Fluoridated Water: What Fluoride Is and The Poisonous Dangers of Fluoride In Water

The more I research fluoride and the known harmful side effects on the body from ingesting fluoride, the more astounding and shocking the information becomes. No, I’m not referring to the various “conspiracy theories” that so often cause rational people to completely dismiss and ignore the scientific evidence that proves fluoride is a toxic poison.

Doctors, dentists and average citizens who discount, ignore or dismiss the fluoride debate and controversy haven’t read the literature that proves fluoride is poison. Proponents of fluoridation, for dental treatment or otherwise, can deny and dismiss the scientific evidence to their hearts content, but that won’t make the evidence go away for open-minded people to see the truth about fluoride for themselves.

fluoridated-water-150x150-1 Scientifically proven fact: Fluoride is not an essential nutrient for our bodies, nor does fluoride prevent cavities. Scientific evidence actually proves that fluoride weakens teeth over time, meaning fluoridated consumers should expect to visit their dentist to fix their damaged teeth and gums at costs no one can predict.

Have you ever wondered, as I have, why do we ingest fluoride if fluoride is intended to reduce tooth decay? Wouldn’t it make more sense to just apply fluoride topically to teeth by way of fluoride toothpaste and other direct-applications, vs adding an “unapproved drug” to municipal water supplies?

Fact: The FDA classifies fluoride as an “unapproved drug”. Earl Baldwin, a member of the British House of Lords and one of the advisory board members for the York Review (the UK-sponsored review of fluoridation) said about water fluoridation:

“What physician do you know, who in his or her right mind, would treat someone he does not know and has never met, with a substance that’s meant to do change in their bodies, with the advice: ‘Take as much, or as little, as you like, but take it for a lifetime because it may help someone’s teeth’?”

As I’ve said before, I wanted the facts about fluoride, not the various “theories” that are circulating the net and from conversations amongst people discussing the ongoing water fluoridation debate. “You can’t believe everything you read on the internet” goes without saying, and I don’t. Had I not begun researching fluoride, I wouldn’t have found the plethora of information contained in books, science magazines and scientific articles, online and offline news articles, documentary films and interviews with esteemed scientists and chemists, as well as some “mainstream” sources – all reporting the negative side effects of fluoride.

What Is Fluoride?

Fluoride compounds are salts that form when the element, fluorine, combines with minerals in soil or rocks. In its elemental form, fluorine is a pale yellow, highly toxic and corrosive gas. In nature, fluorine is found combined with minerals as fluorides. It is the most chemically active nonmetallic element of any element and also is the most reactive electro-negative ion. With hydrogen it forms hydrogen fluoride gas which, in a water solution, becomes  hydrofluoric acid. Fluorine compounds, or fluorides, are listed by the US Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry (ATSDR) as among the top 20 of 275 substances posing the most significant threat to human health.

The total intake of fluoride through ingestion, inhalation and skin absorption must be considered when evaluating the overall harmful and damaging effects of fluoride on the body.

  • How much fluoride is “too much”?
  • How much lead, arsenic, lithium, chromium 6, coliform bacteria, pesticides, antibiotics, perchlorate (an ingredient in rocket fuel) and other known water contaminants found in municipal water supplies would you knowingly and willingly consume?
  • How strict would you want and expect water contaminant regulators to be on the “maximum allowable” amount of these and other contaminants in water?
  • Have you checked your local water company’s water quality report, or just assume everything is fine as long as no “boil your water” warnings are given?

Who is controlling the overall dose of fluoride being ingested? No one, and no federal or local agency takes responsibility for harm caused by “too much fluoride” either. Among the human population, there are groups of individuals who are above-average water consumers; outdoor workers; infants fed formulas with fluoridated water and young children; the elderly; those with diabetes; people with low thyroid function or kidney disorder; and people with poor diet habits.

hygiene-products-139x150-1 Fluoride is poison, plain and simple, and it’s a scientifically proven fact. Fluoride is not safe for consumption or ingestion, whether it be fluoride in water, fluoride in toothpaste, fluoride in tap or bottled water, beer, wine, processed foods, mouthwash, etc. How much fluoride do you inhale and ingest into your body from all sources of fluoride on a daily basis? What chances are there of you or your children or family members having fluoride poisoning and not even know it, nor know how to recognize the signs and symptoms of fluoride overdose or fluoride poisoning?

Fluoride is fluoride is fluoride, and bad for your health. Fluoride is everywhere; it’s in the air we breathe from environmental pollutions, is found in a large number of consumer products, is absorbed by the skin and tissues (ie gums), and is virtually impossible to completely avoid but can and should be greatly reduced. Only half of ingested fluoride is excreted through the kidneys, leaving the remaining amounts of fluoride to accumulate in bones, teeth and other organs.

Dental fluorosis (mottling and pitting of tooth enamel) is not the only reason to greatly reduce the amount of fluoride exposure from any/all sources, where possible. The documented, proven and alarming harmful effects of fluoride on internal organs and tissues from ingesting fluoride in water and other sources have caused me to not just re-think fluorides, but to add myself to the long and growing list of people and professionals who are completely opposed to water fluoridation and its other sources including fluoride toothpaste.

Having carefully read The Case Against Fluoride by Paul Connett, James Beck and H.S. Micklem, as well as The Fluoride Deception by Christopher Bryson, the facts about fluoride’s toxicity and poisonous effects on the brain, heart, kidneys, bones etc are all there in black and white. I wanted to know the history and science behind fluoride in water, and I wanted to know the chemical compounds used to fluoridate, and I wanted to read what chemists, governmental officials, toxicologists, scientists, and other experts have to say about fluoride.

The Case Against Fluoride reviews the 500-page toxicology report on water fluoridation called “Fluoride in Drinking Water: A Scientific Review of EPA’s Standards” by the United States National Research Council (USNRC), published in 2006. Yes, I’ve read that book too, and others. The USNRC report found the EPA’s standard for the maximum allowable amount of fluoride per liter of water does NOT protect against harmful effects, and should be “lowered”. The NRC report admits to what the so-called “conspiracy theorists” have been saying all along about where fluoride in water comes from, referring to the added artificial water contaminant as “one of the by-products from the manufacture of phosphate fertilizers”.

According to the NRC, the harmful health effects from long-term exposure to fluoride include dental fluorosis (mild, moderate and severe), tooth enamel loss, diminished bone strength and increased risk of bone fractures, osteosarcoma (a form of bone cancer, in young boys), skeletal fluorosis, arthritis-like symptoms, decreased thyroid function, and even brain damage. The committee’s study was sponsored by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Dr. Phyllis Mullenix, PhD, was the Head of the Toxicology Department of the Forsyth Dental Center in Boston for eleven years, a world-renowned dental research institution affiliated with the Harvard Medical School. In 1995, Dr. Mullenix and three colleagues published “Neurotoxicity of Sodium Fluoride in Rats” in a peer-reviewed report in the medical journal Neurotoxicology and Teratology. The study reported links between fluoride exposure to brain dysfunctions such as ADD, IQ deficits, and learning disabilities. Shortly after the publication of the report, she was systematically fired from her job.

In celebration of Fluoride Awareness Week (August 7-13), Dr. Mercola and the Fluoride Action Network (FAN) are featuring the 30-minute documentary film “Professional Perspectives on Water Fluoridation”, including Dr. Mullinex. The film features a Nobel Laureate in Medicine, scientists, dentists, medical doctors, and leading researchers in the field, revealing the science behind fluoridation, the harmful effects it has on your health, and why there is no rational reason for water fluoridation to continue and must be stopped.

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