Go Elf Yourself!

elfyourself-2 Now that you’ve filled yourself up with all the various Thanksgiving fixings and desserts, it’s time to have some extreme Holiday silliness and Go Elf Yourself! Get your very own Holiday Makeover with Elf Yourself, by Office Max! Simply upload a picture of yourself, your spouse, children, boss, or even someone you loathe, and have a great laugh! Ever wonder what you’d look like in an Elf outfit? Well now you can find out with your very own Elfamorphosis.

You can make one of these cute little dancing images of yourself and email it to your friends and family, or simply sit and laugh at yourself! Although I didn’t do it, you can also include your own voice greeting with your Elf Yourself Greeting Card, if you wish.

I’d love to see your Elf Yourself, so be sure to come back here and post the URL you get while creating your own Elf Yourself.

Here’s the link to my personal Elf Yourself card. https://www.elfyourself.com/?id=9575965208

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