Hairstyles For Women Over 50 – Mature Women 50 Plus Hairstyles

As the months lead up to my turning 50 years old, I began to wonder if it wasn’t time to make some hairstyle changes and cut my long hair to a shorter length, at least

hairstyles-for-women-over-50-147x150-1-3 As the months lead up to my turning 50 years old, I began to wonder if it wasn’t time to make some hairstyle changes and cut my long hair to a shorter length, at least above my shoulders. Having read so much information online and in magazines about hairstyles for women over 40, 50 and older, it became clear that none of the so-called hairstyle experts agree on what hairstyles are best for mature women.

It makes sense that the chosen hairstyle would compliment a woman’s best and most attractive facial features, bringing out a woman’s pretty eyes as one example. Many of the over 40 or 50 hairstyle pictures recommend short and blunt hairstyles, with celebrity photos in hairstyle magazines or online websites giving women ideas of what their hair might look like. I say “might” look like because how a hairstyle looks on a woman with a round or square shaped face won’t look the same on women with long or oval shaped faces, and the differences in ages and facial features from a hairstyle model vs. the women inquiring about styles should also be considered.

Should a women over 40 or 50 choose to go with a hairstyle plus bangs or what are commonly referred to as “swoop bangs” that don’t look like what a younger woman or little girl would have is a personal choice. Swooped bangs for women over 40 or 50 are highly recommended by many of the hairstyle experts, if bangs are of interest at all. Some of the picture examples of hairstyles recommend a good layered cut, where lots of layers are cut into the hair to frame the face and neckline nicely, or to hide sagging necklines or chubby double chins in older women.

The reason why many older, more “mature” women want to have bangs or swooped bangs as part of their hairstyle is often to hide age lines appearing on her forehead, and fine lines or wrinkles near her eyes called crows feet. Being a young Grandma, rather than a much older grandmother well into her 60’s, 70’s or 80’s, the old-fashioned grandma hairstyles do not appeal to me at all. My own grandmother had very long hair for most of her life, usually braided and styled in such a way that it was often pinned up high on her head, but old lady hairstyles have gone out of style (thankfully) and there are many pretty modern hairstyles for us young grandmas.

One of the most popular hairstyles for women these days is the “Bob” hairstyle, which is a versatile hairstyle because a Bob hairstyle can be either short or long, or even medium length. Many years ago I had a classic bob hairstyle and I loved it and received many compliments, but nowadays it seems a lot of women have the bob haircut and some women want a hairstyle that isn’t used by nearly every woman they meet or see on tv. Personally, I don’t care how trendy, popular or unpopular a hairstyle is in other people’s opinions, because when it comes right down to it, the decision of what hairstyle I choose to have for my own hair is my decision.

Bob Hairstyles For Women

It is very common for women to bring a picture of a celebrity’s hairstyle with them to their hair salon, and sometimes that hairstyle turns out to look great on them and other times.., not so much. Doing an online search for “hairstyles for women”, “celebrity hairstyles”, “bob hairstyles” and similar search terms brings thousands of short, medium length and long hairstyle photos for women to look at and decide if the cut and style is right for her.

Celeb’s like Jennifer Aniston, Gwyneth Paltrow, Raquel Welch, Victoria Beckham, Nicole Ritchie, Jenny McCarthy, Katie Holmes, Jessica Simpson, Rihanna, Faith Hill, Halle Berry, Heidi Klum are just some well-known celebrity women who stay up-to-date with hairstyle trends. The bob hairstyle from years ago has now graduated to a variety of modern short bob hairstyles, with versatility to match all types of hair and hair lengths.

Modern bob hairstyles in 2010 include graduated bob hairstyles (concave bob hair), the angled bob hairstyle, and the straight short bob hairstyle. A layered bob hairstyle is one of my favorites as there are many different ways to style a bob haircut, rather than always styling hair to go under with a round brush or curling iron. Jenny McCarthy’s bob hairstyle looks gorgeous on her, which is achieved by using mousse and a flatiron to smooth and flatten the hair to get perfect results.

With a medium or large round brush, short, medium or long bob styles can be blown dry to go under, but it always seems like women need a couple extra hands to get the same results received by the hairstylist at the salon. I’ve seen women with the bob style who curl their hair with a curling iron so that the ends curl or flip out rather than under, or even manage to get the same results with a flat iron too.

Out of all the pictures I’ve seen over the last few months of women’s hairstyles, my favorite is the modern bob hairstyle and since I’ve already seen how many different ways to style a bob there are with the help of hair gel, hair mousse, hot rollers, curling irons or flat irons, the short bob hairstyle is what I chose as the perfect hairstyle for me. I was only a little nervous about cutting my long hair to the short length it is now, but once I got my hair cut into a short/medium length bob and started hearing all the nice compliments from family, friends and perfect strangers, I knew I had made the right choice.

An added bonus to the length of my hair is that it’s still long enough to use clip on hair extensions made out of human hair or synthetic materials if I want or need a “fake” longer hairstyle for special occasions, weddings, or just to temporarily change my hairstyle for the fun of doing it. Clip in human hair extensions and bangs are even available for women with highlighted or colored hair, but I’d still have to learn how to put in clip in hair extensions like professional hair salons do it so my hair looks perfect rather than clipped on by an amateur.