Graduation Gift Ideas: High School Graduation, College Graduation Gifts Ideas

graduation-gift-ideas High school and college graduation is coming up quick, and graduates should be congratulated and rewarded with graduation gifts for all their hard work leading up to graduation day. Graduation parties are being planned, and high school graduates are excited about attending prom as well as the before-and-after parties, while college graduates have their own college graduation party to attend in celebration of their achievements.

Parents, family and friends of graduating students are busy shopping for graduation gifts that express how proud they are of their graduate, which can make searching for grad gifts seem rather daunting, as they try and decide what to buy a graduating high school or college student.

Coming up with graduation gift ideas is easier if you keep in mind the graduates future plans after they walk across the stage and receive their high school diploma or college degree on graduation day.

High school graduation and college graduation is an unforgettable occasion that graduates will remember and cherish as one of the best days of their lives. Graduation gifts for him or her that are unique, creative and personalized are at the top of the list of favorite graduation presents for high school or college graduates.

It wasn’t hard for me to buy high school graduation gifts for my girls when they graduated high school and headed off to college, because I knew what graduation gift each of them wanted. All I had to do was go to a fine jewelry store and browse their selection of graduation gifts to find the birthstone jewelry that my girls have always wanted, and they were thrilled with their gifts.

Buying my sons gifts for graduation from high school and college automatically meant shopping for electronics and techie gadgets, due to their interest in technology and computers, as well as their apparent obsession with every type of high-tech device known to man.

Personalized graduation gifts found at stores like Things Remembered, where you can have a special commemorative message engraved, is one of my personal favorites. High school graduation gifts and college graduation gifts have a lot of similarities, and you just have to decide what your gift-giving budget is and shop around for the best deals.

A family friend recently told me she made some homemade graduation gift baskets for her nieces and nephews that graduated from high school last year, and that the baskets were very cheap and easy to make. I’m not the least bit crafty, but if something is inexpensive and easy to make, I’ll give it my best shot.

One of my nephews is graduating from high school this year and going straight to college, so his “grad gifts” of choice included a laptop computer; a small refrigerator that will fit well in a dorm room; a small microwave; an IPOD, a new wallet with money in it; an engraved watch; a large piece of luggage; a new camera and a television/DVD combo set.

Unique gifts for high school graduates are not hard to find, and unique college graduation gifts just might be your graduate would like best, especially when you consider how some of the most typical graduation gifts (money, gift certificates, etc) don’t require much forethought at all.

Whatever you decide to purchase as a graduation gift for someone you know and care about, at least put some thought into it and ask yourself, Would you want to receive the same type gifts for graduation that you’re thinking of giving to a high school or college graduate?

Is someone you know about to graduate from high school or college? Are you planning on buying a gift for the graduate? What graduation gift ideas have you come up with?

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