How Do I Stop My Labrador Chewing Everything?

it-wasnt-me-pet-id-for-dogs-6 Our Labrador chews everything and anything she can get her teeth around, or maybe I should say she chews everything that isn’t made of metal or steel. When our Labrador was a small young puppy and not ready to be an outside dog kept mostly in the backyard, our brown Lab puppy was kept in the house in a crate when we weren’t home. By the time she had grown to be about six months old, she dug a sizable hole in the carpet in one room, and from there on out was put in the backyard with a dog house and toys etc to play with.

Our Lab still chews everything she can get her teeth around. I don’t want to even think about the amount of money we have had to spend to repair our backyard fence because our Lab chewed the wood fence off, escaping from our yard through a hole she dug. I was seriously considering buying our Labrador a It Wasn’t Me Dog Tag for Christmas this year. To say our Labrador chews everything is an understatement. She has chewed rubber garden hoses, and once replaced, she chews the new hose again into tiny little pieces and the pieces are left strewn throughout the yard.

I’ve read numerous times about German Shepherds and Labrador dogs chewing furniture, socks, couches, wood tables and chairs, and other items inside the house, but our Lab isn’t kept in the house all the time anymore. Our Lab chewed the hose to our gas grill clean off. More than once! We also have a Chihuahua and she doesn’t chew everything like our Lab does. I can’t think of anything that our Chihuahua has chewed up that wasn’t meant for her to chew. But our Lab will chew everything and anything, inside or outside the house.

Not long ago, our Chihuahua and Labrador dogs were playing in our fenced-in backyard when a horrible rain storm came rolling into our area with strong winds and our Lab got scared and freaked out. Before we had a second to bring both dogs inside the house for shelter from the storm, our Lab had already dug a hole under where the fence wood meets the ground and chewed off a couple wood fence slats and they both got out of the yard and ran off. We found both dogs right away and brought them back safe and sound, but the digging and chewing is absolutely out of control.

Our Labrador has plenty of toys, tennis balls, doggy bones and chew toys at her disposal, but she doesn’t want to chew on those things, she wants to chew on everything she’s not supposed to chew on! Not long ago, our Labrador was being kept in the garage for weather-related problems, and she was caught chewing the emblem off my car!

She has chewed up a nice fluffy, comfortable comforter we laid down on the garage floor during very cold wintery-ish nights, but she has chewed that to pieces already. Our Lab has serious chewing problems and I (jokingly of course) told my husband that if that dog goes near my car like that again, we just might have to turn her into a belt. Yes, a dog belt. I was kidding of course, but how do you stop a Lab from chewing everything in sight?!

I’ve read where people say the Lab must be bored and needs a friend to play with, or toys to play with, more attention, etc. There is no way on God’s green earth that we are going to get another Labrador puppy or dog of any other breed for her to have a friend to play with and keep her entertained. No way. We already have two dogs, the Lab and the Chihuahua, but having the two dogs playing together does not stop our Lab from chewing. We are not getting a third dog, and most definitely not another chewing, digging Labrador! If I had known what I know now about how Labrador breeds are known to be hunters and retrievers, I would have strongly recommended that my husband choose another breed of dog to have as a pet, or recommended goldfish instead.

Some people talk about using some sort of dog spray, where you spray everything that your dog chews on or thinks about chewing on inside the house. Chewing things inside the house is not our problem. Our dog chews everything outside in the backyard or in the garage. I’ve heard of Labs chewing the siding off the house! (That dog belt is starting to sound better by the minute). Of course, if our Lab were allowed to stay inside the house for any period of time whatsoever, I am positive our furniture would be chewed to oblivion in no time flat.

We’re still considering our options and haven’t found any real solutions to the destructive chewing and digging problems going on. If we end up having to install an electric fence around the entire inside of the backyard along the fence to keep our Lab from digging herself out, well then that’s just what we’ll have to do. She gets gets lots of attention, plenty of exercise and has plenty of indestructible dog toys for Labs and things to keep her occupied so she’s not bored to death, but the destructive chewing habits and destruction of our once-beautiful backyard has got to stop. Even if it means having to send our precious Lab to live out in the country with friends or family who have acres and acres of land for her to run and play at will, something will be done to keep our dog from chewing up everything.

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