Giving BlogRush the Flush – Will Entrecard be Next?

flushing-blogrush-down-the-toilet-thumbnailThe time has finally come to flush BlogRush down the toilet, adding it to the long and growing list of social networking sites further contaminating the sewer system. I was too quick to jump on the BlogRush bandwagon, hoping it would bring quality web traffic to my blog, but I’ve been sorely mistaken. Bye-Bye BlogRush!

Take a look at these ridiculous stats on my BlogRush dashboard from today:

, Telling It Like It Is

(Getting 1 visitor means it goes Hot?)

The highest syndication numbers came from my recent rant about Digg, and I would have thought that maybe some Digg user might have found interest in that post, but oh well. Whooosh, down the toilet goes BlogRush.

What about Entrecard?

I’ve only been using Entrecard for about two weeks now, and I haven’t made up my mind yet as to whether Entrecard will bring quality traffic to my blog, or if it will follow BlogRush into the toilet. I’ve been somewhat surprised at the number of advert rejections for my blog, coming from blogs that are in my “Parenting and Family” niche, as well as those slightly outside of my niche. As of this posting, there are only 56 blogs listed in the parenting and family category on Entrecard, so if you have a blog in that niche, you should really consider joining Entrecard to bring more attention to your blog. We need you! I need you!

Where is your Entrecard widget?

One thing that really perturbs me about some Entrecard users, especially some that are in my own niche, is that their widget is placed so far down on their sidebar, sometimes hidden amongst a vast array of shiny, flashing and colorful ads, that I wouldn’t even consider advertising on their blog. What would be the point of using my Entrecard credits on a blog where the widget is so low on the sidebar that virtually no one would see it? Put your widget high on up on your sidebar people! Yeesh! Another thing that I’ve found is that many of the “blogspot” users have blogs that load ever so slowly that I tend to not bother waiting around for the page to finish loading, but just start over looking for blogs of interest.

Niche Obsession-

I can understand why blogs in the “Internet Marketing” or “Make Money Online” niches would reject my blog, and I don’t even attempt to advertise on those (anymore). Good luck in trying to get approved by blogs listed in the “Most Popular” categories, or even finding they have open “advertise” spaces to even be considered. But my advert requests for blogs in the categories about Health and Medicine, Self-Improvement, Personal Diaries, or even Photography continue to be rejected. I write about Health too! Parents take pictures of their kids and family, and bloggers in the Photography category have kids and family, so why the rejections?

Spreading Social Networking Karma-

It’s very interesting to me to find a large number of Entrecard users offering to display a varied number of Entrecard icons on their blogs free of charge, not only helping bring attention to other blogs, but also bringing attention to their own blog. I call that a very smart move on their part, and very good social networking karma.

Time will tell if Entrecard turns out to be the next best thing since sliced bread, or gets tossed into the plumbing system like BlogRush. For now, I’m happy to have found some very good blogs through Entrecard and am continuing to build relationships with other bloggers in and out of my niche.

It would just be nice if those more outside of my niche would be open to my adverts on their blogs. Maybe it might cause me to develop interest in what they have to say on their blogs, or cause me to want to comment or even subscribe. Hmm.

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