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gofish-guys-150x150-1-2 Have you heard about GoFish? How about the Mom Song by the Go Fish Guys? GoFish is a Christian singing group of three guys, Jamie Statema (founder of GoFish), Jason Folkmann and Andy Selness. GoFish, also known as the Go Fish Guys, started out as an a cappella group founded in 1993, using nothing but vocals and percussion.

GoFish became branded as “a cappella with an attitude”, whose songs include the Mom Song, Christmas With a Capital C, American Kid, Superstar and many others. The GoFish website, www.gofishguys.com, is labeled as “Go Fish – Great Music For Kids That Won’t Drive Parents Bonkers!!”, which was enough to cause me to spend some time on the GoFish site and check out Jamie’s Go Fish Guy blog at www.gofishguy.typepad.com. Jamie must be a very cool guy, considering the fact that his blog logo includes my favorite Dr. Seuss quote “Be who you are and say what you feel, because those mind don’t matter and those who matter don’t mind” which is my personal motto in life.

Party Like a Preschooler” by the Go Fish Guys is a best-selling album collection of 11 songs kids love and won’t drive parents bonkers, and there’s even a bonus track for dads, “It’s hard to be cool (in a mini-van)!” This “Party” album contains song titles including “Do Your Ears Hang Low”, “The Wheels on the Bus”, “Pop Goes the Weasel”, “5 Little Monkeys”, “The A,B,C’s”, “John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt”, “The Cow and The Peanut” and other kid songs moms and dads will enjoy just as much as kids do.

But it doesn’t stop there. GoFish music includes best-selling CD/DVDs besides “Party Like a Preschooler”, including such titles as: Snazzy, Showtime DVD, Snooze, Superstar, Splash and Snow (a Christmas music collection) that children and families love! There’s even GoFish sheet music and performance tracks that can be downloaded for FREE from the GoFish website so you can sing Go Fish Guys songs at your church or event.

GoFish Mom Song

I love mom songs, as can be seen and heard from the two songs to mom previously posted, including the Mom Song William Tell Overture by Patti Hershey and the Mom Song Kids Response by Vanessa Van Petten, including lyrics to both mom songs.

GoFish has their own Mom Song and I’d be remiss not to include this Mom Song by GoFish to my list of favorite mom songs for moms. I’m even including the Mom Song Lyrics by GoFish if you want to print the lyrics and sing along with this Mom Song YouTube video by GoFish.

Be sure to check out GoFish on Twitter and the GoFish website to check out their entire collection of music, photos, apparel and concert schedule that thankfully won’t drive parents bonkers!

The Mom Song by GoFish Lyrics

If you have a stroller But you’re still a rock and roller You’re a mom If you’re tired of doing dishes And you know who Elmo’s fish is You’re a mom If you have a lot of fun But your work is never done

You’re a mom

You’re the boss, the driver The ultimate survivor A doctor, a cooker Your man thinks you’re a looker If you work all day But you never get paid

You’re a mom

If you need a sick day But instead you’re gonna play You’re a mom If your first occupation Sounds like a sweet vacation You’re a mom If your living room floor Looks like a toy store

You’re a mom

If you mean the whole world To a little boy or girl You’re a mom The Bible that you hold Can shape these little souls You’re a mom If you have the most important job in the world

You’re a mom

You’re the boss, the driver The ultimate survivor A doctor, a cooker Your man thinks you’re a looker If you work all day But you never get paid

You’re a mom

Do you have any favorite Mom Songs? What songs for moms do you enjoy or find funny and/or enjoyable to listen and sing along to?

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