Food Face Dinner Plate for Picky Eaters Makes Eating Healthy a Fun Game


The Food Face Dinner Plate makes getting kids to eat healthy foods a fun game to play during dinner, lunch or any meal. Isn’t this a cute plate for kids? From what I’ve heard, Parents Magazine even did a write up on the food face plate as a fun activity, but I haven’t seen that article.

If you have problems getting your kid to try new foods, especially healthy stuff like vegetables, they will have fun eating their dinner on this food face plate. The food face ceramic dinner plate measures 8.5 inches in diameter, a perfect size and fun style if there ever was one, to get your picky eater to at least try different types of foods.

Who knows, maybe making eating a game for toddlers will help instill in young kids the importance of eating a healthy diet and getting them to try fruits or veggies they would normally refuse.

I may have to buy this dinner plate for my grandchildren, who aren’t quite toddlers yet since they’re less than two years old, but being able to make faces with their food might make things easier for the parents to get the tykes to eat their peas and carrots when the time comes. The Food Face Dinner Plate is sold by Perpetual Kid at a very low cost of $9.99 if you’re interested in buying the plate for your kids.

There are so many cookbooks for kids available now to help get picky eaters to enjoy healthy foods, especially since children can have a fun time helping prepare dinner with recipes found in their very own cookbook. I think I’ll order a couple sets of the food face dinner plate and a couple kid cookbooks too, and when they come over to Grandma’s house we’ll make a game out of it and do a taste test of different foods on their new plates.

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