Hairstyles for Women Over 40 – Mature Women 40 Plus Color and Long Hairstyle Rules

hairstyles-for-women-over-40-150x150-1 Just for fun, I did some online searches on what the best hairstyles for women over 40 are and saw pictures of new hairstyles for women, especially women over forty. The so-called fashion and hairstyle rules about women over 40 years old not having long hair make me laugh. I’m now 51 years old now and my hair is still long, past my shoulders, and shall remain long for as long as I choose.

The hairstyle “experts” and fashion gurus offer a plethora of advice for mature women 40 plus years old regarding hairstyles for older women, saying that most women over the age of 40 should not have long hair. Experts say older women should opt for a short and layered “sassy” looking hairstyle that might be called “trendy” for women who are more “mature” in age.

I say, Phhht.

Not only are hairstyles for women over forty a matter of seemingly grave concern, but hairstyle experts (I use the term loosely) say women over 40 and/or 50 should completely change their hair color and dye it the opposite color they have worn perhaps most of their lives. I’ve been blond most of my life, although not entirely “naturally blond” for the last half of my life thus far.

Hairstyles For Women

My hair is naturally a light brown, or some would say a “dirty dishwater blond” or some color closely related to that. Add the gray hair that has had the nerve to invade much of my hair follicles in recent years and you’ve got yourself a color mixture of dirty dishwater blond-brown color combined with gray hair that is more like white. Phhht.

If I were to follow what the hairstyle “experts” say I should do with my long, color treated blond hair, I would dye my hair to a medium brown and cover/hide the gray hair. I did that once. Temporarily. It looked terrible on my light skin tone. Sorry, no awful pictures of the evidence of the too-dark brown hair recommended by the phhht hairstyle and color experts will be shown here. Nor am I willing to go entirely gray, which would be relatively easy to do at this stage of my life.

If you are a woman over 30, 40 plus or even 50 or over, the fastest way to find out if your hair color is the right or wrong color is to send a photo of your new “do” to a couple friends or relatives and see what their reaction is and how quickly they respond. Or not. Comments such as “it looks different”, or “you look nice but it’ll take a little getting used to”, or “what did you DO?!” are surefire ways of knowing your new “trendy” hairstyle or new permanent hair color didn’t receive high ratings.

If their responses come a day or more after sending the picture of your new hair color or hairstyle, along with suggestions of what you should have done with your hair, those closest to you don’t like your hair one bit. And they want you to change it to what they recommend or suggest for you to “look your best”, in their opinion. But wait. If you cut, style, color or dye your hair how everyone else claims would make you look good and fashionable (regardless of your age), you will be changing your hair as often as you change clothes because you can’t please everyone all the time.

Long Hairstyles for Women Over 40

My hair is long and straight, but I am not real fussy about my hairstyle, or the lack thereof. Nor do I feel the need to curl my hair with hot rollers or a curling iron. I don’t care about using a flat iron to smooth out my long hair to help with “bad hair day” frizz etc. Frizz gel or hair goop works fine enough for me. Pinning my hair up on occasion, putting my hair up in an “updo” occasionally, or using a hair clip to hold my hair back is just fine for me.

Having a nice, age appropriate hairstyle that I like, and that won’t require a ridiculous amount of time standing in front of the mirror fixing and fussing over every strand of hair would be great. What hairstyle looks best on me is a matter of opinion, widely varied opinion, and that includes what color my hair should be. If the hairstyle gurus and experts were to have their way with my hair, my hair would be cut and styled so short that I’d be lucky for my hair to reach my shoulders at all. Like with a short Bob hair cut, like Katie Holmes has. It ain’t happenin’.

I’ve spent several days looking at a variety of pictures of hairstyles for women over 40, but haven’t found one single hairstyle that remotely comes close to anything I would like. The hairstyle experts recommend the style frame your face nicely, which of course sounds reasonable. National magazines for women and so-called public opinion say that women over 40 should not have long hair but should automatically cut their hair short. Phhht.

Even the historical roots of women and long hair after the age of 40 shows the prevalence towards short hairstyles for more mature women, but public opinion or society’s attitudes need not dictate a woman’s hairstyle or color choice. My hair is long because I like it long. I don’t like how I look with short hair above my shoulders, although I have had medium-length hair a little passed my shoulders and like that length just fine.

There is absolutely nothing wrong with an older, more “mature” woman wearing a longer style as long as the hair does have some style. Then again, what “style” means to one person may not to another. Whose opinion matters most in regards to hairstyle and/or hair color in each woman’s life? For me, my personal opinion primarily matters (it is MY hair) and then also considering how my adoring husband feels about how my hair looks.

From what I’ve read during my online searches, women who grow their hair long just so it’s long (lifeless, dry, brittle, etc) rather than choosing a more healthy looking, flattering hair style a bit shorter in length may find their hair doesn’t do anything for her overall looks except to make her look older than she really is.

Choosing an appropriate, healthy looking hairstyle, means a woman not only looks younger than she actually is but she will also feel younger and more vibrant. No woman over thirty or forty or fifty has to cut her hair short and wear those tacky traditional perms that older women often resort to when there are so many great hairstyles available to choose from. I’m still trying to find my “perfect” hairstyle for my hair and will hopefully make a decision soon, whether to keep my hair long or cut it into a more current “fashionable” style that fits my needs and schedule.

Even though I refuse to follow the so-called “rules” about hairstyles for women over 40 or 50, I still want my hair and it’s style to be healthy and look good. On me. How a hairstyle looks on someone else or on a hairstyling model posing in magazines doesn’t mean the hairstyle will look good on me. And don’t get me started talking about those ridiculous looking hairstyles seen so often in magazines displaying runway models in some foreign country, and all their florescent glory and wild braids and spikes. Phhht.

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