Fridge Locker Locks Food in the Locker Sized Fridge from Refrig-A Raiders


Heard of the Fridge Locker yet? The Fridge Locker helps protect your food from “Refrig-A Raiders” at work, college and home, with the Original Personal Food Security System, The Fridge Locker. Have you ever taken your lunch to work and when it came time to go to lunch, you discovered someone swiped your food?

College roommates, friends, family and coworkers often complain about people stealing their food, drinks, snacks (and beer) without asking, but if they had the locker sized Fridge Locker, food thieves would think twice. There is no need to keep hiding snacks from friends or family anymore…, and “do not touch” signs rarely work, this portable security food locker solves your problem.

The Fridge Locker is a great gift idea for college students, dorm roommates, yourself, or anyone else on your gift list who has tried in vain to keep food raiders (people who can’t be trusted to keep their paws off your food) from emptying your fridge, freezer or pantry shelves. It’s also a great idea for parents trying to get their kids to eat healthy but have trouble keeping their kids out of the treats and snacks before dinner – be sure to choose a lock combination your kids and their friends won’t easily guess.

The Anti Theft Lunch Bags just might be enough to keep food thieves and bullies from stealing your child’s school lunch bag or lunch box, but the Fridge Locker deals with food thieves even better.

“We all know the feeling… You’re hungry for the delicious snack and the refreshing beverage that are waiting for you in the fridge. But when you open the door the shelves are empty… Keep your food safe from “Refrig-A Raiders” at home, your dorm or the office with the Original Personal Food Security System, The Fridge Locker.”

  • Chromed metal combination lock, set any combination you choose!
  • Door opens & becomes a shelf.
  • High density polyurethane walls.

The Fridge Locker is available at and is a simple and easy device to use. Consisting of a metal cage, measuring 7.5-inches wide by 7.5-inches tall by 11-inches deep, the Fridge Locker is secured with a combination lock that you choose. The food security system is small enough to fit in a fridge, freezer or pantry. Keep in mind that once the Fridge Locker is installed in the home, office or college dorm refrigerator, food thieves might not be too pleased that your tasty food and snacks are no longer easy pickings.

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