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Recent polls have shown that over 90% of people would NOT eat GMO (Genetically Modified Organisms) foods if they were labeled. That is a significant reason that food manufacturers won’t label their GMO contents as such on any label. Our government, the government that is supposed to protect US, is not. Here is a quick “lesson” on the truth of GMO’s, what they are, why they are dangerous, and hopefully how to avoid them.

If you become upset, angry or enraged I hope you will channel this in a positive vein by sharing your knowledge with everyone you know. Perhaps if everyone “gets” this, we can reach the tipping point to change things. It IS possible to stop this insanity. Consumers are powerful beyond their comprehension. Manufacturers will get the message when their sales slip. It worked in Europe. It took them TWO MONTHS to get GMO’s banned from the European Union! They have press/media that (so far) has not been bought out or controlled by either big business or government. There IS hope for us!

What Genetically Engineered Foods Are


If you buy baby formula, cereals, soups, sauces, condiments, oils, dressings, snack foods, dairy or soy then you are consuming GMO’s, unless there is a label that says “certified organic”. Alarming, isn’t it? Despite all the efforts being made today by the Institute for Responsible Technology (IRT), the Center for Science in the Public Interest (CSPI), the Alliance for Natural Health, the Environmental Working Group (EWG) and many more non-profits looking out for YOU, the power and money behind the GMO cartel continues to reign supreme, encouraged and supported by our government.

One year after GMO soy was introduced in Great Britain there was an alarming increase in allergies. It was so huge and widespread that the British government jumped into action, traced the allergies to the arrival of GMO soy, and quickly banned it! The level of transparency and truth in Europe is quite frankly outstanding, compared to the deception that goes on in this country, the good old USA. Consumers, that would be you and me, are considered highly manipulated and ignorant. We buy what is in the store, naively thinking that somewhere, someone magical made sure that the food (phude) there is safe to eat. I felt that way for years – trusting and shopping happily until I started researching GMO’s and got involved with the IRT.

Companies manufacturing food here for export to Europe now re-formulate their ingredients, filtering OUT the GMO’s for European markets. These same food companies supply our grocery stores in the USA with GMO ingredients. We buy them unknowingly, eat them unknowingly and if we develop symptoms or become ill, it will be nearly impossible to peg the GMO food (phude) responsible because they have infiltrated the market. We will then be given drugs to treat this – and the cycle of profiteering from our innocence plays on.

The original selling point of going GMO was the lofty goal of feeding the world. Our population is out of control and we need to feed all these people. It sounds so darn nice, doesn’t it? Supposedly GMO crops would increase yields and reduce pesticide use. Both premises have been shown totally incorrect. There is more pesticide use now than ever! The goal of the biotechs is to replace all of our food with GMO’s. They are buying up seed companies so that soon they will own them all. The GMO seeds all have patents – yes, patents on seeds – and they own all of them too. Do you see where this is going?


As it stands now, farmers using GMO seed cannot save the seeds but must re-purchase every year. This is a huge contrast to the way farming has been done in this country and has put farmers at the control of the companies. Once a farmer converts to GMO seeds, and is then forced to spray and spray with pesticides (sweetly provided by the chemical poison giant, Monsanto) the soil becomes destroyed after a few years. The chemicals kill all the micro-bacteria that soils need. Environmentally, this is destroying the farmlands.

Now what is a GMO seed? The easiest way to explain is using the Flavor-Savor tomato example. They took the DNA genes from a tomato plant and crossed them with the DNA gene of a flounder. To get one gene inside another they use an accelerant to turn the genes on after they unite. This switches them on, but there is no way to turn them off! How to get one gene inside another? What is a great carrier? Bacteria! So then they have to make this “Round-up” ready – this way they can spray the crops killing everything but the plant itself (weeds etc that grow around the plant) so a gene from the pesticide itself is added. The pesticide BECOMES part of the plant. So is the bacteria, switched on forever.

If you were this tomato plant, it would be as if pesticides oozed out from your pores and bacteria multiplied in your blood. I know, it’s gross. If it’s any comfort, they did take those tomatoes off of the market. It doesn’t mean there aren’t GMO tomatoes on the shelves now, however. They are allowed to do “trials” introducing any product they want into the market without “permission” or labeling. The FDA has permitted widespread introduction of GMO products without any significant safety testing requirements and is forbidden from pursing its own safety testing of GMO’s. The FDA prohibits the identification of GMO products or ingredients and makes the identification of products which do not contain GMO’s or GMO ingredients very difficult for manufacturers.

GMO’s In Food

As far as your health is concerned, accurate identification of problems caused by GMOs is now impossible since more than 90% – yes, 90% – of the US food supply is made of GMO products or ingredients and no identification of these items is possible because of FDA policy and permitted unidentified food contamination. The human body, and the probiotic (beneficial bacteria the body depends on for immune and nutritional integrity) has no ability to detoxify GMO genetic material, bacterial markers and other GMO contents, nor the increasing exposure to toxic chemicals that the GMOs were designed to withstand. We can be walking pesticide factories in our guts. This is no minor issue. Our immune system NEEDS good gut flora, not pesticides.

Whenever you hear about the noises in Congress or wherever about Food Safety Laws, you will never find them including one word about GMOs. If we want to rid ourselves of GMOs, the first thing is education. Learning where they are is critical. IRT has a guide “ShopNoGMO” available FREE at and they have apps for phones now as well. Read books by Jeffrey Smith, “Seeds of Deception“ and “Genetic Roulette: The Documented Health Risks of Genetically Engineered Foods” . If you want to REALLY open your eyes, see the movie “The World According to Monsanto”.

The major crops that are GMO today (unless you are buy strictly organic products) are corn, soy, canola, sugar beets, cotton seed, some zucchini, Hawaiian papaya, alfalfa. Animal studies showed that they will avoid eating any and all GMO products. They know without any labels. Animal sense. It’s a beautiful thing. We cannot “sense” the GMOs, unfortunately, but we CAN shop smart. Get your shopping guide and start a pantry purge. It took me close to a year to switch out everything to organic. Since then I have had absolutely no more problems with my long history of colon issues or allergies. A little more expensive but good health is worth it!

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Guest post Author:
Susan Blake is a Certified Nutrition & Wellness Consultant, health writer and blogger at She is a health advocate and member of the Institute of Responsible Technology, EWG, Organic Consumers Association, Alliance of Natural Health, Center for Science in the Public Interest and a frequent speaker on health topics, most importantly GMOs. She received training on GMOs directly from Jeffrey Smith. Susan is currently obtaining Master Herbalist certification and working with clients on health and diets.

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