fairytale– I’m a new subscriber to this blog, having become addicted to her easy-going, humorous wit, engaging her readers with well-written articles relating to life as a mom of two young children. I always get a good laugh seeing the pictures she’s posted of her little ones, especially those showing food all over their faces; too funny. I love the fact that Rachel’s blog is clean and very easy to navigate, as opposed to so many other blogs with heavily used “read more” links, and very little content to draw me further into the articles or archives. Well done Rachel!

colloquim-thumbnailColloquium– What a fabulous site this is, and host to the well known Family Life Carnival I often participate in. I’m never disappointed when I visit her blog, as she writes straight from the heart with powerful articles of family life, parenting, challenges associated with writing/blogging and so much more. I’m thrilled to have discovered her site through Entrecard, despite having seen her from time to time on BloggingZoom.

changeyourtree-thumbnailChange Your Tree– Finding a jewel like this doesn’t come very often, but I am addicted to this blog. Kevin is the mastermind behind the writings, and does a superb job of it. I don’t always agree with everything he writes, but that just opens further discussion on the topic. I was recently surprised (quite happily) that Kevin was hosting a blog carnival on Change Your Tree, and was thrilled to be able to participate. You will not only find yourself continuously reading and visiting more often, but you’ll be glad you did.

Like I said, this post is not to be taken as a meme, and I’m not asking or expecting anything in return, but I enjoy your sites immensely and wanted to pass them along to my readers. Keep up the good work!