Healthy Living – Eating Healthy On a Budget

Living a healthy lifestyle of course includes eating healthy, learning even the basics of nutrition and understanding the many benefits of healthy eating on the body, mind and spirit. For people living on a budget, eating healthy may seem to be an impossible task, especially with food prices going up and trying to make ends meet in a down economy.

I’ve had a strong interest and desire for quite some time now to read and learn everything I possibly can about natural health and proper nutrition, in order to ensure that Grandpa and I are living and eating the healthiest ways humanly possible. Making proper food choices, receiving the greatest benefits from the four main food groups, getting in a healthy amount of exercise, etc.

Researching topics of interest is sort of an obsession of mine, to the extent that I’m sometimes referred to as a researchaholic. To say that I read a lot is an enormous understatement. Whether my reading is through books, science magazines, alternative medicine articles, holistic information or natural health websites and highly reputable authors, some newly found health-related discoveries have shocked me.

Previous long-held beliefs have been shattered to pieces due to overwhelming evidence proving what I thought to be true and beneficial for good health and well-being to be quite the contrary. “I wish I knew then what I know now” about a variety of important health issues, but I can only move forward and make changes to the products we buy, foods we eat or don’t eat, and that is only one reason why we chose to plant an organic garden in the backyard.

Having our own garden certainly helps the food budget, since we don’t have to buy those fruits or vegetables from the grocery store or farmers markets in our local area. We religiously buy certified organic foods as much as we possibly can and our budget allows, and regularly buy from local farmers markets who don’t use harmful pesticides and herbicides. I am very appreciative and grateful that there are so many truly nutritionally balanced healthy cookbooks with fast and easy recipes, websites, books, articles and blogs that help explain real nutrition and natural health, far beyond what is commonly believed to be “healthy”.

One of several quick and simple changes we’ve made in our diet is the elimination of typical table salt, which is really sodium chloride and lacking of any real nutrients. Having researched healthy vs. unhealthy salts to my hearts content, and comparing information on real sea salt and the health benefits from eating salt that naturally contains needed minerals that table salt lacks, we opted for stone ground Himalayan Pink Crystal Salt over Celtic Sea Salt (which is a really good salt too).

We’ve been making very good use of our Breville juicer, making many healthy vegetable and/or fruit juices without any additives or preservatives commonly found in store-bought juices, enjoying the benefits of the natural vitamins and nutrients found therein without the ridiculous high levels of sodium. We’re also thrilled to have discovered how good eating quinoa is for overall health with some magnificent recipes we’ve found, and we’re in process of learning all about making healthy smoothies with a blender vs. having to buy a smoothie maker machine.

Being over the age of 50 now, it’s important that we’re getting all of the vitamins, minerals and healthy nutrients necessary for good health, primarily from making good food choices, but also understanding what is or isn’t good for us when it comes to vitamin supplements. Learning that some/many vitamin supplements actually have toxic fluoride in them or are laced with fluoride, researching and choosing 100% healthy supplements is a top priority.

There is a lot more to eating healthy, really healthy, than just choosing to eat a diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables, green leafy vegetables and salads loaded with raw vegetables. After spending an enormous amount of time reading and researching and comparing research data, watching as many food documentaries as I can find, following what’s been going on with Monsanto, it’s mind-boggling that anyone in their right mind would believe anything that the FDA and other traditional “health organizations” have been touting for years as being healthy and beneficial.

The old saying, “Let thy food be thy medicine, and thy medicine be thy food” couldn’t be more true, and it flies in the face of what we’re told by mega-health agencies and drug corporations that promote their pill-popping prescription drugs (with questionable ingredients, with the assinine idea that to be healthy means paying for and taking prescription pills for just about anything. No thanks corporation drug pushers and peddlers, I’m onto your game and I’m not playing along.

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