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Besides watching the many must see food documentaries found online, there are many free health-related documentaries to add to your list of films to watch. Documentary movies come in many genres, whatever your personal interests are, such as art, biographies, comedies, pharmaceutical drugs, money and economics, history, health and medicine, environmental issues, nature, nutrition, philosophy, politics, psychology, science, etc.

Food, nutrition, health and science documentaries top our current list of full length documentaries to watch online for free, and sometimes we actually buy documentaries after we’ve watched them online to share them with family and friends at get-togethers, followed by some lively conversations afterwards discussing the films and points made.

“Let thy Food be thy Medicine and thy Medicine be thy Food” – Hippocrates

Finding health documentaries to watch is easy, with online resources or websites creating lists of the best documentary films by genre categories, and adding new documentaries regularly. We’ve watched many movies on Netflix, documentaries and films of all kinds, but not all of the movies are available for instant viewing online, but where you’re required to order the film by mail and wait a couple of days for them to arrive.

Watch this 58 minute documentary called Run From The Cure. Ask yourself, What IF there were already cures for cancer? October is Cancer Awareness Month, with radio and TV ads bombarding consumers with pink-this-and-pink-that ribbons and products to buy and wear proudly in support of cancer research and cancer survivors. What if there were already cancer-fighting cures? Surely if a cure for cancer had been discovered and proven to work, the cure would be made readily available for any and all who suffer from cancer. Right?

, Telling It Like It Is

Sometimes we view full, complete documentaries on Amazon Instant Video or Google Videos, but more often than not, Youtube hosted videos is where we look first if we can’t find them on Netflix’s streaming videos. We’ve found that we much prefer watching informational and educational documentary films on various topics and genres, where we’re actually learning something we didn’t know before, than watching most of the popular shows on tv.

Must See Health Documentaries to Watch Online for FREE

, Telling It Like It Is Dying To Have Known – In Dying To Have Known, filmmaker Steve Kroschel went on a 52-day journey to find evidence to the effectiveness of the Gerson Therapy – a long-suppressed natural cancer cure. His travels take him across both the Atlantic and the Pacific Oceans, from upstate New York to San Diego to Alaska, from Japan and Holland to Spain and Mexico. In the end, he presents the testimonies of patients, scientists, surgeons and nutritionists who testify to the therapy’s efficacy in curing cancer and other degenerative diseases, and presents the hard scientific proof to back up their claims. Watch the Full Documentary HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Burzynski, The Movie: Cancer Is Serious Business. This documentary film is the story of a medical doctor and Ph.D biochemist named Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski who won the largest and most intriguing legal battle against the Food an Drug Administration (FDA) in American history. His victorious battles with the U.S. government were centered on Dr. Burzynski’s belief in and commitment to his gene-targeted cancer medicines he discovered in the 1970′s called Antineoplastons, which have currently completed Phase II FDA-supervised clinical trials in 2009 and could begin the final phase of testing in 2011-barring the ability to raise the $25 million to fund the first one. When Antineoplastons are approved, it will mark the first time in history a single scientist, not a pharmaceutical company, will hold the exclusive patent and distribution rights on a paradigm-shifting, life-saving medical breakthrough. Watch the Full Documentary HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Pill Poppers – This BBC Horizon Documentary explains how, over a person’s lifetime, more than 14,000 prescription pills are likely to be prescribed. Antibiotics, cholesterol lowering tablets, contraceptives, blood pressure medicines, anti-depressants, painkillers, even tablets for performance enhancement in bed. In this investigation film, some of the most popular pills people pop, Horizon asks, how much can they be trusted to do what they are supposed to? How do scientists determine whether the chemical compounds in prescription medications do what they’re claimed to do, are the pills a miracle cure or are they toxic? How much can the drug and pharmaceutical companies be trusted, and what about the potentially dangerous side effects? Watch Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, and Part 4.

, Telling It Like It Is The Beautiful Truth – Following the tragic death of his mother, 15 year old Garrett embarks on a cross-country road trip to learn about The Gerson Therapy, after reading a book written by Max Gerson that proposes a direct link between a person’s diet and a cure for cancer. Garrett meets with scientists, doctors and cancer survivors who reveal how it is in the best interest of the multi-billion dollar medical industry to dismiss the notion of alternative medicines and natural cures for cancer. Thanks to the diligent work of Max Gerson, M.D., and his daughter Charlotte Gerson, the knowledge of intensive nutritional treatment for cancer and other life-threatening diseases is now readily available. Watch the Full Documentary HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Money Talks – This Money Talks documentary exposes the questionable tactics that big drug companies use to make record profits by playing with the safety of our family’s health care. Using misleading advertising, attractive drug reps who wine and dine doctors and other unethical practices, the drug industry makes billions of dollars every year selling us unsafe, unnecessary and overpriced drugs. There are over 80,000 pharmaceutical sales people employed in the pharmaceutical industry in the United States alone, just about 1 for every 4 doctors. Their job is to sell drugs, not to educate doctors, nor to provide medical information. They have one job and one job only: to push their product, particularly against other competing products. Doctors should not trust them to give them unbiased and accurate information about their drugs, and frankly, doctors shouldn’t let them in their offices. If you want to protect the people you love from their dangerous practices that compromise the safety and quality of our health care, Money Talks is a must-see film. Watch the Full Documentary HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Crippling Waters – Dr. David Kennedy and his wife Betty travels to China visiting villages where skeletal fluorosis and dental fluorosis have ravaged whole village populations, where local water supplies contain significant levels of natural fluoride contaminant, some as high as the legal limit allowed in the United States by the Environmental Protection Agency. This video shows the results of the water de-fluoridation program conducted in several of those areas that were affected. Pain among the fluoride crippled was dramatically reduced, and dental fluorosis in children was reduced as well. Dr. David Kennedy is the author of the book, “How To Save Your Teeth With Toxic Free Preventive Dentistry,” that provides instruction and insight for both professionals and the layman on how to provide and receive toxic-free dentistry. Dr. Kennedy has written and produced videos extensively on the toxicology of dental materials and practices, including fluoride and mercury amalgams. Now retired, Dr. Kennedy has been the past president of the International Academy of Oral Medicine, and remains a consultant and dental expert. He continues to work closely with the IAOMT. Watch the Full Documentary HERE.

, Telling It Like It Is Poison In The Mouth – A startling documentary showing evidence of brain damage from Mercury in silver amalgam fillings. Most dentists who deny mercury is harmful, will remove them without precautions and can cause a relapse or an equivalent of over 10 years mercury exposure in one go if they drill them out, so if you think you need to remove and replace them, be sure to search out a qualified dentist [Holistic Dentists] who uses correct procedures to remove & replace them with safe alternatives like ceramic fillings, or else leave them in until they need replacing if you have had them for ages, and get ceramic ones or a safe alternative to mercury amalgam. The IAOMT gives guidelines for the removal of mercury amalgam fillings in a safe way, as you will need to go on a mercury detox program before and after taking them out to rid your body of the amount of mercury you will absorb during extraction, as no matter how many precautions taken, you will still be exposed to very high levels, so will need detox, but be careful, research this well if you decide to take action, as you can do more harm than good if you don’t know what you are doing. Watch the Full Documentary movie HERE.

, Telling It Like It Is Big Bucks, Big Pharma: Marketing Disease and Pushing Drugs – Big Bucks, Big Pharma pulls back the curtain on the multi-billion dollar pharmaceutical industry to expose the insidious ways that illness is used, manipulated, and in some instances created, for capital gain. Focusing on the industry’s marketing practices, media scholars and health professionals help viewers understand the ways in which direct-to-consumer (DTC) pharmaceutical advertising glamorizes and normalizes the use of prescription medication, and works in tandem with promotion to doctors. Combined, these industry practices shape how both patients and doctors understand and relate to disease and treatment. Ultimately, Big Bucks, Big Pharma challenges us to ask important questions about the consequences of relying on a for-profit industry for our health and well-being. Watch the Full Documentary film HERE.

, Telling It Like It Is The Fluoride Deception – Hailed as a harmless chemical that would prevent tooth decay, new evidence shows how fluoride could be linked to serious health problems. Proponents argued that fluoride in water and toothpaste would help to protect teeth and prevent decay. Over the following decades, fluoride was added to public water supplies across the country. While the benefits of water fluoridation have been held to be unquestionable, accumulating evidence points to a frightening prospect: that fluoride may have serious adverse health effects, including infant mortality, congenital defects and IQ. Christopher Bryson’s book, titled “The Fluoride Deception”, examines the background of the fluoridation debate. According to Bryson, research challenging fluoride’s safety and efficacy was either suppressed or not conducted in the first place. Watch the Full Length Documentary HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Gasland – Can You Light Your Water On Fire? – A 2010 award winning documentary written and directed by filmmaker Josh Fox, Gasland focuses on communities within the U.S. impacted by natural gas drilling via hydraulic fracturing (fracking), and the damaging effects to community air and water supplies that cause chronic illness in people and animals. When filmmaker Josh Fox is asked to lease his land for drilling, he embarks on a cross-country odyssey uncovering a trail of secrets, lies and contamination. A recently drilled nearby Pennsylvania town reports that residents are able to light their tap water on fire. Fox then set out to see how communities are being affected in the west where a natural gas drilling boom has been underway for the last decade. Fox spent time with citizens in their homes and on their land as they relayed their stories of natural gas drilling in Colorado, Wyoming, Utah and Texas, among others. He spoke with residents who have experienced a variety of chronic health problems as well as contamination of their air, water wells or surface water. In some instances, the residents are reporting that they obtained a court injunction or settlement monies from gas companies to replace the affected water supplies with potable water or water purification kits. Watch the Full Documentary HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is The Drugging Of Our Children – In the absence of any objective medical tests to determine who has ADD or ADHD, doctors rely in part on standardized assessments and the impressions of teachers and guardians while the they administer leave little room for other causes or aggravating factors, such as diet, or environment. Hence, diagnosing a child or adolescent with ADD or ADHD is often the outcome, although no organic basis for either disease has yet to be clinically proven. Psychiatrists may then prescribe psychotropic drugs for the children without first without making it clear to parents that these medications can have severe side-effects including insomnia, loss of appetite, headaches, psychotic symptoms and even potentially fatal adverse reactions, such as cardiac arrhythmia. And yet, despite these dangers, many school systems actually work with government agencies to force parents to drug their children, threatening those who refuse with the prospect of having their children taken from the home unless they cooperate. Watch the full length documentary video HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Vaccine Nation – Synopsis: In the United States, the number of mandatory vaccine injections has risen to 36 per child. Each of these injections contains neurotoxins such as aluminum, mercury (Thimerosal), formaldehyde, aborted fetal tissue, bovine protein, egg protein, human protein and DNA, heavy metals, and many others. What happens to a child’s fragile immune system when it’s overloaded with these toxins? From the award-winning director of The Drugging of our Children, Gulf War Syndrome: Killing Our Own and AIDS Inc. – comes the latest film of critical social importance: Vaccine Nation. For most people, vaccinating themselves and their children seems like a good idea. Vaccines are safe, effective and are supposed to protect us against dangerous infectious diseases – Right? Watch the full documentary HERE.

, Telling It Like It Is Sweet Misery: A Poisoned World – Aspartame is an artificial sweetener used in such brands as Nutrasweet and Equal, and is about two hundred times sweeter than refined sugar. Aspartame is a chemical, not a natural sweetener, found in thousands of consumable products including diet sodas. Aspartame is man-made, made up of three components: Phenylalanine (50%), Aspartic Acid (40%), and Methyl Ester at 10%. When swallowed, it becomes free methyl alcohol. Methanol. Wood alcohol, a poison. The long-term toxic effects of consuming Aspartame are well known by natural health enthusiasts, but sadly, often ignored by people who consume Aspartame-laden products on a regular basis, with the misplaced belief that they haven’t died yet so what’s the harm? After watching the Sweet Misery documentary, viewers will understand clearly why avoiding Aspartame and reading consumer labels is in their best interests and that of their families. Watch the full documentary HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Tapped – Tapped examines the role of the bottled water industry and its effects on our health, climate change, pollution, and our reliance on oil. This award winning documentary film will undoubtedly change how you view municipal water supplies and bottled water. Is access to clean drinking water a basic human right, or is it a commodity to be bought and sold like any other consumer product? This documentary takes a behind-the-scenes look into the unregulated and unseen world of the bottled water industry that aims to privatize and sell back to consumers our drinking water, the one resource that ought never to become a commodity. Both the “manufacture” of the water itself, and also where the bottles come from, where they go after use and how they influence our lives while they’re with us. The willful absence of major companies such as Coke, Pepsi and Nestle is extremely telling in light of all the material presented. Watch the full film HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is What In The World Are They Spraying? – Synopsis: By now everyone has seen crisscrossing streaks of white clouds trailing behind jet aircraft, stretching from horizon to horizon, eventually turning the sky into a murky haze. Our innate intelligence tells us these are not mere vapor trails from jet engines, but no one yet has probed the questions: who is doing this and why. With the release of this video, all of that has changed. Here is the story of a rapidly developing industry called geo-engineering, driven by scientists, corporations, and governments intent on changing global climate, controlling the weather, and altering the chemical composition of soil and water – all supposedly for the betterment of mankind. Although officials insist that these programs are only in the discussion phase, evidence is abundant that they have been underway since about 1990 – and the effect has been devastating to crops, wildlife, and human health. We are being sprayed with toxic substances without our consent and, to add insult to injury, they are lying to us about it. Watch it on Youtube HERE. Buy It Here.

, Telling It Like It Is Homeopathy The Test – Homeopathy is a two hundred year old practice, and is used by millions of people including politicians, pop stars, footballers and even Prince Charles. Footballer David Beckham benefited from homeopathic treatments and the Royals have been keen users of homeopathy since the days of Queen Victoria. Traditional science says they’re wasting their time and money. BBC/Horizon brings a team of scientists together to test the claims of homeopaths. Sceptic James Randi is so convinced that homeopathy will not work, that he has offered one million dollars to anyone who can provide convincing evidence of its effects. For the first time in the program’s history, Horizon conducts its own scientific experiment, to try and win his money. If they succeed, they will not only be $1m richer – they will also force scientists to rethink some of their fundamental beliefs. Watch the documentary HERE.

, Telling It Like It Is Nutrition & Behavior Aspartame – Nutrition and Behavior it is an lecture seminar held by Dr. Russell Blaylock, in which he claims and demonstrates important connections between nutrition and our health and how nutrition affects our behavioral patterns. Citing a series of important studies, Dr. Blaylock shows that good nutrition can powerfully enhance our memory, mood, and behavior in a socially desirable way, and how poor nutrition can lead our youth into a world of violence, crime, depression and suicide. In the Nutrition and Behavior documentary, Dr. Blaylock demonstrates these principals and outlines specific measures you can take to protect your children from these detrimental effects. Most importantly, he shows us that it is never too late to make these nutritional changes. Watch Dr. Blaylock’s lecture film HERE. Buy It Here.

As with anything, newspapers, magazines, television shows or news shows or even radio programs, it’s important to maintain a skeptical, but open mind while watching documentaries. Watch, listen, read and research independently. Knowledge is Power.

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